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                John Gregg b 1732 - 1775 of SC
              Is he the son of Capt David Gregg (MacGregor)?

Here is the information I have gathered.

It is said that the first Captain David Gregg born abt 1630
was made a captain under Oliver Cromwell in 1655.  Oliver
Cromwell led troops for William of Orange in the Glorious
Revolution.  Captain David Gregg and his son John (b 1665)
were massacred by the Irish Catholics in the Battle of
Londonderry (1689).  Obviously this John son of Capt David
could not be the same John (b 1732).  It should be noted that
no David Gregg, or any Gregg or MacGregor has been found in
any of the Army lists of the seventeenth century on the
government side.  The lists have been searched very carefully
by ones interested in this avenue.

John Gregg (1665-1689) son of Capt David Gregg, fathered four
sons, John (1681-?), Samuel (1683-?) David (1685-1785),
Andrew (1687-1784).

Andrew (1687-1784) had at least 1 son named Andrew.

David (1685-1785) had 7 children: David (1727-1756), Thomas,
Hannah, Mary, John, Jane, William (1714-).  It appears that
this David was also a Capt at one time.  David migrated to
NH in 1721.  It has been conjectured that his son William
stayed with relatives in Ireland.

I do not know about any children of John (1681-?) or Samuel

John of SC (1732-1775) had at least 3 brothers and 1 sister.
Hugh, Jannet, Henry, John and Joseph were all born in Ireland
perhaps in Belfast.  Their mother was named Jannet. She was
probably a Baxter perhaps the daughter of Rev John Baxter.
We do not know the name of their father.

It has also been said that John of SC (1732-1775) was the son
of John massacred in Londonderry.  (Impossible since he died
in 1689).  It is possible that John of SC (1732-1775) is the
son of John son of David (1685-1785).  This is not likely
though as since David (1685-1785) was in NH in 1721 and
John didn't migrate to American until he was an adult.  It is
more likely that John of SC was the son of John brother of
David (1685-1785).  Most likely the father of John of SC was
killed by Irish Catholics and someone somewhere along the
line assumed it was in the battle of Londonderry.


As far as I am able to determine, while John of SC (1732-
1775) may be descended from Capt David Gregg (1630-1689), he
is definitely NOT the son of either Capt David Gregg.

Caroline McBride - 7th Great Granddaughter of John Gregg (1732-1775)