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LANDRETH European Roots
 It is believed that Landreth's came from Flanders before arriving at Berwick - upon - Tweed. What follows is all speculation, but none-the-less has enough common sounding things that there may be some reality to it.
In October 2000 I was travelling around North-East France looking for information on the non-Landreth side of my family. I kept coming across similarities in names to Landreth that have been in the back of my mind until now. Names of towns and villages that have names that will make you say, "Hmmm".
An example is Landrethun-Le-Nord. It is about 5 miles South of Calais, France. In 1035 this area was part of the county of Flanders. The border with Belgium didn't exist where it is today. I found another town in France that is named Landreaux. (I think I spelled that correctly)
 I also found a town about 50 miles from the border with Belgium by the name of Landrecies.
When you get into Belgium, and in the Flanders area, there is Landelies and West Vlaanderen. Another thing to contribute to speculation is the name Flanders.
As I said, this is all speculation, but perhaps there is some reality to it. I found names on tombstones that were also very close to Landreth.
When considering the time differential and the differences between French and English, as well as the similarities, perhaps if we want to be able to go beyond 1070, this area of France may really hold some information we could use.
If you have some time, and time it will take, give it a look!


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