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Alleghany County Family Genealogies
[ I'm very sorry, but I didn't record the source of this material. The source is presumed to be an article by Norman Spiva, posted to the Rootsweb GAMBILL Mailing List.  The email I sent it to myself is dated June 2001.  If you recognize the research as your own or recall seeing it in the course of your own Gambill research, please let me know and I'll promptly give credit... thanks! ]


After the death of Henry Gambill ca 1775:

­Three of his sons, William (1G101). John (1G104) and Martin (1G106) moved to the Roaring River area in NE Wilkes County, North Carolina.

­Benjamin, moved to Culpeper Co., VA, with parents; his history after that is not known.

­Sarah (1G107), only daughter, m. John White (Whyte) and moved to Attakapas Parish, LA.

­Thomas (1G106) moved to Giles Co., TN. (May have moved to Wilkes Co.,NC. first).

­The Surry/Wilkes Tax lists below, indicate two sons, 1G103 Henry and 1G105 Thomas, may have also moved to Wilkes Co. A Henry Gambill was on record there in 1782 and 1784, but he moved to Davidson Co., NC. A Thomas Gambill appeared on the 1779 Wilkes Co. Tax List.

By 1782, all the remaining Gambills had left Culpeper County, Virginia; none were listed on the 1782 Culpeper County Tax List. Most of those that did not migrate to Wilkes County, North Carolina, moved to Rockingham and other counties in western Virginia.

When the three Gambill brothers came to then Surry Co., N.C. is not clear due to missing Tax Lists for certain years and no land grants in North Carolina after the death of Earl Granville in March 1763 until the State of North Carolina took over and started issuing land grants in March 1778, which led most early settlers living as "squatters" on the land they finally patented in 1778-1782.  


1771: Martin Gambrel1 poll.

1772: Martin Gambel 1 poll.

James Gamble-1 poll.

David Gamble- 1 poll.

1774: Martin Gambel-1 poll, Cleveland's List.

1775: Samuel Gambel,-1 poll, Ben Cleveland's List.

No date but before 1777:Thomas Garmbill - 1 poll.

Martin Garmbill - 1 poll.

1777 William Gambill, Sr.1 poll, 2 Impts., 4 horses, 11 cattle, 4 slaves, 75 lbs. money

The above indicate 1G106 Martin Gambill was in then Surry County by 1771 and 1G101 William Gambill by 1777 and 1G104 John Gambill not until early 1778 because he signed a Lease agreement in Culpeper Co. 26 Oct.1777 and assigned that lease to others 3 March 1778.


?THOMAS DAVENPORT parents, see?

Efforts have been unsuccessful to identify this Thomas Davenport and tie him to one of the Davenports known to have been related to the ancestors of 1G115 Mary Gambill.

Records indicate that apparently only one Gambill and one Davenport family moved to Culpeper County, Virginia, both ca 1752, namely: 1G100 Henry Gambill family and this unidentified Thomas Davenport families. Could Thomas have also lived in Louisa Co., VA. prior to the move? 1G100 Henry Gambill was 1G115 Mary Gambill’s Grandfather and her Gr. Grandfather was 1D101 Martin Davenport. Was this unidentified Davenport related to 1D101 Martin Davenport? Three of the four persons participating in this research project are descendants of 1G115 Mary Gambill, who m. 8L225 Fielding Lewis ca 1790. See the paper, APPENDIX TO GROUP 833 - WHO WERE THE ANCESTORS OF 1G115 MARY GAMBILL.  

Since this Thomas Davenport was old enough to witness documents in Culpeper Co., VA. in 1752 he was no doubt born by 1730, an age to have been a son or brother of one of the earlier Davenports who lived in this area at that time. He may have died in Culpeper County but, if so, his will is not listed in the index for VIRGINIA WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS, 1632-1800, compiled by Clarence Torrence, publ. 1965 by Genealogy Publishing Co, Inc., Baltimore.


WB A, PAGES 71-73. 7 July 1752, we have appraised and interviewed the estate of Francis Strother, dec. Includes 4 negroes valued at L160.0.0. Total valuation L485.6.4. (Signed) William Covington, Henry Gambill, Thomas Davenport.

