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Joseph NOE, son of Peter the Immigrant


It is estimated that Joseph NOE was born in the 1740's. As usual, there is much speculation about this person due to the destruction of Orange county records during the Revolutionary War. In 1771 there was a land transaction that showed Joseph and Caty his wife selling land to selling some land that part of which was "land that Peter Noe deeded to his son, Joseph Noe". That would place the marriage of Joseph no later than 1771. Joseph, like his father, was appointed overseer of a road. This was in 1777. There were also a number of land transactions, buying and selling in the next few years. It appears that Joseph got rid of all his land in Orange county by 1797 when he started purchasing land in Grainger county, TN. Over the next few years Joseph and his family purchased a great deal of land in TN. Elizabeth Noah Yost, a researcher of this line believes that Joseph and his sons went to Grainger county first and his wife and daughters-in law came later.

As mentioned above, the wife of Joseph was named Caty or Catherine. There is no record of the marriage, but it is estimated that the oldest son, Peter, Sr. was born about 1765. Most Noe/Noah researcher believe that this Caty was Catherine Kimbro, daughter of Powell KIMBRO and Katherine MOSER. I do not. Catherine KIMBRO married a Joseph NOE, but not the Joseph that was the son of Peter the immigrant. It is established that Joseph, Jr (son of above Joseph) married a Caty. Caty (MOSER) KIMBRO could not have been born much before 1750. The actual estimates by Moser researchers is 1752-1760. Land records above show Joseph (son of Peter) was married to a Caty in 1771. Caty KIMBRO could probably not have had a child before that time and certainly not had a child Caty who was married to this particular Joseph NOE. I have research Katherine MOSER KIMBRO. I am descended from her brother, Frederick MOSER, Jr. Katherine's mother, Maria Barbara, was born in Alsace, Switzerland. The date of birth is not known, but she was christened 4 Feb 1731. The date of the marriage of Katherine MOSER KIMBRO's parents is documented in PA church records as 22 Apr 1750. Katherine MOSER KIMBRO could not have had a daughter who was old enough to be the mother of Joseph's son, Peter, Sr.

Possibility - Maria Barbara could have had a daughter, Katherine at age 14. That would mean Katherine was born in 1745. This Katherine could have had a daughter, Caty, at age 14. That would mean this Caty was born in 1759. The earliest documentation of the marriage of Joseph and Caty is 1771. Joseph could have had a child bride of 12 years of age. I do not buy it.


1. Peter NOE, Sr. was the oldest child. He was born about 1765. He married Mary CALDWELL. Peter was still in Orange county in 1794 when he was appointed constable. He is show in Grainger county, TN when he witnessed his father's purchase of property. He became a constable in Grainger county, TN in 1801. Peter was in Franklin county, TN by 1807. Peter and Mary had 9 children. This family later moved to Alabama and is ancestors to the Alabama Noes and Noahs.

2. Joseph NOE, Jr was born about 1778. He began to show up in Grainger county, TN records in 1800. This Joseph also had a wife named Catherine.

3. George NOE was born about 1779. He began to show in Grainger county records in 1801. He also became a constable there and later became deputy Sheriff. I have no other information on him.

4. John NOE was born about 1780. He appeared in Grainger county records in 1802. In the 1830 census he and his wife were living alone. I have no name for his wife or children (if any).

5. Jacob NOE was born in the late 1780's. He was married with a daughter in the 1810 census. He was also in the 1830 Grainger county census.

6. David NOE was born in the late 1780's. I have very little on him. Apparantly he took care of his mother in her later years. He is also found on the pension rolls of the War of 1812.


As far as I know, no will or probate records have been found for Joseph. He continued to show in Grainger county record until about 1813. It is believed that he remained in Grainger county and died sometime after 1813. In the 1830 census, David NOE is shown with an older women in his household. She was listed as between 80 and 90 years old. This is presumed to be his mother and his father, Joseph was deceased by this time.

This information of Joseph and his family comes from Elizabeth Noah Yost. I believe she got most of it from deeds and court records of Grainger county. She says that probate and marriage records for Grainger county appear to be "spotty". That could account for finding no daughters of Joseph and Caty. That may also be the reason no probate records were found. Joseph had purchased a considerable amount of real estate. There probably was a will and probate.