Burton Parish
Babbitt Cemetery, Lower Burton
Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

Old file number at PANB - none

This cemetery was originally in two parts. The rear, of Babbitt section, has been totally distroyed by the removal of sand from the sand pit.  Apparently the contractor was unaware of the cemetery. Bones were discovered at the job site, and digging at the pit ceased, but it was already too late. There were about 6 to 8 stones in the Babbitt section, some with tron frames. Most of these stones had not been written upon, so say local residents who remember them, including myself. The older residents cannot remember any of the names that may have been on these stones.

Recorded by Arnold DeLong

The transcription following is the front section, near the highway (#101). It is possible these 10 are the only stones there. The ones marked footstones appear grossly oversize.

BRIGGS09Ebenezer Briggs d. 28 Mar 1807 ae 48 yrs 4 mos 13 days
10E.B. {ikely footstone of # 9}
HATHEWAY04Ebenezer Hatheway, d. 3 Feb 1811 ae 63 yrs
01E.H. {likely footstone of # 4}
05Mary d. 30 May 1835 in her 86th yr
Erected by her son, Thomas G. Hatheway
02Mary {likely footstone of # 5}
IRVINE03Elizabeth w/o Daniel Irvine d. 3 Mar 1838 ae 38 yrs
06E.I. likely footstone of # 3}
LODER07Jacob Loder, d. 15 Jul 1817 ae 70 yrs
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