WB A, PAGE 120. 17 April 1755, William Collins inventory. Total valuation L12.17.1. (Signed) John Strother, Thomas (T) Davenport, William Covington.

WB A, PAGES 499-500. 16 March 1779, Inventory of the Estate of John Wright, dec. Includes 1 servant man valued at L20. Total valuation L60.3.5 ˝. (Signed) Richard Gaines, Thomas Davenport, Jonas. Manefee, Benja. Graves.


PAGE 443. 15 September 1763, James Kennerley, Adrm. of John Hemingway, dec'd., v. William Baker. Cont'd with Thomas Davenport surety.

On September 17, 1761, Thomas Davenport witnessed the deed for 1G100 Henry Gambill when he gave his son, 1G101 William Gambill, 180 acres that he had purchased October 22, 1753.

Submitted by Norman Spiva



Henry Gambill, Jr. was probably born in the 1740s, in Hanover County, Virginia, and moved with his parents to Culpeper County, Virginia around 1752.He married Charlotte Jouett.Charlotte was born in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia the daughter of Matthew Jouett and Susanna Price Moore.Charlotte died on 2 March 1829.Henry and Charlotte's children were:

Susanna M. - Was born on 11 April 1764 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and married Vincent Tapp in Charlottesville, Albermarle County, Virginia by Rev. Abraham Maury on 24 June 1782.Susanna died in April 1835 at Chapel Hill Farm, Augusta County, Virginia, where she lived with her daughter and husband, John Knight and Ann Cosby Tapp Churchman.

Richard - Was born on 13 Dec 1769 and died on 29 Jan 1839.Richard married Elizabeth Trunsall.

Henry Jouett - Was born on 21 June 1777 in the Albemarle District of Virginia, and died on 25 Dec 1847.Baptism was on 10 Aug 1777 in the Albemarle District of VA.He married Margaret C. Burns on 10 Oct 1797 in Augusta County, Virginia.

Edward M. - Born Ca 1779

Mary Jane or "Polly" - Was born Ca 1781, and died around 1843.Married James Oldham in December 1811.

John - Born Ca 1783

Charlotte - Born Ca 1785


Henry, along with his brother John, served in the Virginia Colonial Militia.He was listed on the Militia Rosters in Hening's Statutes in March 1756 from Culpeper County, Virginia.In fact, Henry and John were both paid 1710 pounds of tobacco for their services as sergeants in the Culpeper County Militia, serving under Col. Thomas Slaughter.Then, some Louisa County Tax Lists, Trinity Parish, show that a Henry Gambill was listed for several years.These years were in 1768, 1770, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, and 1780 in that area.Most of these years, he had 4 Tolls, and in 1770, Henry was listed with Jouet Davenport, and a Matt Gambrill was included in his household in 1780.

The papers of Thomas Jefferson, stated that there were a Matthew and a Henry Gambill living adjacent to the Albemarle Barracks in 1781.Later, a Henry Gambill was also listed as Head of a Household on the 1790 Albemarle County, Virginia Census with 10 White Souls in the resident.Henry died around 1805.

Evidently, there was some estate problems following Henry, Jr.'s death.These problems involved:

FHL 1993615, Louisa County Order Book 1803-1806, Court 13 March 1805, P 345

Doe &c vs Roe, Court order

John Doe on the demise of Richard Gambill, John Gambill, Vincent Tapp & Susanna his wife, William Gambill, Charlotte Gambill, Henry J Gambill, Edward M Gambill & Polly M Gambill heirs of Henry Gambill deceased plaintiffs against Richard Roe defendant.

For acres of land.

This day came the plaintiff by his attorney and it appearing from the return of William Jackson deputy sheriff for William O Callis that George Davis the tenant in possession of the premises had been duly served with a copy of the plaintiffs declaration and the note thereunder written and he not appearing it is ordered by the Court that unless the said George Davis having legal notice of this order or thereunder [the claims?] or some one of them so appear on the second Monday in August next; and make himself a defendant in this suit in the room of the said Roe plead the general issue, confess the lease entry and _?_ in the declaration supposed and enter into the common rule to insist on the title only at the trial _?_ shall be entered up for the plaintiff and a writ of possession awarded him.

