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The Brick Church, N.C. Mailing List

The purpose of this list is for genealogical and historical discussion of The Brick Church. The Brick Church was originally known as "Der Klapp Kirche" and is located in the eastern part of present day Guilford County, N.C. Topics include families of the founders and members over its 250 year history. These families include ALBRIGHT, CLAPP, COBLE, FAUST, GREESON, HOFFMAN, INGLE, MAY, SHEPHERD and SWING among many others. Also any discussion of the present day activities of the church is welcome. You are invited to subscribe to this list by sending email to: for individual messages or for the digest mode. Just type the one word - subscribe - in the body of the message. Do not use a signature line in the message. Subject line is not necessary. You may cut and paste the preferred address above into the "To:" section of your mailing software and cut and paste the word subscribe in the Body section of your email software. To unsubscribe follow the directions as above except type the one word - unsubscribe - in the body of the message. If you are subscribed in the digest mode you must use the address If you are subscribed to get each message individually you must use the address

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