State Dispatch Newspaper Published at Burlington
The first date is the date of the wedding
and the second and third dates are when it appeared in the newspaper
(sometimes in 2 successive issues)
Thanks to Lisa Kobrin for submitting this information

ALBRIGHT,  Joseph   NICHOLSON,  Viola Graham 10/06/1909 10/06/1909    
ALBRIGHT,  T.A. Burl. COMPTON,  Mattie Mebane 01/20/1909 01/20/1909   MCCLOUD, Rev.
ALLRED,  Walter   CURTIS,  Belle   07/18/1909 07/28/1909   STICKLEY, Rev.
AMICK,  C.B. Mebane BAILIFF,  Kimes. 03/27/1909 04/07/1909   OGBURN, T.J.
AMICK,  Everitt Kimesville SPOON,  Mattie   12/01/1909 12/08/1909   EDWARDS, Rev.
BARBEE,  Alson   TICKLE,  Ella Glen Rav. 03/07/1909 03/10/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
BASON,  Ernest Haw River BOONE,  Ethel   12/16/1908 12/16/1908   MURRAY, C.E.
BATTON,  Horace   PARROT,  Meeky   07/11/1909 07/14/1909   FREELAND, Esq.
BLACKWELL,  William T.   MAYNARD,  Flora Elon 09/20/1909 09/29/1909   ISLEY, Rev. 
BOWDEN,  George   GARRETT,  Daisy   06/13/1909 06/16/1909   TINNIN, W.A.
BOWERS,  Rev. David E.   MEBANE,  Esther   10/27/1909 10/27/1909 11/03/1909  
BRADSHAW,  Jesse Cedar Cliff CLENDENIN,  Pattie Elon 08/31/1909 09/01/1909   STALEY, Rev W
BRYAN,  Benjamin Claude   ANTHONY,  Donna     04/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
BRYAN,  Worth   HOFFMAN,  Grace   12/05/1909 12/08/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
CABLE,  Grover   DANLEY,  Gurley   11/11/1909 11/17/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
CLARK,  Murphy   MURRAY,  Ella   11/28/1909 12/08/1909   OLDHAM, Rev.
CLARK,  Rufus W. Detroit, MI HOLT,  Bertha Harper Burl. 04/20/1909 04/14/1909 04/21/1909  
COBLE,  Robert A. Burl. GREESON,  Hattie Brick Ch   04/28/1909   STICKLEY, Rev.
CONKLIN,  Grover C.   MINNIS,  Carrie G.   11/21/1909 11/24/1909   JONES, W.C.
COOK,  Lawrence Gibsonville RUSSELL,  Dollie Burl. 04/11/1909 04/14/1909   BURGESS, J.A.
COOK,  Walter Haw River COBLE,  Sallie Haw River 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
DAVENPORT,  Richard K.   SUMMERS,  Arrie M. Whitsett 06/22/1909 06/23/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
DIXON,  John H Grimesland WHITESELL,  Sophronia Burl. 02/23/1909 02/24/1909 03/03/1909 HARR, F.M.
FLORENCE,  Samuel   RUSSELL,  Ada   04/11/1909 04/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
FOGLEMAN,  Lacy   ISLEY,  Mattie Elon 12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
GARNER,  A.H.   GARRISON,  Lillie May   01/13/1909 01/20/1909   SNIPES, Rev.
GOODMAN,  B.   HUGHES,  Mrs. Haw River 12/01/1909 12/08/1909   at Gsbo
GREESON,  Clarence Burlington ANDREWS,  Rachel near Durham 09/26/1909 09/29/1909   Durham Co.
GWYN,  John   SIMPSON,  Mamie Altamahaw 08/15/1909 08/18/1909   ISLEY, Rev. F.
HAMMER,  John M. Burl. JENNINGS,  Genevieve Gsbo 12/29/1908 01/06/1909    
HARDEN,  Shue   BROOKS,  Esther   05/14/1909 05/19/1909   HARDEN, J.M.
HOLT,  A. Braxton   QUACKENBUSH,  Lula   01/13/1909 01/20/1909   WILLIAMS, J.D.
HOLT,  Herbert   NICHOLSON,  Nelia Graham 10/06/1909 10/06/1909    
HUFFMAN,  Lewis   WHITT,  Lizzie Whitsett 12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
HUGHES,  Chester A. Elon College RUDD,  Lula Caswell 07/10/1909 07/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
ISLEY,  Percy   TINNIN,  Sarah   07/23/1909 07/28/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
JENKINS,  Rev. W.E. New York SHEPHERD,  Ora Lee     12/09/1909   RANKIN, S.M.
JOHNSON,  Samuel T. Graham THOMPSON,  Bertie Burl. 11/23/1909 11/24/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
JONES,  Murphy Guilford CLAPP,  Maggie Mt Hope 04/07/1909 04/14/1909   BOWERS, J.S.
KECK,  Tom   ISLEY,  Audron   03/28/1909 03/31/1909   HOLT, Lewis
LEE,  Ben   JEFFREYS,  Eula   02/07/1909 02/17/1909    
LINNENS,  Iris   JUSTICE,  Mabel Bellemont 04/24/1909 04/28/1909    
LONG,  Jacob Elmer Graham PEAY,  Lessie Durham 11/10/1909 11/17/1909   at Durham
LUCK,  George W.   BENNETT,  Emily   07/19/1909 07/21/1909   MCIVER, Rev.
MCCAULEY,  George   TERRELL,  Ida Mebane 12/08/1909 12/15/1909   HOLMES, Rev.