Court 13 May 1805, P 377, John Doe [etc] plaintiff against Richard Rowe defendant…

In ejectment – for acres of land

On the motion of George Davis the tenant in possession of the premises he is admitted a party defendant in this cause instead of the defendant _?_ and thereupon by Hugh Nelson his attorney he comes and defends the wrong injury &c and pleads the general issue confesses the lease entry and order in the declaration supposed and agrees to [insist?] on the title only at the trial.To which the plaintiff by his attorney soplied (sic) generally an issue being joined the trial thereof by a jury is referred until the next term.

Court Wednesday, 14 Aug 1805, P 449, John Doe on demise of [etc] plaintiff against George Davis defendant

This cause is continued and it is ordered that the county survey or do survey the lands in dispute between the parties in this cause and return [these?] fair plats thereof to court.

Court Wednesday, 13 Nov 1805, P 501

(Gambill vs Davis continued)

FHL #1993613

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Louisa County Common Law Order Book 1806 – 1808

Pp 1 – 550 [begins 10 March 1806]

P 16 – At a Court of quarter session continued & held for Louisa County on Wednesday the 12th day of March 1806

John Doe on the demise of John Gambill, Richard Gambill, Vincent Tapp & Susanna his wife, William Gambill, Charlotte Gambill, Henry J Gambill, Edward M Gambill & Polly M Gambill heirs of Henry Gambill deceased plaintiffs

Against George Davis defendant In Ejectment.This cause is continued.

P 73 – Friday, 16 May 1806

P 83– In Ejectment, continued

P 144 – At a Court of quarterly session held for Louisa County on Wednesday the 13th of August 1806

P 151 – [to side] Doe Exdemin In Ejectment Costs $7:56

John Doe of the demise of John Gambill, Richard Gambill, Vincent Tapp and Susanna his wife, William Gambill, Charlotte Gambill, Henry J Gambill, Edward M Gambill and Polly M Gambill heirs of Henry Gambill deceased against George Davis

This day came the parties by their attornies and thereupon came also a jury (to wit) Anderson Trice, Nathan Anthony, John Pulliam, Joshua Morris, James Trice, Thomas Bibb, Nathaniel Thomason, Thomas Gardner, Elijah Jones, John Madison, Joseph Cannon and Thomas Powers who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issue joined. Whereupon the defendant moved the Court to permit him to offer as evidence two bonds, one given by Thomas B Smith to Henry Gambill, and the other given by Henry Gambill to Thomas B Smith, to which the plaintiff by his counsel objected and on hearing the arguments by counsel on both sides, concerning said motion, the Court are of opinion that said evidence is proper, and permitted the said bonds to go as evidence to the jury;To which opinion of the Court the plaintiff excepts and prays that his exceptions may be sealed &c which is done in these words (to wit)“Doe exdem Gambill [vs] Davis, Be it remembered, at the trial of this cause, after plff had produced the patent to their intestate, the Deft offered in evidence the following papers (viz/one in these wordsI Thomas B Smith do oblige myself to pay Henry Gambill at the rate of fifteen pounds current money p.100 acres for a certain undivided tract of land, joining himself and John Mitchell, on his making me a title for the said land, which shall be on or before the tenth day of June 1777 Witness my hand and seal this 5th day of February 1777B Smith (seal).Teste Nicholas Meriwether, William Smith. 13th Nov 1784 I do hereby assign the within contents to Will. Terrell; Henry Gambill, Teste Mat. Gambill and another in these words, I do hereby oblige myself in the penalty of five hundred to make Thos Ballard Smith or his heirs a right to a certain undivided tract or parcel of land adjoining himself and John Mitchell on the payment of what the said land will amount to at the rate of fifteen pound current money p. hundred acre Witness my hand and seal this 5th day of February 1777 Henry Gambill (seal) Teste Wm Smith Nicholas Meriwether [NB?] the words heirs was interlined before signed.To prove that plff was not entitled to recover the land, in continuing, to the admission of which evidence the plff counsel objected, but said papers were permitted by the Court to go to the jury; To which opinion of the Court plff except & prays his exceptions to be sealed &c.Charles Yancey (seal) Henry Gambill (seal) John Downing (seal) Geo Fleming (seal)” and thereupon the jury retired and after some time returned with their verdict in these words (to wit) “We of the jury find for the defendant A Trice Foreman.Whereupon the plaintiff by his counsel moved the Court for a new trial, upon the grounds that the said verdict is against evidence and hearing what coul’d be alledged by counsel on both sides concerning the same, the Court are of opinion that the said verdict is agreeable to evidence, and the said verdict ordered to be recorded.And on the motion of the defendant by his attorney; It is considered by the Court that he recover against the plaintiff his costs by him about his defence in this behalf expended.

