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Descendants of James Cochrane

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Generation No. 1

JAMES COCHRANE was born abt. 1786 came to Canada in 1817. May have been a Ships Captain. A Presbyterian whom emigrated from Antrim, Antrim Co. Ireland. Applied for land in St. Marys, York Co. in 1844. Brother's name was John Cochrane. Applied for land in St. Marys, York Co. NB in 1837. Wife's name unknown.
Children of JAMES COCHRANE and ??:

    William Cochrane

Generation No. 2

WILLIAM COCHRANE was born b. abt. 1811, a Baptist who emigrated from Antrim, Antrim Co. Ireland. Applied for land in St. Marys, York Co. in 1837 and again in 1844. Wife Naomi Cochrane b. abt. 1818, formerly Naomi Pond, of St. Marys.

  1. Emily Cochrane b. abt. 1836
  2. Dorkus Cochrane b. abt. 1840
  3. James Cochrane b. abt. 1842
  4. Olive Cochrane b. abt. 1844
  5. Ester Cochrane b. abt 1846, married John Faulkner 13 Sep. 1865, officiated by Rev. William Kinghorn.
  6. Charles William Cochrane born abt. 1849
  7. Richard Cochrane born abt. 1851
  8. Moses Jesse Cochrane born abt. 1854

Generation No. 3

CHARLES WILLIAM COCHRANE born 22 Mar.1845 in Marysville, NB. He was a small man. Employed as a farmer. Applied for land in Tilley Settlement, Victoria Co. in 1877. Died 8 Jul. 1920.
Married (sometime between 1871 & 1876): Adelaide Harris born 9 May 1848 in Marysville, NB.; died 11 Sep. 1920. Was a small but physically strong person. She was known to walk from Perth to her home 12 miles away with a 98-lb. bag of flour on her shoulder. She was also known to always be in bare feet wherever she went.
They were one of the first families to settle in Lerwick, NB. They, along with two other families, the Leslies and the Abernethys, were the first to settle in this area after completion of work on the New Brunswick railway lines; this would probably have been the line which connected Montreal with St. John and Halifax. They named it after Lerwick, Scotland, where the Leslies and the Abernethys emigrated from.


  1. Charles William Cochrane b. 1876 -d. 1959 born at Centerville, NB.
    Married Effie Broad (Wortman) and had one son named Graydon Wortman.
  2. George Clinton Cochrane born 15 July 1878 at Lerwick, NB; died 5 June 1954
  3. Alexander Cochrane (Sandy) born 1883 at Lerwick. Moved to Oregon, USA.
  4. Harriet Cochrane born deaf and dumb at Lerwick 13 Aug. 1887; died 1930. Never married.
  5. Devona Cochrane born 1893 at Lerwick, NB.; died 1959. Married George Shorey and had 10 children.
  6. Ellen Cochrane b. 15 May 1895.


MOSES JESSE COCHRANE born abt. 1854, died in Boston, married Mary Finnamore.

Children of MOSES JESSE COCHRANE and MARY FINNAMORE (all born in Marysville):

  1. Norman Clinton Cochrane b. 28 August 1882, a cotton weaver.
    Married Ethal Minerva Moore. They had a son named Chester Leroy Cochrane.
  2. Jennie Cochrane b 1883, a cotton weaver.
  3. Gertrude Cochrane b. 1886
  4. Evangeline Cochrane b. abt. 1856
  5. George Cochrane b. abt. 1860

Generation No. 4

GEORGE CLINTON COCHRANE was a farmer for a number of years, he was also a cook at Sporting camps during the summers, and Lumbering camps during the winters. His last few years of employment were spent cooking for the NB. Power Corp. surveying camps.
Wife: Lana Good. (Acadian) b. 15 Aug. 1884; died 26 Jun. 1963, hit by a car outside her home. Came from KingsClear, near Fredericton, and she was employed as a School Teacher. Her Father was Issac Good, and her Mother was Lana Myrtle Good. The complete Genealogy for the Good Family is in the possession of Douglas Cochrane.

[Remaining family information withheld for purposes of privacy.]



Some Cochrane Family Trivia

Our Branch of the family, which came from Antrim Co, Antrim emigrated to Long Island, New York aboard the Brig Ann, then on to Canada in 1817. First settling in Marysville, NB (now amalgamated with Fredericton). They moved to Centerville, then on to Bridgewater, Maine, USA around 1876. After a short time they once again moved from Maine to Lerwick, NB. Eventually some members of the family moved to Perth Andover in the 1940's when in 1970 they purchased the house that Edith Cochrane lives in at this time. From here the family has branched out to many places. Lerwick Primitive, now the Freewill Baptist Church is the family Church where some of our ancestors are buried. Some Cochranes in the past left the (e) off the name.

As with any prominent families that made an impact or contribution to the community, especially in days gone by, it was not unusual to have a place named after you or a family member. Lana Cochrane (Good) was a member of one of those families. She was a descendant of one of the first surgeons who came to Canada. His name was Jean Cyr who was nicknamed "Crock" by some local Scots for his surname was similar to the gaelic work for crock.

Some places named after him are:


Lana's Father was named "Good" and there are places that bear his name, such as:


Other points of interest are the locations in New Brunswick that are named after Cochranes, such as:

There is a place 12 miles SW of Gagetown called Summer Hill which is a name of a place in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. This place had a Post Office there from 1862-1950.