MCCOY,  L.C. Huntersville SIMPSON,  Ella   01/14/1909 01/20/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
MONTGOMERY,  W Bruce Alamance BOONE,  Emma Whitsett 01/12/1909 01/13/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
MOON,  J.D. (local) PAPE,  Callie Dillon, SC 06/01/1909 06/09/1909   At Dillon, SC
MORGAN,  Rev. Samuel Burlington ROBERSON,  Isabelle Red Springs 10/14/1909 10/20/1909   JOPLING, Rev.
MURRAY,  J.F. Oakdale WOOD,  Minnie   10/31/1909 11/17/1909   BAILIFFE, H. Esq
OVERMAN,  C.A.   CHEEK,  Grace   05/23/1909 05/26/1909   BURGESS, Rev.
PATTON,  D.L.   COOK,  Bessie   01/24/1909 02/03/1909   HAYMORE, Rev.
PENNY,  R. Dicks High Point HENDERSON,  Esther Burl. 04/13/1909     at Gaffney S.C.
PERKINS,  Ralph   VAVELL,  Lula   last week 09/29/1909   NORRIS, J.C.
PORTERFIELD,  Robert   SHARP,  Mary   04/21/1909 05/05/1909    
POWERS,  Alexander Burgaw, NC ZACHARY,  Mary Onie Florida Dec. 1909 09/29/1909   in Florida
PRICE,  S.C.   MURRAY,  Lizzie Morton Twsp 09/21/1909 09/29/1909   ISLEY, Rev. 
QUALLS,  Lemvell W. Burl. RICH,  Cora E. Mt Herm. 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
RILEY,  Walter N. Orange Co LONG,  Susie Burl. 08/10/1909 08/18/1909   FLEMING, Rev.
ROBBINS,  C.C. High Point HOLLEMAN,  Martha P. Gsbo last week 07/14/1909   in Randolph Co
ROSS,  Luther   FRANKS,  Lillian   12/24/1908 01/06/1909    
ROUTH,  Walter R. Randolph C TRUITT,  Ollie   09/23/1909 09/29/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
SHARPE,  Edgar D. Rock Creek NEESE,  Sarah Burl. 04/14/1909 04/21/1909   DIXON, John
SHEPHERD,  John   GREESON,  Florence Brick Ch 12/19/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
SMITH,  Andrew L.   HERITAGE,  Edna F. Lakeside 01/02/1909 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
SMITH,  Walter Burlington LONG,  Pearl Graham 09/25/1909 09/29/1909   SNIPES, Rev. 
SOMERS,  George   MADREN,  Effie Altamahaw 10/10/1909 10/13/1909   HOLT, Rev. J. W.
SPOON,  Albert R. Alamance C FORD,  Maggie Guilford 12/23/1909 12/08/1909   at Gsbo
STALEY,  Thomas Randolph C COBLE,  Lou   recently 10/27/1909   Randolph Co
STOUT,  Arthur   ALLEN,  Argie   02/07/1909 04/21/1909    
STUART,  W.G. Burl. ANDERSON,  Miss High Pt 03/24/1909 03/31/1909   at High Pt.
SUMMERS,  George   HALL,  Helen   08/18/1909 08/25/1909    
TATE,  Allen Graham SNYDER,  Grace   04/07/1909 04/14/1909   MURRAY, C. E.
TAYLOR,  Albert Newton Kinston DAILEY,  Mamie Bell   11/16/1909 11/24/1909   SNIPES, Rev.
TERRELL,  Albert W. Roanoke,Va GARRISON,  Lillie L. Burl. 05/09/1909 05/12/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
THOMPSON,  Geo. W. Burl. RICHARDSON,  Peny Burl. 12/31/1908 01/06/1909   WILLIAMS, Rev.
TURNER,  William D.   HALL,  Lula May   01/24/1909 02/03/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WADDELL,  Mr. Alam. Mills GIBSON,  Mary Hawfields 09/08/1909 09/15/1909   MEBANE, Rev.
WALKER,  H.H.   ISLEY,  Late   12/24/1908 01/06/1909    
WARREN,  Robert   CAPPS,  Minnie   04/11/1909 04/14/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WARREN,  Wesley O.   SCOTT,  Addie   11/24/1908 12/02/1908   LISTEN, R. T.
WATKINS,  Frank   BRADLEY,  Polly   12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
WAYWICK,  Charles M.   WALKER,  Mattie   10/07/1909 10/13/1909   HOLT, Rev. J. W.
WHITEHEAD,  Banner   DAVIS,  Jessie Ruth   08/12/1909 08/25/1909    
WHITESELL,  Albert St Marks KECK,  Sallie Ala. Mills 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J. D.
WHITESELL,  Joseph   MURRAY,  Lillie   12/23/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WILLIS,  Edward   GLOSSON,  Maude   01/20/1909 01/27/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WILMOTH,  George M.   THOMPSON,  Joanna   12/23/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WOOD,  Wister Graham LOVE,  Bettie Graham 03/10/1909 03/17/1909   HOLT, L. H.

Note: The State Dispatch was a weekly newspaper published in Burlington early in the 20th century. It called itself a Republican newspaper devoted to the upbuilding of American homes and industries. The only existing microfilm is at the State Archives for the period 1909-1915.

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