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Early Nall/Nale Listings in America

Some Early Nale Listings in America

"...from the Shenadoah VA Minute Book 1774-1780 & Deed Book 1799-1809,
I found many references to a Martin NALL/NAWEL/NALE/NAWL in the court records.

They were obviously the same person with different spellings of the last name.

Many entries were just noting his presence at court sessions.

Some entries of interest:

Sept. 1778 - ...Martin Nall sworn into Commissioner of the Peace.

Mar. 1779 - "Ordered that Tavenor Beale, Richard Banham and Martin Nawel view the bridge built over Jumping run & make report thereof to the next court."

Order Book 1781-1784, Shenandoah Co., VA - 20 references to Martin NALL/NALE/NALLE, mostly noting his presence at court sessions, in 2 or 3 of which he was a plaintiff for someone who apparently owned him a debt.

The most notable entry was: 30 Aug. 1781: "Ordered that Martin Nale, Gent.,
be recommended to the Governor as a proper person for Colonel
to Command the Second Battalion of the Militia of this County."

Martin NAUL/NALL to VA in 1699
Source: "Cavaliers & Pioneers" by Nugent

"On 8 May 1699, Capt. Richard WILLIS of Middlesex County, VA, proved the importation of John Zachary and seventeen other persons, namely:

Phillip Colbert, Martin NAUL, Robert Corton (Coxton), Edward Manning, Patrick Manning, William Humpreys, William Humphries, Jr., Edward Gill, Richard WILLIS, Richard Sammons, Arth. (Arthur?) Gibbons, Mary Almon, John Cuck, John Carey, Thomas Smith, William Evans. 

Some of these names may have been assigned to Chicheley Corbin THACKER,
for on Apr 1702, the last six named as well as John Zachary,
were listed as transported by Thacker, of King and Queen County, VA."
NALL to VA - May 8, 1699
Subj: Re: [NALL] Martin's 1699 arrival
Date: 5/9/2002 2:12:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I have a copy of the 'Proof  of Importation' into Middlesex, Virginia on
May 8, 1699. There are other names of people also on the same list.
It was signed by Capt. Richard Willison ...... He came here on the ship the
'Thorowgood' from London, England.
"Nall Families of America"
Martin Nall born about 1736 in Essex Co., VA. 

This is a quote from the book -

"Martin Nalle servd in an Independent Corps under Major John Field in 1764 in an expedition under Col. Bouquet against the Shawnee Indians.  Under a claim for his service filed in Culpeper Co., VA, 18 Oct. 1779, Martin Nall received on a military warrant fifty acres of bounty land on the Ohio River below the Three Islands.  Martin Nall later paid taxes on the land, locatd in present Mason Co., Ky., near Maysville."


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