West Isles Churches & Cemeteries
Last Updated Jan 2008

The following Churches and Cemeteries are located in West Isles.  If there are any missing ones, please let me know.  Special thanks to Audrey Cline for directions to these cemeteries in 2006. Starting point for driving purposes would be Butler Point Ferry Landing. As of Jan 2008, the only cemetery not completely photographed is Mt. Hope. All photos taken by Marilyn Strout that show a date of 2005, it should actually be 2006.

If you have any obituaries/ tombstone photos you'd be willing to share, feel free to drop me a note.

Map of Deer Island showing churches and cemetery locations  
Lambert's Cove United Baptist Church  
  Lambertville Wesleyan Methodist Church  
  Old Lord's Cove Cemetery Take side road (Cook's Lane) just past the Lord's Cove Church of Christ and mailboxes. Park at GPS Coordinates: N45.00.504 W066.57.457 (If you get to 70 Cooks Lane, you missed the cemetery access road). Proceed up old overgrown road approx. 120 steps.Turn right & walk thru fir trees approx. 11 steps  
  Lord's Cove Church of Christ  
  Lord's Cove Cemetery- no stones found, only a rod iron fence 5/2005 located below the level of the road on your left coming from the ferry opposite Mayfair Hall near the John the Baptist Fellowship Bldg and Old School GPS Coordinates: N 45.00.610 W066.56.730 just after #162 Rt. 772  
  John Gilman's wife Paula (runs the Periwinkle Shop5/2005), tells me that her husband recalls walking through a family cemetery with stones when he was a young boy, somewhere near their home (behind the Periwinkle Shop). No stones are visible today.  
  Mount Hope Cemetery, Richardson- Tombstone Images   On Back Road. Take first right (almost looks straight) after passing Fair Isle Estates Housing in Lord's Cove. Cemetery is on your left. GPS Coordinates: N44.59.798 W066.57.345 Jan 2008
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Fairhaven United Baptist Church  
  Fairhaven Baptist Cemetery Bear Right onto Calder's Head Road opposite 45th parallel Restaurant. Diagonally across from the Fairhaven Baptist Church the cemetery is on a hill. GPS Coordinates:N44.58.211 W067.00.392 Jan 2008
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  Old Calder's Head Cemetery GPS Coordinates: N44.58.237 W067.01.099 The easy way to find this cemetery is to go to Fairhaven/Calder's Head Cemetery below, then as you begin to leave the main gate, this cemetery is at the top of the rise on your right. There's a tall monument and you can see a couple houses out behind the cemetery which is VERY OVERGROWN!  
  Fairhaven Community Cemetery aka Calder's Head Cemetery GPS Coordinates: N44.58.187 W067.01.107
Follow the Calder's Head Road almost to the end. Cemetery is on your left with a lovely rod iron fence across the front. A bald eagle flies around quite frequently.

Jan 2008
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  Cumming's Cove United Church  
  Cumming's Cove CemeteryTranscript of 59 stones & photo. Take side road opposite #1201 Rte 772. GPS Coordinates: N 44.56.702 W 066.59.889  
  Chocolate Cove Cemetery aka Big Rock Cemetery Take dirt road up hill between #1419 & #1423 Rt. 772. GPS Coordinates: N44.56.839 W 066.58.619 Jan 2008
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  Chocolate Cove Church  
  Leonardville Church of Christ (Barr Island) Records  - courtesy of Marilyn Strout   
  Leonardville United Church  
  Leonardville Church Cemetery Watch for Sign at the top of the hill opposite #1845 Rt. 772 GPS Coordinates of Road Entrance: N44.58.612 W 066.57.469
GPS Coordinates of Cemetery: N.44.58.764 W066.57.264
Jan 2008
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  Disciples of Christ - off-site link to a religion that was prominent (over 800 members received into fellowship) in Lord's Cove & Leonardville area of the island from the 1850s to present  
  Indian Island Cemetery Transcription    Courtesy of Mary Rosevear   

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