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Land Records

There was a survey undertaken in 1831 of the north and south banks of the upper St. John by representatives of the State of Maine (because of US claims to the area, information on communities in what is now Madawaska Co. is included). This survey is one of land holdings, and gives details on land owners, amount of land, improvements, names of current and past owners, and is also linked to a list of the original land British land grants in the area (1790 and 1794). A transcription of this survey can be reached through:

Norm DeMerchant has provided a transcription of the records for Bounty Grain for Raising Bread Corn on New Lands 1817-1821. These records list how much grain was raised, and by whom, and includes many of the names of Victoria and Madawaska residents. The records can be found at:


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