Cochrane, Gaelic for "The Roar of War", shouted by the Highlanders before going into battle. Gaelic translation of our name (Cocrinn = a point or promontory in open sight) is broken down into two parts:
Coc = a manifest or plain.
Rinn = a cape or promontory



Archival Research

New Brunswick Census 1851, Parish of St. Marys, York Co.

William Cochrane 40 Husband Irish H Labourer Arrived 1817
Naomi 33 Wife Native W  
James 9 Son      
William 2 Son      
Emily 15 Daughter      
Dorcas 11 Daughter      
Olive 7 Daughter      
Esther 5 Daughter      
Catherine 13 Daughter      

Lived in a part log house.

Same Census mentions a John Cochrane, a native of Ireland, 50 years of age, a labourer, arrived in colony in 1829. He was a servant to Joseph Plant, an Innkeeper.

New Brunswick Census 1861, Parish of St. Marys, York Co.

William Cochrane Head of Family 50 Irish Farmer Free Church Baptist
Naomi Wife 43 Native    
James Son 19      
Olive Daughter 17      
Esther Daughter 15      
Charles William Son 12      
Richard Son 10 Scholar    
Moses Jesse Son 7 Scholar    
Evangeline Daughter 5 Scholar    
George Son 1 month      
Moses Son 7 Scholar    
James Father 68 Native   Presbyterian infirm


Thomas Cochrane Head of Family 35 Native Farmer and lumberman Episcopal
Grace Wife 43 Native   Presbyterian
Alexander Son 9      
James William Son 7      
Albert Son 5      
Thomas Aaron Son 3      
Peter Nathaniel Son 8 months      
Mary Ann Sister 19      

Same census refers to a Martha Cochrane, a native of New Brunswick, 12 years of age, a servant to William Plant, a farmer and Innkeeper. *This census also contained the details of William Cochrane's farm.*

New Brunswick Census 1871, Parish of St. Marys, York Co.

William Cochrane 60 born in NB Free Church Baptist Irish Farmer Married
Niomi 52 born in NB   English   Married
Charles 22     Irish    
Richard 20          
Moses 17          
Eva 15          
George 10          
James 85 born in Ireland   Irish   Widowed
James 30 born in NB        
Adelaide Harris
(Charles Cochrane's future wife)
26 born in NB Church of England Welsh    

New Brunswick Census 1881, Parish of St. Marys, York Co.

William Cochrane 70 born in NB Free Baptist Irish Farmer Married
Naoma 63 born in NB   English   Married
Richard 30         of unsound mind
George 20       Farmer  
Eunice Forkeuler 14 possible lodger       Going to School
Naoma Forkeuler 10 possible lodger       Going to School
Finnemore Minnie
(Moses Jesse's Future Wife)
15 born in NB Methodist Irish   Going to School

New Brunswick Census 1901, Parish of St. Marys, York Co.

Mary Cochrane Head Married b. 23 Feb. 1866   born in NB Irish Methodist
Norman Son   b. 28 Aug. 1872 18     Cotton Weaver
Jennie Daughter   b. 4 Dec. 1883 17     Cotton Weaver
Gertrude Daughter   b. 20 Feb. 1886 15      


Frank Cochrane Head of Family Married b. 15 Jul. 1869 31 Farmer Irish Methodist
Charlotte Wife Married b. 5 Feb. 1869 32      
Elizabeth Daughter   b. 12 Feb.1900 1      

William Cochrane living with Charles Samson b. 10 Dec. 1870 30 Labourer Irish Presbyterian
Beatrice Cochrane, a cook living with Havelock Coy b. 26 Nov. 1882 18 Irish Baptist born in NB (may have been Barbara)

New Brunswick Census 1881 Parish of Drummond, Victoria Co.

Charles Cochrane Married 32 b. in NB Free Will Baptist Irish Farmer
Addelaide Married 36   Church of England Welsh  
Devona   8     Irish  
Charles William Son 6        
George Son 2        

New Brunswick Census 1891 Parish of Drummond, Victoria Co.

Charles Cochrane Married 44 born in NB Father born in Ireland Free Baptist Farmer
Adelaide Married 45 born in NB   Parents born in NB    
Devona Daughter 15          
George Son 13          
Alexander Son 7          
Harriet Daughter 6          

New Brunswick Census 1901 Parish of Drummond, Victoria Co.

Charles Cocoran Head Married b. 1 May 1844 56 born in NB English Baptist Farmer
Adda Wife Married b.22 Mar.1844 57     Church of England  
Charles Son   b. 3 May 1874 26       Farmer
George Son   b. 12 Jul. 1876 24       Lumberman
Sandie Son   b. 10 Aug.1882 18       Farmer
Harriet Daughter   b. 13 Aug. 1887 13       born deaf and dumb
Evallina Daughter   b. 20 Aug. 1894 6        
Ellen Daughter   b. 15 May 1895 5        


Primary Sources of Information are:

  • Letters and telephone conversations from Christina Inman (Cochrane)
  • Letters from George Gilbert Cochrane
  • Letters from Madge Cochrane
  • RCAF War Records
  • The New Brunswick Gazetteer
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Telephone conversations with Edith Cochrane
  • Patricia Nicholson, Perth-Andover
  • Conversations with Harry Cochrane
  • Letter from Ethal Cameron (nee) Cochrane


    Compiled by: Douglas Cochrane CD 2000  

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