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Name:	Austin (Augustine) BEARCE
Sex:	Male
Birth	1618 in Southhampton, England
Death	bef 1697 (age 79)

1. Mary Little Dove HYANNO
Marriage	1639 in Matachee Village, MA (age 21)
	Martha BEARCE (1642-)
	Priscilla BEARCE (10 Mar 1644-30 Mar 1712)
	Sarah BEARCE (28 Mar 1646-)
	Abigail BEARCE (18 Dec 1647-)
	Hannah BEARCE (16 Nov 1649-)
	Joseph BEARCE (25 Jan 1651/52-27 Jan 1728)
	Hester BEARCE (2 Oct 1653-)
	Lydia BEARCE (Sep 1655-)
	Rebecka BEARCE (16 Sep 1657-)
	James BEARCE (Jul 1660-abt 1727)

Notes: came to Cape Cod from Longstock England in 1638 on Confidence at
the age of 20 Settle in Barnstable in 1639. Sailed from Southhampton in
April, 1636. Matachee Village is in Barnstable District, Mass. born near
Southhampton England. Became a freeman on 05-03-1652 (Goodman Austin Bearse).
died between 1686-1697

Following is quoted from A Contribution to the Genealogy of the Bearse or
Bearse Family in America 1618-1871, by John Bearse Newcomb, Dec 7, 1871

"Austin Bearse came over "in the good Shipp, the Confidence of London, of two
hundred tonnes" from Southhampton, England, April 24, 1638 and was then 20
years of age, having been born in or near Southhampton in 1618.  He came to
Barnstable (near Cape Cod, MA) with the first company in 1639.  His houselot,
containing twelve acres of very rocky land in the westerly part of the East
Parish, was bounded westerly by John Crocker's land, northerly by the meadow,
Easterly by Isaac Robinson's land and southerly "into y woods".  His house
stood on the north side of the road, and his cellar and some remains of his
orchard existed at the commencement of the this century.  A road from his
house to Hyannis is still known as "Bearse's Way"**.  He owned six acres of
meadow adjoining his upland on the north, and two thatch islands still known
as Bearse's Islands.  He also had six acres of land in the Calves Pasture,
esteemed as being the best soil in the town; eight acres of planting land on
the north of Shoal's pond bounded by Mr. Coopers, now called Huckin's Neck and
thirty acres at the Indian ponds bounded easterly by the Herring River.  The
Indian Pond lot he sold to the Thomas Allen and the planting lands at Shoal
Pond were occupied by his descendants until recently.  John Jenkins and John
Dexter afterward owned the ancient homestead.

He became a member of Mr. Lothrop's Church April 29, 1643; his name stands at
the head of the list.  The first person admitted.  He appears to have been
very exact in the performance of his religious duties, causing his children to
be baptised on the day of their birth, if Sunday or on the following sabbath.
His son Joseph, born on Sunday, January 25, 1652 was taken two miles to the
church and baptized the same day.  Many believed that children dying
upbaptized were lost and that consequently it was the duty of the parents to
present their children early for baptism.  Being influenced by the this
feeling, he did not wish by a week's delay to imperil the eternal salvation of
his child.  Now such an act would be pronounced unnecessary and cruel.
However differently the present generation may view the question of baptism,
he did what he honestly believed his duty and he who does that intelligently
is to be justified.

He was proposed to be admitted a freeman, June 3 1652, and was admitted on the
3rd of May following,  His name rarely occurs on the records.  He was a grand
juror in 1653 and 1662, and a surveyor of highways in 1674.  He was one of the
very few against whom no complaint was ever made, a fact which speaks well for
his character as a man and as a citizen.  He was a farmer, lived on the
produce of the land, and brought up his large family to be like himself -
useful members of society.  There appears to be no record of his death, nor
settlement of his estate on the probate records.  He was living in 1686, but
died before 1697."

**this road is still known as Bearse's way in 1996

        Following is quoted from Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families:

"Austin...became a member of Mr. Lothrops Church...his name stands at the head
of the list...(since this writing I have become satisfied that there is an
omission in the Cape Church records preserved 1642 of members admitted in 1640
and 1641)...His grandsons settled early at Hyannis"