P 332 – At a Court of quarter session continued and held for Louisa County on Wednesday the 13th day of May 1807, Barrets Heirs vs Gambills Heirs

Charles L Barret and James Barret and Ann Barret infants of tender years by the said Charles L Barret their next friend, Plaintiff against John Gambill, Richard Gambill, Vincent Tapp and Susanna his wife, William Gambill, Charlotte Gambill, Henry J Gambill, Edward M Gambill and Polly M Gambill heirs of Henry Gambill dec’d, Defendants In Chancery

This day came the plaintiffs by their attorney and on their motion and for good cause shown William Terrell (of Georgia) is made a party defendant in this cause.And the said defendant Terrell not having entered his appearance and given security according to the act of assembly and the rules of this Court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that he is not inhabitant of this state.Therefore on the motion of the plaintiffs by their said attorney, It is ordered and decreed by the Court that the said defendant Terrell do appear here on the second Monday in August next and file his answer to the plaintiffs bill; and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in [some] one of the publick new papers printed in the city of Richmond for eight weeks successively and posted at the front door of the Court house of this County on some Court day.

FHL Film #1993614, Louisa Co Clerk of the Circuit, Court Order Book 1808-1810

Court held Monday, 10 April 1809, Page 290

Charles L Barrett, James Barrett and Ann Barrett heirs of Thomas Barrett dec’d Against

John Gambill, Richard Gambill, Vincent Tapp and Susanna his wife, William Gambill, Charlotte Gambill, Henry J Gambill, Edward M Gambill, and Polly M Gambill heirs of Henry Gambill dec’d

In Chancery

The subpoena awarded in this cause having been returned executed and more than three months having elapsed since the plaintiff filed their bill and the defendants [Gambill named as above] failing to appear and file their answer.The allegations contained in the plaintiffs bill are taken as confessed and the matter thereof decreed accordingly unless said defendants [Gambills named above] being served with a copy of this order ten days previously do appear at the next Court thereafter and file sufficient answers to the plaintiffs bill.
Submitted by Hazel Roche', with legal records provided by Emily Dieter (Thanks, Emily, for sharing your research results!)


Milton Gambill, named in his father's will, md. 13 June 1810 in Williamson Co., Tenn. to Temperance Howell.On 1 July 1809 he bought 100 acres on Mill Creek from Samuel Harper, later to become his brother-in-law, and on 8 Oct 1816 he sold this land to James Scott.By 1819 he was living in Perrry Co., and it is thought he later moved to Wayne Co., Tenn.Temperance md. 2nd Joseph B. Godley.A deed dated 1832 in Wayne Co. mentions Temperance Godley, the former Temperance Gambill, so Milton died some time between 1819 and 1832.Temperance Godley is known to have had a son, John W. Godley.There were probably other children but the following is the only one that is known. (Reference Williamson Co., Tenn. Deed Book E, Page 42; family record of Mrs. Flora M. Gunn)

Issue Born Tenn.: Elisha H. Gambill, md. 1842 Sarah Hendricks

Submitted by Hazel Roche' from the book, THE DESCENDANTS OF BRADLEY GAMBILL


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