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Nelly NOAH


Nelly was born about 1800, the daughter Our John NOE. She was apparently never married. Nothing is known about the father of her children. Nelly lived on her father's land in an area that she would inherit at his death in 1846. Her house was on a high hill on the south side of Stinking Quarter Creek overlooking the creek.


1. Lawry(?) NOAH was the first child. She was born about 1830. Nothing else is known about her.

2. Jeremiah J. NOAH was born about 1832. His wife's name was Sarah C {unknown}. They had three children. Jeremiah was in NC in 1860; Tazewell County, VA in 1870; and Haywood County, TN in 1880. His date and place of death is not known.


The place where Nelly NOAH lived came to be known as Nelly Hill. In the early part of the twentieth century young people would picnic there. It was apparently a very scenic place. There was (is?) a high school close by called Friendship High School. It has been said that at graduation time the blooms of the mountain laurel growing on Nelly Hill would be made into ropes that were held by the junior class for the graduating seniors to walk between.

The Ghost of Nelly Hill has been referred to as "Nelly's Ghost". I do not know if there is any real connection between this "ghost" and Nelly except for the location. Some people believe in ghosts - some do not. The people that saw this "thing" certainly do. The person that introduced me to these people does not. I will relate as told to me by one of the people who has seen this ghost. About 20 years ago varying members of the family that now lives on Nelly hill began seeing this ghost. The ghost wore a white blouse with puffed sleeves to the elbow and tightly fitted sleeves from elbow to wrist. There apparently were just glimpses of her. It was some time after the sightings began before the members of the family knew each other were seeing it. It was in no way frightening, so no mention was made of it. When they first began to discuss it, it was discovered that not only family members, but friends of the family as well, had seen her. A teenage daughter and some of her friends had seen the ghost. They decided to hold a sťance. According to the family, the ghost has not been seen since. However, there is a strong feeling that the presence is still there. The lady of the house told me a story about one instance. She had been in one area of the house and her husband was in another area. Neither was in the kitchen. One of them decided that popcorn would be a good idea and hollered to the other one with the suggestion. The other agreed. A few minutes later there were sounds from the kitchen. Each spouse had assumed the other spouse was making the popcorn. Actually, neither had been into the kitchen. The popcorn popper was taken out of the cabinet and the cabinet door closed without help from either spouse.