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Tobique Valley Genealogy and Local History Group

Plaster Rock, Victoria County, N.B., Canada


Genealogical Material Available

(updated February, 2008) 

The Tobique Valley Genealogy and Local History Group has prepared the following listing of material shelved in the genealogy section of the Plaster Rock Public School Library. The library is located at 290a Main St., Plaster Rock, in the same building as Tobique Valley Middle High School. Hours of operation are posted on the library information page at 

LOCAL History/ Articles of Interest

  1. Genealogical Scrapbook of Southern Victoria County   ( 39525009064297)
  2. Miscellaneous Collection of Southern Victoria County  (39525019595314)
  3. Papers Relating to the History of New Denmark            (39525020378486)
  4. The Tobiquer,  Volumes 1-10, published by the Southern Victoria Historical Society
  5. Victoria County: Genealogical Guide
  6. A Legacy of Plaster Rock    (39525019660530)
  7. Our Golden Anniversary –Anderson Road  (39525024454499)
  8. Pioneer Days in Plaster Rock by F. Marion Petchey  (39525019401802)
  9. My three summers on Mount Carleton by Wendall Crawford
  10. The History of Plaster Rock by Janice Campbell (39525005228680)
  11. An Early History of Plaster Rock by Mrs, A. M. Wright
  12. A Log drive on the Tobique by Wendall Crawford
  13. The Weary, the famished & the Cold by Ernest A. Clarke
  14. The Tobique – 35 Years Ago  by Mortimer R. Proctor – November, 1939
  15. A Centennial Project 1967 – A History of Tobique Valley Collected by Grade 7 – Donald Fraser Memorial School, Plaster Rock
  16. History of Plaster Rock (1947) by D.G. Robertson
  17. Folk Poems by Hiriam Knox
  18. Tobique Valley Hospital 1957-1997     362.110971SS3  TOB
  19. Plaster Rock 25th Anniversary, 1966-1991, Facts & Trivia
  20. From Weaver to Eindhoven, 1919 – 1945, by Harold N. Witherly, 39525032137474
  21. 4th Danish  Canadian Conference, New Denmark, N.B., 1985
  22. Victoria County Land Grant Maps

  23.Pioneers of Industry – Bio. Of Archibald Fraser William Matheson (new to the library)

   24. Local History Articles – contubutions from a variety of people

   25. The Fraser Story – The Fraser Story, A history of Fraser Co. Ltd. –Mary Rainout (1949)  (new to the library) 


  1. The descendants of Edwin Hazen Copp
  2. Tamberlane: The life of Tamberlane Campbell, his family, and related families
  3. Rasmussen Family Tree by Pearl Baarup
  4. Jensen Family Tree by Pearl Baarup
  5. A Tale of our Countries- John Cox and his Descendants by Sharon Cox Demerchant
  6. McAskills of Riley Brook by S.A. McAskill,  2004
  7. Neil McAskill Family Gathering , Riley Brook, N.B. July 2004
  8. Our Family Tree , Acadian, Colonial, Loyalists and Mayflower Volume 1 by Leatha Boudreau Sisson
  9. My Story  -  Autobiography by Allan W. Goodfellow
  10. Dr. Coffin Family History
  11. The Everett Genealogy, by Doris Knowlton
  12. Jensen and Sorensen Family History
  13. Dennis McLaughlin and Rose Campbell, by Anne Cote
  14. The Descendants of Peter Watson & Louisa _____, by Anne Cote
  15. John Watson & Helen Brown, by Anne Cote
  16. The Descendants of George Dixon and Rebecca Higgison
  17. The Descendants of Bernard McLaughlin & Margaret Mory Allingham


  1. Cemeteries in the General Area of the Village of Florenceville   (39525007533970)
  2. Southern Victoria Cemeteries as of summer, 1978  ( 39525013558623 / (39525025621146)
  3. The Old Burying Ground, Fredericton, NB Vol. 1 (39525000714601)

(39525014431085) Vol 2  (39525000714601) (39525014431085)Vol 3  (39525005507901)

  1. Cemetery Transcriptions Victoria County
  2. Ortonville United Baptist/Limestone St. Paul’s Anglican/Undine-Watson Family                Plot/Ortonville Gallagher Family Plot (2 copies)
  3. Updated to 2006: Arthurette Free Will Baptist, Gladwyn United Church, Forest Glen, Upper Kintore, United Baptist, Arthurette, St. Bartholemew’s, Birch Ridge, Anfield Cemetery, Sisson Ridge, Burntland Brook, Two Brooks, Everett, Riley Brook 

SCHOOL RECORDS –Victoria County

Nictau  1902-1949

Riley Brook 1884-1955

Blue Mountain Bend 1905-1955

Everett 1884-1955

Oxbow 1901-1955

Burntland Brook 1884-1955

Plaster Rock School System Historical Documents/Records 1913-1948



New Brunswick Census of 1851 Carelton County
  York County (39525019128843)
New Brunswick Census of 1861 Victoria County
  Victoria County (39525000144320)

