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Burnt Hill Cemetery
(Salisbury Parish, N.B.) 

(contributed by Cleadie Barnett, CG(C))

   This cemetery is often referred to as the THANEY SMITH BURIAL GROUND. It is located on land originally settled by Robert Smith, and later by his son Nathaniel.
     Its site is on the right bank of the Pollet River, about one and a quarter miles above the mouth of that river. It is some distance back from the highway. A concrete block school house now stands close to the highway, opposite the burial ground. The river bank in the rear of the ground is probably twenty to twenty-five feet high, hence the designation "Hill", which is hardly more than a mound.
Without doubt this was the earliest burial ground to be established on the Pollet River.  Many pioneers are laid to rest here, though William Scott and Charles Cain are all who have monuments erected to their memory.
     This burial ground is now in a shameful condition. The river bank on one side, and the old fence on another side, are but slight protection, as the other two sides are open to farm animals, which roam through the grounds at will, wherever the dense growth of bushes and vines admit.
     The following inscriptions were copied by J.E. Humphreys, in Oct 1907. All recorded that could be found as a result of careful search, are enumerated.

01. William Scott 1769 - 1849
02. Sarah Scott, w/o Wm Scott d. 15 Oct 1864 ae 90 yrs 5 mos
03. William Riley s/o Wm. & Sarah J. Scott 1802 - 1807
04. Olevia, w/o Robert Scott d. 16 Dec 1859 ae 54 yrs
05. William S. Scott, s/o Robt. Scott, d. 1 July 1846 ae 9 yrs

09. Leonard Beck d. 4 Jan 1822 ae 47 yrs

06. Mary C. w/o Valentine Burnham d. 8 May 1833 ae 41 yrs 11 mos.

07. Charles Cain d. 2 Apr 1844 ae 88 yrs
    Jane Cain w/o Charles Cain d. 2 July 1837 ae 70 yrs
08. Mary d/o Charles Cain d. 27 Dec 1891 ae 87 yrs

10. John Geldart d. 28 May 1854 ae 76 yrs

11. Nathaniel Smith d. 6 Mar 1870 ae 74 yrs
12. Rosannah Smith w/o N. Smith  d. 22 Nov 1871 ae 72 yrs
13. Robert M. Smith s/o N. & R. Smith d. 28 Apr 1865 ae 27 yrs
14. Ezra Smith d. 21 Apr 1873 ae 46 yrs
15. William Smith 10 Dec 1817 - 22 July 1859
16. Premilla Smith 1 June 1828 - 1 Aug 1899

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