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John NOE Sr., son of Peter the Immigrant


It is estimated that John Noe Sr. was born about 1740 in Germany. There is little actually know obout this John. We do know that he married Catherine EFLAND. We do know that the NOEs and EFLANDs were of German heritage. All of Catherine's siblings (that we know of) married descendants of German immigrants. We do know that John was naturalized in 1769. We also believe that he was the John NOE in a 1763 land transaction in Orange County. We believe that he was the John NOE that was on a regulator list in 1768. We believe that he was the John NOE in the following official records; He sold to Jacob GRAVES one half of his grist mill in 1770 and he was appointed constable and tax collector for St. Asaph's district in 1777 and 1778.


1. Peter NOE, born Carteret County. Some researchers believe this Peter to be the son of John NOE, Sr. I do not believe so. Peter was born in 1770 at a time that John NOE was well established in Orange County. This Peter's wife was Irish which would be unusual (not unheard of) for a second generation American whose father was born in Germany. None of this Peter's children had particularly German sounding names. None of them (as far as I know) married someone with a German sounding name.

2. Peter NOE of Orange County. Peter, the son of Joseph of Peter the Immigrant, was in TN by 1797. He was appointed a road overseer in 1798 and was on a 1799 tax list. At the same time there was a Peter in Orange County. I believe he was a son of John, Sr. This Peter purchased land on Stinking Quarter Creek from Henry COOK in 1798. He also sold land to George Isley in 1804.

3. The Joseph NOE that married Caty KIMBRO is another possible son. Most believe that she married Joseph, son of Peter the Immigrant. I do not believe so. This is discussed in the sketch about Joseph NOE on this website.

4. Our John NOE is discussed in the sketch about him. I only have surnames for two of the spouses of his children - both were German. Our John NOE who died in 1846 would not have been the son of Peter the Immigrant. This John (I am calling John, Sr) was born about 1740. Our John NOE would not have been the son of Joseph of Peter the Immigrant. That John was in court record in TN in 1802 while Our John was still fathering children in Orange County. There are no other known NOEs in Orange County at that time that could have been the father of Our John.