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George NOAH (1790 - 1843)


George was born 17 Jan 1790. He was the first child of Our John NOE.  He married Mary Polly NEASE, daughter of George NEASE and Molly HOLT, on 10 Sep 1812 in what was then Orange county, NC.  I would guess that he farmed in his early life. Although there are no records he apparently had acquired some land.  Family stories say that George and/or his father acquired 1,000 acres in the early 1800's on the western part of the Cane Creek Mountains.  The story continues that this land was bought for 10 cents an acre.  No record of such a transaction can be found. It was known that both George and his father held land.  I believe this family story is confused with a land purchase by George in 1835 when he did purchase 434 acres for 10 cents an acre.

CHILDREN OF George NOAH (1790 - 1843)

1. Isaiah NOAH was the first child. He was born 16 Dec 1813. He married Nancy MOSER, daughter of Frederick MOSER, Jr. and Margaret Peggy ANTHONY. These are my ancestors. They had three children. Isaiah and Nancy buried at Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church Cemetery in Coble Twp, Alamance County, N.C.

2. Jeremiah M. "Jery" NOAH was born about 1815. He married Dinah MARSHALL, a Quaker from Cane Creek. They had eight children. Jerry and Dinah are buried at Mt. Hermon Methodist Church Cemetery in Alamance County.

3. Hezekiah NOE (NOAH) was born 3 Apr 1817. He married Elizabeth HOLT. They had one child. He later married Anna PHIPPS. She was listed as his widow after he died in 1843 at the age of 26.

4. Emmy NOAH was born about 1820 and died after 1850. That is all that I know about her.

5. Austin N. NOAH was born in Nov of 1821. He married an Emily "Milly" Jane Friddle. Austin and Milly had eight children. Austin served in the Civil War. They left N.C. in 1867 going to IL, then MO then OK before he died at the age of 89.

6. Herod NOAH was born about 1822. It is not known if he was married. He also served in the Civil War and was killed at Cedar Creek, VA on 19 Oct 1864.

7. Amos E. NOAH was born 1 Jul 1824. He married Barbara ALBRIGHT. At that time, she was the widow of Ezekiel HORNADAY. Amos and Barbara had four children. Amos was a blacksmith and served in the Confederate Navy aboard the C.S.S. Albemarle. Amos and Barbara are buried at Mt. Hermon Methodist Church Cemetery.

8. George "Riley" NOAH was born 16 Jan 1827. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" MOSER, daughter of Frederick MOSER, Jr. and Margaret ANTHONY. They lived in Randolph County, NC. George and Betsy are buried at Melanchthon Lutheran Church Cemetery in Randolph County.

9. Edison H. NOAH was born about 1829. He married Margaret "Peggy" FOX. Edison and Peggy had two children.

10. Elizabeth NOAH was born about 1831. She married a Joseph H. STOUT.

11. Polly R. NOAH was born about 1833.

12. Perminia NOAH was about 1837.


All of the above children are identified as children of George NOAH. I personally have some doubts about the later children. If Perminia was born in 1837, that would make George's wife Polly 48 years of age. There is also some doubt that Hezekiah was the son of George.

As mention above George did acquire 434 acres of land for 10 cents an acre in 1835. While this seems a very low price even for that time, it must be realized that this land was steep and rocky. The area he bought came to be called "Noah Mountain". It has that name on an 1893 map of Alamance county. It later was called "Bass Mountain". Paul Holt has told me that it was not even a mountain because the elevation is only 997 feet.

George had apparently borrowed money from his father, Our John NOE. In John's will dated 23 May 1840 George is left with one shilling in addition to his advances. George never even saw that. He died in 1843 and John died in 1846.

George was a farmer. Judging from the settlement of his estate, he apparently also was a wagonmaker. He owned and operated a still. It is not known if this still was operated for a profit. George and Mary were both members of Stoner's German Reformed Church. They are both buried at that cemetery. Funeral services for both were conducted by Rev. George W. Welker. George died 2 Nov 1843 and was buried 4 Nov 1843. Mary died 27 Aug 1855 and was buried 28 Aug 1855.