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St. Helen’s Anglican Church Cemetery

Licford, New Brunswick


GPS Co-Ordinates N 46˚46’58.6”, W 67°30’18.7”



(located 1.7 km. below the bridge in Arthurette on the eastern side of the Tobique River, near Red Rapids, next to the Arthurette ball diamond. Sources say this area was also used a graveyard for a poorhouse in the early 1900’s. No records have apparently been kept of these burials. Cemetery transcribed by Ruth Todd and Patty Corey on September 8, 2005)


Campbell, Howard J., June 1, 1924-April 25, 2005, his wife Betty M. Sheppee, May 26, 1926 – Nov. 20, 2005, son Michael Christopher John, March, 1963

Clogg, Ann V. (see Mowbray)


Finkill, Arthur H., 1891-1969, his wife Violet C. Finnamore, 1913-1984.

Finnamore, Violet C. (see Finkill)


Gallop, Aileen (see Morrison, Charles)

Gallop, Edna (see Skinner, Charles)

Geldart, John Thomas, 1915-1997, his wife Beverly MacLauchlan, 1919-

Geldart, Pearl L. ( See Thomas)

Giberson, Fred N., 1931, his wife Geneva M., 1928


Inman, Walter S., 1901-1970, his wife Rema V., 1902-1975


MacKellar, Donald S. (Royal Canadian Legion), 1924-1965, his wife Evelyn V. Cormier

MacKellar, James Blair, born November 21, 1923, died June 9, 1991

MacKellar, John B. S., 1884-1969, his wife Sarah M. Knowles, 1901-1980.

Marchland, Geneva, see Tomlinson, Frederick

Morrison, Charles (Bud), 1909-1986, Aileen (Gallop), 1923-

Mowbray, Gilbert F. A., (Carleton York Regiment, RCA) 1916-1993, his wife Ann V. Clogg, 1912-

Murphy, Ethel (see Sutthery)


Sarah, “Our Angel Sarah”, marker placed in 2004, for infant Sarah Sullivan


Sheppee, Betty, see stone of Howard Campbell

Skinner, Charles E., 1882-1964,  his wife Edna F. Gallop, 1897-1985

Skinner, Janice Aileen, 1954-1972, Daughter of Harold 1919-2004 and Melissa 1924-

Skinner, John M., 1925-1972, His Wife Jean Wark Skinner, 1928-, daughter Barbara, 1950-2002

Smith, Father Walter, 1892-1952, (also RCLegion marker) Mother Emily, 1890-1956

Smith, Florence (Flossie) (see Tomlinson, Donald)

Smith, George B. (Royal Canadian Legion, Tpr. 14th Can. Hussars, CA), 1924-1994, his wife Grace C. Smith, 1920-2005.

Smith, Richard W., 1919-1969

Sutthery, Ethel (Murphy), November 12, 1909-October 26, 1983


Thomas, Raymond L., 1910-1977, his wife Pearl L. Geldart, 1920-1995

Tomlinson,  Eric T. L. Tomlinson, 1976-,  Kristan E.M. Tomlinson, 1980-

Tomlinson, Donald E., 1915-2004, Florence A. (Flossie Smith), 1916-, married August 24, 1938

Tomlinson, Edward H., 1882-1964, His wife Annie B., 1888-1948 

Tomlinson, Evelyn (see Willett, Charles E.)

Tomlinson, Frederick, 1906-1977, Geneva G. Murchland, 1903-1994, their daughter Lois G. Tomlinson, 1940-

Tomlinson, Howard G., 1920-1979, His wife Doris M., 1922-2002

Tomlinson, Hubert M., 1918-1980, Geneva B., 1915-

Tomlinson, Kevin D., Aug. 31, 1955-January 4, 1992


Wark, Jean (see Skinner, John)

Willet, Charles E., July 20, 1910-April 26, 2000, his wife Evelyn E. Tomlinson, September 18, 1910 – November 11, 1998, their daughter Annabelle, May 24, 1951-

Wright, John Bruce, 1889-1974, his wife Florence Idella, 1897-1979



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