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Will of Andrew McMillan

(Andrew McMillan was born March 17, 1793 in Nathan's Creek, Wilkes County, NC, and died April 17, 1885 in Nathan's Creek, Ashe County, NC. He married (1) Jennie Fields in NC, daughter of Joseph Fields and Margaret Hash. She was born May 28, 1793 in NC, and died November 11, 1855 in NC. He married (2) Ludemia Justice. She died 1866.)


In the name of God Amen. I Andrew McMillan of teh County of Ashe and State of Northe Carolina being of sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for his goodness do this 13th day of March in the year of our Lord 1873 do make and publish this my last will and testament. 1st I give and bequesth to my beloved wife Ludema McMillan all the property that she brought me provided she out lives me. 

In addtion hereto I give her two choice cows, six choice hogs and two sheep andd fifty dollars in money. I also give her as a dowry in my lands the following boundary begining on a white oak near the church house running east with my line to a stake in the county road then east with sd road to a stake in my line then north with my line to the road between the mill and Solomon Coxes then with a road on the mill to J. B. McMillans barn then with the main road to the begining to have and to hold and occupy during her natural life or as long as she continues my widow and no longer. 

I also give Jesse McMillan the land named in dowry with the balance of the land on Nathans Creek, for which he is to pay one thousand dollars to F. J. McMillan Eveline Young, Polly Chambers, Marion Young, Peggy Senter heirs to be equally divided among themor their heirs. as the Nergoe property that I give ny daughters in palce of land that I give to my sons has been lost I give them 400 and twleve acres of land known as the Turner and Nettle cove lands to be equally divided between them or their heirs. 

There is seventy acres of land known as the Copper Mine tract that is to be sold with all balance of my property and the money divided equally with all my heirs also all money on hand at my death and notes to be equally divided among all my heirs after they are collected. All notes that I hold against anu of my children is to be accounted for both principle and interest. 

All just debts to be paid that I may owe which at this time is nothing if I owe ten dollars in the world I do not resollect it - I hereby appoint and constitute my sons F. J. McMillan an d Jesse McMillan coexecutors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hannd and seal day and date above written. 
A. McMillan \ 

Witnesses 13th March 1873 
E. F. Foster 
ateste Wm Snaders 

P. S. The reason I have not named A. B. and A. N. McMillan in getting their part of the ____and Dollars to be paid by Jesse McMillan I have given them the Stidham land. 

Will probated October 1st, 1877 before Judge Geo W. Roy, Ashe County, North Carolina 
and sworn to on thaat date by E. F. Foster and William Sanders. 


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