Parishes of Gordon & Lorne: 1871, 1891, 1901, & 1911

Madawaska & Victoria County -1911



Public Archives of Canada  New Brunswick Census

  1. C 996 1851 Northumberland/Restigouche/Saint John/ Sunbury/Westmorland/Victoria/Queen’s missing     (39525028358803)
  2. M 558 1861 Kings/Restigouche/Victoria     (39525028358563)
  3. M 559 1861 Victoria/Westmorland/Carleton   (39525028358688)
  4.  C 10386 1871 Victoria/Restigouche/Gloucester   (39525028358274)
  5.  C 10385  1871 Carleton/Victoria  (39525028358431)
  6.  C 13183 1881 Carleton/Westmorland/Victoria    (39525028358266)
  7.  T 6305  1891 Victoria/Sunbury     (39525028358449)


Public Archives of Canada Canada census

  1. T6427  1891  Sunbury/Victoria/York   (39525028358258)


-Catalogue  of York Regional Library Holdings of the New Brunswick Census on microfilm(includes certain parishes and counties for the years 1851, 1861, 1871) plus a list of New Brunswick newspapers & periodicals available on microfilm

-Catalogue of census returns on microfilm  1666-1881



  1. Baptisms, Burials and Marriages of the Trinity Anglican Church of Andover, NB (39525000766015)
  2. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of the Anglican Church, Woodstock, NB (39525002036821)
  3. Exerpts from the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Grand Falls, NB 1868-1920
  4. Grand Falls Anglican Church Records, 1880’s-1940’s
  5. History of the United Churches in the Upper Tobique River Valley 1877-1982 287.920971SS
  6. Brief History of Arthurette Churches (donated by Kenneth Campbell)
  7. Births recorded at St. Bruno’s Parish in Van Buren, Maine, 1821-1893
  8. Kings County Marriages, 1812-1828

      9. Christ Church Cathedral - Fredericton- A history 283.715515 Watt



  1. 1.From a Hero to Zero?-Finding Philip Long (1757?-1832) Loyalist of Northwest New Brunswick
  2. An Index of Family Tree Climbers: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine            (39525018917865)
  3. Passengers from Ireland – Lists of Passengers Arriving at American Ports Between 1811-1817 (39525014016340)                                                               
  4. Inventory of Manuscripts 1967, The New Brunswick Museum  Department of Canadian History Archives Division
  5. The New Brunswick Militia Commissioned Officers’ Lists 1787-1867 by David R Facey-Crowther   3SS.37097151  FAC
  6. The Presqu’Ile Military Post by Ernest A Clarke
  7. The Impact of the Depression of the 1930’s on Victoria County, by Bette Hudson
  8. Canadians at War, New Brunswick, Victoria & Carleton Counties, by Daniel Johnson

      9.   The Royal West India Langers – Daniel F. Johnson



  1. Old Curling Club 1953-1965  (photo album)
  2. Tobique Legacy Photo Album
  3. Early Photos of Plaster Rock and area
  4. Panoramic View of Plaster Rock, 1929
  5. Early N.B. Photographs, Vol. 2, People at Work & Play
  6. Photos on CD from Fraser Papers Historical Collection



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Publications by Theresa Madore


Theresa Madore is a well known local writer, historian, former teacher and chronicler of family history. She continues to make valuable contributions to the written history of our area.

1)      Home Child – Leslie John Eccleston

2)      Legacy of Plaster Rock (2)

3)      “Along the Tobique” – Franciscans Order

4)      Our Irish Roots – Fitzpatrick

5)      The Madore Family

6)      My PC Family Tree – Peterson / Christensen

7)      Our Golden Anniversary – Anderson Road

8)      It is this our Heritage – Christensen family

9)      We remember our Heritage- Iverson  & the Masons



Resource Material


1)      The Irish in New Brunswick – An annotated list of resource material by Turner Haggard 1984

2)      Introduction to Genealogy by Marguenite Lebel

3)      County Genealogical Guides – 2006 N.B Archives Restigouche, Charlotte, Sunbury, Albert, Carleton, Queens

4)      Researches available for N.B. Records

5)      Genealogy Project Sheets for School Age Children

6)      Catalogue of Census Returns Microfilm –Public Archives 1666-1881

7)      York Regional Microfilm N.B Census 1851,1861,1871

8)      Victoria County Genealogical Guide

9)      Kent County  Genealogical Guide

10)  Researching your Ancestors in N.B- 39525002711555

11)  In Search of your roots – A guide for Canadians seeking their ancestors 39525005874848

12)  Searching for your ancestors in Canada 395125000759820

13)  Guide for Genealogical research (blue binder)

14)Miscellaneous Collection of Southern Victoria County 39525019595314

15)Schools in Victoria County

16) Genealogy References @ the Grand Falls Library






Clippings & Scrapbooks: Several scrapbooks have been donated to the library filled with clippings from various sources saved over a period of years. Some of these scrapbooks and loose papers have been indexed and filed at the library and are available to browse at your leisure. Some are a work in process (as far as indexing) but are still available for browsing.


Obituary Collection: The Tobique Valley Genealogy and Local History Group have indexed and filed hundreds of obituaries from Plaster Rock, Perth, New Denmark and surrounding communities. The obituary collection continues to be updated on a regular basis.


How To Get Started: Miscellaneous articles and forms are available as handouts to help those who are just beginning their genealogical research. There is also a binder of genealogy forms and projects for school children.