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Peter NOE, Immigrant


No one really knows where Peter NOE, Immigrant came from. He is estimated to have been born about 1710. He just appeared in Orange county, NC in the 1750's. I think most believe, as I do, that he was German descent. Even so, there have been D.A.R. applications that shows him as being born in Ireland. If this is so, I believe it was a stopover point from the continent. I dismiss the theory that some hold about him being French Hugeonot. There was a Peter NOE about the same time as Peter NOE, Immigrant. This Peter was in Carteret county, in the east part of NC. I believe the Peter of Carteret county was probably French Hugeonot.

I make the assumption that Peter NOE, Immigrant was German or Swiss in origin. He shows up in NC about the time that a number of German immigrants were arriving from PA, especially Berks county. Peter owned land between Alamance River and Stinking Quarter Creek, an area that was almost exclusively German speaking. Peter could have migrated from PA. There was a Peter NOE in Philadelphia in the 1740's. No record can be found of this Peter in PA after 1755. There were apparently other Noes (this spelling will be used rather than all of the variations) in PA. This is mentioned in the book, More Palatine Families, by Hank Jones. There is also a theory that Peter NOE, Immigrant was from Nassau-Siegen. There were Noes in the Nassau-Siegen immigration to Germanna, VA in the early 1700's. Unfortunately, we may never know the actual origin of this man.


Peter NOE, Immigrant was apparently a respected member of the community. He was a Road Commissioner as early as 1757. There is a record of his renewing his "ordinary" license in 1759. This license allowed him to charge the public for food and lodging. In 1760 he was appointed "overseer of the road to be built from Haw River to the Great Alamance". In 1763 he was naturalized along with a number of other Germans from Orange county. In 1765 he served on a Grand Jury. Also, in 1765, he was issued a tavern license. He is referred to in several documents as a "miller".

Peter NOE, Immigrant participated in the Regulator Movement. There is a record of his bringing charges against Edmund Fanning in a mock trial. The extent of Peter's involvement with the Regulators is not known due to lack of records. However, evidence does remain that he later gave patriotic service in the Revolution. In the NC Revolutionary Army Accounts, he is referred to as "Peter Noe - Miller."

Peter Noe's Will was written 13 Sept 1781. It names all six of his children. It was probated in May of 1782, apparently before his death. In her book, The Noe/Noey/Noah Family, Elizabeth Noah Yost states that while this procedure was unusual, it was sometimes done anticipating a move of the parents and/or the children involved. To my knowledge this is the only source we have for his wife's name - Hannah.

An Inquest was held on the body of Peter Noe on 7 Nov 1787. He had apparently been found dead near the house of his son, Joseph. The jury ruled he did die a natural death. Is this Peter NOE, Immigrant? It is unlikely that any other Peter Noe that was known to be in Orange County at that time could have a son, Joseph who was old enough to have his own house.


1. John NOE is believed to be the oldest. He was probably born in the mid-1740's. There is a record of land ownership in 1763. He married Catherine EFLAND, daughter of Peter EFLAND. John was naturalized in 1769. This would indicate that he was not born in the colonies. The children of John and Catherine are not known. It is my guess that they had at least three sons, Peter, Joseph and John. This is only speculation.

2. Joseph NOE was probably born shortly after John. Joseph marrried a Catherine {unknown}. Many believe his wife was Catherine KIMBRO. I do not believe she was. They had at least 6 children. There will be more about this Joseph later at this website.

3. Catherine "Caty" NOE married John RIDENAUER, a son of German immigrants. They had three children that are known.

4. Susannah NOE married Thomas RICH(RIDGE), a German immigrant. There were three known children. There is quite a bit of documentation on the RICH family.

5. Elizabeth NOE married a man named COONTZ or COONS. I have no information on them.

6. Elizabeth NOE (yes there were two daughters named Elizabeth) married a man named RAGEN. I have no information on them.