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Howlett, Hulet, Walker, Hesse, Vincent, Bird, Byrd Family.
William HOWLET acquired land in Caswell/Orange/Alamance Co, NC 1755.
His son John HOWLET/HULET acquired the same land.
Family history has a Howlet family killed in an Indian raid, leaving one son to return to VA with his Uncle Thomas Howlet appx:1760, 
we presume this son to be John HULET Sr. and his wife Sarah who returned. This William Howlet may be the same William Howlet line 
that settled in Guilford Co, NC.
John Hulett settled in the area that is now referred to as the Hawfields District. He left in his will, the land at a Fork on 
the Haw River where Stagg Creek and Back Creek join to a son Samuel Hulet. This land is now under water for the Graham-Mebane Lake. 
We have no cemetery or land records that can be found for this area. Known Children of John & Sarah Hulet Sr. were John Jr, Susanna and Samuel.    
Samuel Hulet married Lydia Eubanks 1819 Orange Co, NC. The 1850 Alamance Census records show her with a daughter-in-law Lucy in the household. 
No men are listed. Samuel died appx: 1848, no record of where, although he may have been in TX at the time of his death. He is shown in 
the AR census records 1840 with a son.
Samuel and Lydia had several children: Jesse Dixon Hulet, Artie (Artensia?), Levy, Jackson, Nancy, Elbridge, Susan and Deesey (Dicey). 
I am descended from one of the sons. Not sure which one since we have no record of which son married Lucy Jane Bird.
The 1860 Alamance Co, Hawfields District, NC show Lydia Hulet, Lucy Hulet, Abi (Abbey Abigail?) Hulet and William Henry Hulet.
In 1870 the family are in the Scott Co, VA census with James Marshall & Abi Hulet Bird as head of household. Lucy Hulet has two other 
children Lydia McLena Hulet, & Joseph R. Hulet. Again, no notice of the husband to Lucy Jane Bird Hulet. Lucy Bird was the sister to 
James Johnston Bird who married Deesey Hulet. Jackson Hulet wittnessed the marriage. Our theory is that our ancestor is Jackson or 
Elbridge Hulet, but we are more inclined to go with Jackson Hulet as being the husband to Lucy Jane Bird due to the marriage 
record of James and Deesey.
Now, Jesse Dixon Hulet had already relocated to McMinnville, Warren Co, TN with his family, along with his siblings Artie and Levy. 
The family filed estate suits against Lydia Hulet for their father Samuel's estate. Lydia had been declared insane and was in the 
care of William Vincent, a relative, although she was still in the household with Lucy during the 1850-1870's. Lydia died sometime 
after 1860, but no record of where she is buried. Jesse Dixon Hulet's lineage has a well documented website on the internet. 
They don't have a clue as to where or When Samuel Hulet died or is buried.
The James J. Bird and Lucy Jane Hulet family were in Howell Co, MO during the winter of 1877. Several children were born while 
snowed in. When the spring of 1878 allowed them to move, they settled in Sharp Co, AR.
William Henry "Hence" Howlett is in the 1880 Sharp Co, AR census records along with the Bird/Byrd family and other family members. 
William Henry changed the spelling again to Hulet, which now is Hulett. William Henry Hulet married Almedia Fances Bland, the daughter 
of George Washington Blan (Bland) and Sarah Ring. They had 11 children, 9 sons and 2 daughters. I am descended from the son Denver E. Hulett 
and Nancy Edna Stout. They had 4 living children: Theda, Edith, George and Dale. William Henry was a noted traveling minister of the gospel 
and preached to a wide area. 
He converted into the Church of Christ belief after a revival at the Campground Meeting that was held yearly there in 
Poughkeepsie, Sharp Co, AR. William died an early age in 1904.
I am trying to locate history and archieves pertaining to this family and I need help.
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I want to find relatives and family members.
Nancy Hulett Bright 

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