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Our John NOE


It is estimated that Our John Noe was born about 1765. This estimate comes from census records. Little if anything is know about the early life of Our John - not even the name of his wife or parents. It is my guess that he was a son of John Noe and Catherine EFLAND. This older John was a son of Peter, the immigrant. Nothing is known about the children of John and Catherine. This older John had one brother, Joseph. The children of Joseph are documented including a son named John. This is not the same John as Our John - he was in Tennessee by 1802. There is also speculation that Our John could be the John, son of Peter, that married Catherine EFLAND. The problem there is that both this John and Catherine are estimated to be born about 20 years before Our John.

Our John's wife's name is also unknown. There is speculation among some branches of the Noah family that she may have been Indian, possibly a Cherokee from eastern Tennessee. As far as I know there is no evidence of this. However, there are records of three Indians being buried at Stoner's German Reformed Cemetery. Stoner's is where Our John and his oldest son are buried. There was a John NOE who married Margaret SPOON 27 Feb 1798 in Guilford Co, NC. This could be Our John. (Some believe that this John was the son of Joseph.) However, three of Our John's children were born prior to 1798. Margaret could be his second wife. St. Paul's Lutheran Church records show the mother of Mary NOAH GRAVES (second daughter of our John) as Margaret SPOON. Mary was born in 1792, six years prior to the John-Margaret marriage. If Our John had a first wife who died, Margaret would be Mary's step-mother. There is another John NOE marriage on record. A John NOE married a Levina COOK 15 Jul 1809 in Orange county, NC. This is probably not Our John.


1. George NOAH was the first child. He was born 17 Jan 1790. He married Mary Polly NEASE. These are my ancestors. Both are buried at Stoner's cemetery.

2. Sarah "Sally" NOAH was born shortly after George. She apparently never married. She left her land to Jeremiah NOAH, presumably the Jeremiah that was the son of her sister, Nelly.

3. Mary NOAH was born 20 Sep 1792. She died 23 Jun 1850. She married Daniel GRAVES(son of Jacob GRAVES and Turley COBBLE) in 1814. Mary and Daniel are buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery.

4. Daniel NOAH was born about 1799. Daniel had three wives, Sally {unknown}, Margaret "Peggy" BAYLEY, and Auzilla MAY. Daniel moved to Davidson county, NC before 1830 and moved back to Alamance Co, NC before 1850. He was buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery 23 Oct 1881. However he was listed as dead on children's marriage license in 1876.

Nelly NOAH was born about 1800. She died after 1850. She apparently never married. What is known about Nelly and her children is be posted elsewhere on this website.

6. Solomon NOAH was born about 1805. He moved from Alamance county to Randolph county sometime between 1840 and 1850. He died in Randolph county in 1851. Soloman married a Millisent {unknown}. After Solomon's death, Millisent married a man named GRAY.


The rest of this is sheer speculation. Our John was probably not close to the church. His burial was conducted by Rev. G. W. Welker on 31 Mar 1846. In Rev. Welker's records there is usually some commentary about the deceased. There was no comment in the record of Our John's burial. On the other hand, there were a number of items in his estate sale such a hymnal, testament and prayer book. Although the record shows that he was buried at Stoner's, no original stone has been found. There was a stone dedicated to him on 31 Mar 1996 - one hundred and fifty years after the burial.

Our John owned some land. This was apparently acquired from the University of North Carolina in 1799. I doubt that this land was farmed. It was only 100 acres. It appears that Our John was possibly a blacksmith. The sale of items in his estate included a number of weaving item and leather items. However, the largest single entry on the sale record was his "smith tools".

Our John's Will was written 23 May 1840. It names all six of his children. It divides his land (presumably the land bought in 1799). The executors were Edwin HOLT, Esqr. and Paul ANTHONY. It was witness by Mich. HOLT, Christian SHARPE, and a signature that starts with Jno. but is unreadable.