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Alleghany County, NC Land Grants

This is an index of persons who received land grants in Alleghany County through 1880.

 Note: the page number given is the 1st page of the deed in which the name appears.  That particular name, however, may actually be on the next or following page of the original deed book, if the deed continues onto another page.

Year - Last Name - First Name - Location - DB Page

1866 YORK Tyre (witness) 21:220
1870 YOUNG Caroline M. Little River, Ball Knob 1:459
1875 YOUNG Creed (witness) 3:3
1877 YOUNG Creed (witness) 2:426
1875 YOUNG J.L., dec'd Potato Creek 2:272
1875 YOUNG J.L., dec'd No location given 2:273
1875 YOUNG J.L., dec'd Potato Creek 3:126
1860 YOUNG Joseph L. Potato Creek 1:69
1875 YOUNG Joseph L., dec'd Potato Creek 3:105
1866 YOUNG L. Potato Creek, Piney Creek 1:203
1867 YOUNG Lee Crab Fork of Prathers Creek 1:301
1871 YOUNG Martha Elk Creek 6:195
1877 YOUNG S.W. (chattel mortgage) 2:428
1877 YOUNG S.W. (chattel mortgage) 3:404
1865 YOUNG William Little Elk Creek 2:21
1875 YOUNG William No location given 3:2


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