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Stoner's (Steiner's) Church, Alamance County, N.C.

Stoner's Church became an active congregation about 1801. The church was dissolved about 1886.
The cemetery is presently located in a pasture near the village of Belmont (near Graham) in Alamance County.
It is thought that before they organized as Stoner's they were associated with the Lutherans who later formed
St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

The Church book of Stoner's was translated from the original German by Reverend D. I. Offman.
A copy was type from Rev. Offman's translation by Calvin Hinshaw in 1959. It is my understanding
that a copy of the typed records is at Guilford College. I have also been told that the original records
are in the Library at Catawba College, Salisbury, N.C. My information is that these records are in
such a fragile condition that the public is no longer allowed to view them.

The following is from a copy of Calvin Hinshaw's transcription of Rev. D. I. Offman's translation.
 I have attempted to copy it exactly as typed. Any comments of my own will be in brackets [].

Translated Copy of a part of Stoners Church Records

Henry son of William Sharp and wife Elizabeth born A.D. 1818, Oct. 11.
     Baptized March 3, 1821.  Parents sponsors.

Edward, son of William Sharp and wife Elizabeth, born July 10,1820.
     Baptized March 3, 1821.  Sponsors, parents.

Jeremiah, son of William Sharp and wife, Elizabeth, born Sept. 15,1822.
     baptized Nov. 30,1822 by John Rudy.

Mary Catherine, daughter of Wm. Sharp and wife, Elizabeth, born Jan. 7,
     1827, baptized Aug. 14,1831 by John Crawford.

William Graves, son of William Sharp and wife Elizabeth, born Oct.8,
     1833, baptized June 7,1834 by John Crawford.

Prissy, (Preisy) daughter of Valentine Neese and wife Eva, born Aug.
     20, 1806, baptized Dec. 14,1806.  Sponsors, Rolby Sherb.

Nelly, daughter of David Graves, born Sept. 4,1821, baptized Sept. 22,
     1822 by John Rudy.  Sponsors, Christian Sharp and wife.

Sally, daughter of Christian Sharp and wife, Barbara, born Sept. 14,1800.

Ludwig, son of Christian Sharp and wife, Barbara, born Aug. 30,1805.

Joel, son of Christian Sharp and wife, Barbara, born Feb. 25,1812.

Maria, daughter of John Reitzel and wife, Sarah, born Jan. 17,1807,
     baptized March 14,1807.  Sponsors, Jacob Albright and wife, Sarah.

Sarah, daughter of John Reitzel and wife Sarah, born July 11, 1817,
     baptized Aug. 18,1822 by John Rudy.  Sponsors, Daniel Foust and wife.

Ilion, of John Reitzel and wife, Sarah, born Jan. 30,1822, baptized
     Aug. 22,1822 by John Rudy.  Sponsors, John Ferrell and wife.

Eliza, daughter of Henry Ritch, born Apr. 23,1823, baptized Aug. 3,
     1823 by John Rudy.

Elizabeth, daughter of David Burrow and wife, Elizabeth, born Mar.1,1807,
     baptized Mar. 14,1807. Spoonsors, Christian Sharp and wife.

Mitica Holt, daughter of Joseph Neese, born Mar. 31,1824, baptized May
     9,1824 by J. Rudy.  Sponsors, William Coble and Sally Neese.

Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Neese, born     baptized June 13,1829 by
     J.G.Fritchey.  Sponsors Daniel Coble and Sarah Neese.

John Ludwig, son of John Fogleman and wife, Mary, born Jan. 26,1807
     baptized Feb. 18,1807.  Sponsors, John Ludwig Albright and wife.

Delila, daughter of Christian Isley, born June 25,1823, baptized Aug.
     3,1823 by J. Rudy.  Sponsors, Jesse Boggs and Mary Isley.

Nancy Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Catherine Sharp, born    baptized
     Apr. 23,1842 by G.W. Welker.

William, son of Thomas Steele, born Mar.  24,1806, baptized May 15,1806.
     Sponsors, Jacob Anthony and wife, Mary Magdalene.

Edwig Thompson, son of Henry and Catherine Sharp, baptized Oct.21,1843
     by G.W. Welker

Martha Mary Ann Elizabeth, daughter of George Albright, born Nov.21,1822,
     baptized Aug. 3,1823 by J. Rudy.

Malinda, daughter of William Albright born Jan. 24,1823, baptized Aug. 3
     1823 by J. Rudy.

Sally Catherine, daughter of William Albright, born Aug. 24,1824,
     baptized Nov. 9,1824 by J. Rudy.

Sarah, daughter of Henry Shatterly and wife Maria, born Nov. 12,1806,
     baptized Mar. 14,1807.  Sponsors, Henry Thomas and Elizabeth

Widow Foust, named Barbara, a born Albright, died Mar. 1,1802, aged 82
     years, 4 months and several weeks.  In her marriage estate she had
     10 children, but 2 are dead.  She has 75 grandchildren and 48 great-
     grandchildren.  She lived in widowhood 12 years and near 3 months.

Widow Wolf was buried Sep. 28,1801.  She was found dead near her house
     the day before.  She closed her life at 72 years and 3 months.  She
     had by her husband 8 children.  Her husband died 7 years and 8
     months before she did.

The Widow Shatterly died June 20,1806 after being sick 5 days.  She
     was buried on the 21st.  She was 65 years and 6 months less 2
     days.  She died 12 years and 5 months after her husband, Philip

Eli, son of William Sharp and wife, Elizabeth, born Aug.20,1824,
     baptized Dec. 10,1824 by John Rudy.


