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 Every NOE researcher that I know says that Caty KIMBRO married Joseph
 NOE, the son of Peter, the immigrant.  Of those who have a source it
 all seems to be the same one.  Here is the source.

 Orange Co., NC deed Book 13, p. 197, FHL film# 305,930. Deed, dated 17
 Dept. 1807.
 Grantors: Catherine Kimbro, late wife and relict of Powell Kimbro, dcd.,
 & Ludwick Throneberry, husband of Edy Kimbro, dau. of said Powell Kimbro,
 and John Kimbro, son of said Powell Kimbro; and Jeremiah Kimbro, son of
 said Powell Kimbro; and George Kimbro, son of said Powell Kimbro; and
Joseph Noe, husband of Caty Kimbro, dau of said Powell Kimbro, deceased
... all of the County of Orange, NC....sold to (grantee): Michael Holt,
of Orange County, NC. Consideration: 6 pounds 10 shillings current money
of said state.... property located: on waters of Stinking Quarter,
adjoining lands of: Isaac Holt, John Shaddy, lands of said Michael Holt
.... 33 acres by estimation.

 Catherine KIMBRO married a Joseph NOE, but not the Joseph that was the
 son of Peter the immigrant as everyone says.  It is established that
 Joseph (son of Peter) married a Caty.  It is also established that
 Joseph, Jr (son of above Joseph) married a Caty.  Caty (MOSER) KIMBRO
 could not have been born much before 1750. The actual estimates by Moser
 researchers in 1760.  Land records show Joseph (Sr) married to a Caty in
 1771.  The estimated date of birth of Joseph's and Caty's oldest son is
 1765.  Caty KIMBRO could probably not have had a child before that time
 and certainly not had a child Caty who was married to Joseph NOE.

 Powell KIMBRO died before 1799.  His wife was Katherine (Caty) MOSER.
 This is established by the will of Frederick MOSER, SR dated  1799 which
 named Caty, widow of Powell Kimbro as his daughter.  I know of no recorded
 date of birth for either Powell or Caty, his wife.  However the marriage
 of Caty (Moser) Kimbro's parents is recorded as 22 Apt 1750.

The above land record does not say which Joseph NOE.  If you are a historian
maybe you can explain the phrase "..all of the County of Orange, NC..".  Does
that mean that they lived there at the time?  Joseph NOE son of Peter and
Joseph Jr, son of Joseph were both living in TN at that time. Are we looking
at another Joseph NOE?  Could he be a son of John NOE and Catherine EFLAND?
As far as I know, no one has found any children for this couple.