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Various Churches of Old Orange County, N.C.

This information has been gather from various sources. It is certainly not complete and may not be accurate. I welcome any additions, corrections or comments.

Low's Lutheran Church

The history of Low's Lutheran Church dates back to 1771 when members of "Lau's" church met in a log building. As many Lutheran Churches of that time, Low's shared facilities with a congregation of German Reformed. Although they had different beliefs, the two faiths had a common bond - The German language was written and spoken. The Lutherans tended to loyalty to the English Crown while the German Reformed were largely Patriots. That is probably the main reason that the German Reformed found themselves locked out of the building that both congregations shared. This German Reformed congregation later became known as Brick Church.

The fourth and present building, as were earlier ones, is located on State Highway 61 near Liberty, NC. The Church has a History Room that preserves, among other things, the Altar and Lectern from the third building. The third building was built in 1889 by twin brothers, Martin and Haywood NOAH.

In the cemetery behind the modern building there is a stone marking the site of the first Church building. There are many old graves in this cemetery. Unfortunately there are many that are not marked. There were no burial records in the early Church Records. The earliest "reading" of the cemetery that I know about was in the 1920's.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church has a history similar to Low's Lutheran Church. Services were conducted as early as 1745. Frederick MOSER (my ancestor) and Malachi ISLEY are credited with founding the Church. The earliest documented organized congregation dated to 1770. St. Paul's also shared facilities with a German Reformed Congregation. These German Reformed later formed Stoner's Church and some members moved to what later became Brick Church. St. Paul's was originally called "Graves Church" in honor of the family of Jacob GRAVES who donated the land for the church. It became St. Paul's when the second building was built in 1839.

St. Paul's is located about two miles east of Alamance Battleground. The mailing address is Burlington, NC. The present building was built in 1960 with a wing added in 1981-1982.

Here again we have on old cemetery. This one has a stone wall that was built about the time of the second building in 1839. This wall was built by slave labor. The wall is still standing today. There appears to be more of the older stones preserved here than at Low's. Of course, there are unmarked graves and graves who stones have been destroyed. The slaves were buried just outside the wall at the side without markers. There is a story about a young white boy whose playmate was a slave. I have no names or details about them except that they both died young and the boy is buried just inside the wall and the slave child is buried just outside the wall at the same location.

Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church was form in 1820. It was formed from part of the congregation of St. Paul's. At first the met at Fogleman's Schoolhouse. They acquired land and built their first church building in 1845. The cemetery was establish later. Until that time members were buried at St. Paul's. The building that stand today was built in 1909. The congregation rejoined St. Paul's in 1978, but the Mt. Pleasant building is used on special occasions. The building and cemetery are still maintained.

Frieden Lutheran Church

I would appreciate any information on this Church. All that I know is that it dates back to at least 1802.
They now have a site for Frieden's