Nov. 13,1803 the following were confirmed and on the 14th were for
first time admitted to the Lord's Supper:

Jacob Albright                    Catherine Albright
Jacob Loy,                        Elizabeth Neese
Elizabeth Loy,                    Barbara Albright
Maria Loy                         Catherine Thomas

Nov. 11,1804 were the following confirmed and on the 14th were
admitted to the Lord's Supper:

Jacob Thomas                      Catherine Albright
John Albright                     Elizaeth Councilman
Jacob Efland                      Philpena Garrett
Jacob Friddle                     Barbara Garrett
John Albright                     Dorothy Friddle
John Efland                       Maria Sharp
Barbara Garrett                   Elizabeth Graves
Philpena Albright                 Sarah Neese

Nov.  14,1802 the following members came to the Lord's Supper:

George Foust and                  Sarah Loy,
wife Barbara                      Jacob Neese
John Foust                        George Albright
John Albright                     Elizabeth Moser
Barbara Foust                     William Albright
Elizabeth Albright                Anna Margaret Wolf
Barbara Albright                  Henry Albright and
John Efland and                   wife Maria
wife Margaretta                   John Loy and
Elizabeth Efland                  wife Philpena
Maria Barbara Efland              Peter Ritch
Bostian Sharp and                 David Efland
wife Catherine                    John Thomas
George Albright                   Catherine Coble
Conrad Steiner                    Catherine Homes
Daniel Albright                   Sarah Nicholson
his mother                        Ludwig Albright and
his wife Catherine                wife Elizabeth
Peter Foust                       Daniel Albright and
Sarah Foust                       wife Elizabeth
Catherine Loy                     Philpena Sharp


The following were conducted by Dr. George W. Welker, D. D. Rev. Welker was pastor at Stoner's among other churches.
The comments in [brackets] are my own - Larry Noah.

November 4, 1843 -     George Nor (Noah) was born 17 Jan. 1790
                       married Polly Neese 10 Sept. 1812.  Died
                       2 Nov. 1843.  Aged 53 years, 9 months,
                       and 15 days.  Member at Stoners
                       Sermon - Psalms 90:12
                              [my ancestor]

November 22, 1843 -    Catherine, wife of Henry Sharp and Daughter
                       of widow Nancy Finley.  Died in child bed.
                       Leaves 2 children.  Excellent woman.
                       Member of Church.  Sermon 1 Cor. 15:19.

October 24, 1844 -     John Eafland, Born 16 Feb 1762.  Died
                       22 Oct 1844.  Age 82 years, 8 months,
                       7 days.  A Soldier of the Revolution.
                       A member of Stoners Church.  Sermon
                       1 Cor. 7:29
                       [John Efland]

June 27, 1845 -        Delilah, wife of Jacob Rich and daughter of
                       G. Albright born 25 Oct. 1817.  Died 2 Oct.
                       1846.  Aged 28 years, 11 months and 8 days.
                       A member at Stoners Church.  Sermon Prov. 14:32

March 31, 1846 -       John Nor (Noah) Sermon Phil 1:23
                       [My ancestor - A Tombstone was dedicated
                       31 Mar 1996 on the 150th anniversary
                       of his burial]

August 23, 1846 -      Child of Jacob Rich, Sermon Mark 10:13 to 16

August 23, 1846 -      Uncle Billy, a slave of Mrs. H. Foust
                       Sermon 11:10

August 28, 1846 -      William Foust, an elder and the most Efficient
                       man at Stoners Church.  A tried friend fallen.
                       Died 27 Aug. 1846.  Sermon John 11:35-37.
                       [son of  George Foust and Anna Barbara Kivett -
                       Husband of Catherine "Katy" Clapp]

January 24, 1847 -     Sebastian (Boston) Sharp, an aged member of the
                       church at Stoners.  Sermon Prov. 7:6
                       [son on Isaac Sharp and Maria Philapena Graves -
                       Tombstone shows date of death as 22 Oct. 1846]

November 26, 1848 -    Rebecca Carolina,  widow of the late Henry Foust,
                       wife of Daniel C. Harden, daughter of Robert
                       Mebane.  A member of the Presbyterian Church.
                       Sermon Titus 1:2.
                       [Tombstone shows Caroline R. Harden]

September 23, 1849 -   Widow Albright, mother of Esq. Andrew, an aged
                       member (90 years) of Stoners Church. Sermon Psalms 71:9.

October 28, 1849 -     Catherine, widow of Sebastian (Boston) Sharp.
                       Born 10 Oct. 1768.  Died 26 July 1849.
                       Aged 80 years, 9 months and 16 days.  An aged
                       member of Stoners.  The old are passing away.
                       Sermon Rev. 14:13
                       [She was a daughter of Henry Garrett]

April 30, 1850 -       Barbara, wife of Christian Sharpe and daughter
                       of Jacob Clapp.  Long a member of the Reformed
                       Church at Stoners.  A pios lady.  Sermon Phil. 1:21
                       [My ancestor - her mother was Anna Barbara Foust]

October 25, 1850 -     Child of George A. and Ellen Foust.  Through
                       long suffering became idiotic.  Sermon Rom. 11:33.

July 5, 1851 -         Mrs. Isaac Sharp.  Sermon 1 Samuel 20:3

September 25, 1853-    Child of Alfred Sharp and wife.  Sermon Job 1:21

August 28, 1855 -      Mary, widow of George Noe (Noah), and daughter
                       of George Neese.  Born 18 Oct. 1788.  Died
                       27 Aug 1855.  Aged 66 years, 10 months, and
                       29 days.  A member at Stoners Church.
                       Sermon 2 Cor. 5:8
                            [My ancestor]

June 29, 1879 -        Isaac Sharp, born 19 Aug 1795.  Died 10 Feb.
                       1877.  Age 81 years, 6 months.  Member at
                       Stoners.  Sermon John 17:24.