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Frederic Mosier Sen of Orange County
Transcribed by Hillary Rauch
Of sound mind & memory, advanced in years and knowing that by reason of
my age I cannot live long, I, Frederic Mosier sen. of Orange County in
North Carolina do make this my last will & testament.  I devise, will, &
bequeath to my sons John Mosier, and Frederic Mosier, their heirs,
executors, administrators, and assigns forever all my lands & tenements
subject to & charged with the payment of the sums following at or before
the times limited & expressed hereinafter, to the persons herein-after
to be mentioned, that is to say, to each of my sons Jacob, Michael,
Abraham, Phillip, and Nicholas, severally, thirty five silver dollars
making in the whole one hundred seventy five dollars which when paid to
my sons as aforesaid shall be a discharge in full of their several
legacies, to each of my daughters Caty Kimbro, Barbary Huffman, Mary
Kek, Lizy Sharp, Eve Sharp, Magdelane Butcher, severally, twelve and a
half silver dollars, making altogether seventy five silver dollars in
full of the legacies to my daughters.  The first payment shall be made
to my son Jacob in four years after my death, the second to my daughter
Caty in five years, the third to my son Abraham in ten years, the fourth
to Barbary in seven years, the fifth to Michael in eight years, the
sixth to Mary in nine years, the seventh to Phillip in ten years, the
eighth to Lizy in eleven years, the ninth to Nicholas in twelve years,
the tenth to Eve in thirteen years, the eleventh to Magdelane in
fourteen years after my death, which sums of one hundred seventy five
dollars & seventy five dollars when paid to my sons and daughters
severally to my sons thirty five dollars, and severally to my daughters
twelve and a half dollars at or before the time & periods after my death
as expressed, shall discharge to my sons John & Frederic of any demises
or legacies due in consequence of the land & tenement hereby given to them.
It is my will & desire that my personal estate may be sold in the
customary manner, & that so much of the money as may be necessary for
the discharge of my just debts shall be appropriated to the purpose &
the residue shall be divided share & share alike among all my sons &
daughters, of their representatives, but if my wife Barbary survives me,
she shall retain and keep possession of so much of my personal chattel
as she may think necessary for her support & maintenance, during her
natural life, to be disposed of after her death & paid over to my sons &
daughters as above directed.  My wife Barbary shall during her natural
life occupy & possess so much of my land & tenement & such, as she would
have been entitled to in & as if I died intestate.  I constitute &
appoint my son Phillip and my son-in-law Peter Sharp executors of this
my last will and testament.  Witness my hand this twentieth day of April
seventeen hundred ninety six.
Witnesses present  R. Cochran    Frederick Mosier his mark
Phillip Mosier qualified as Exr.

Will transcribed by Hillary Rauch