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Volume I

Table of Contents

Title									Page
The Avery County Bicentennial Commission	  	  		  iv
Introduction by Horton Cooper	 					viii
Those Bear-Hunting, Fiddle-Playing Aldridges	  	 		  1
Burt Aidridge's Family of Crossnore	  		 		  1
Edgar Garfield Aidridge                                  		  3
The Averys                                               		  5
Charles Basler Baird and Virginia Banner Baird	  	 		  6
Banner	  						 		  8
Barriers	 							 12
Byard H. Benfield, Sr. and Betsy Isaacs Benfield			 13
The Biggerstaffs of Altamont	  				 	 19
Braswell	 							 21
Unforgettable Roscoe	  						 23
Sam Brown and His Ancestors	  					 24
The Minneapolis Burlesons	  					 25
The Plumtree Burlesons	  						 28
Burlesons of Plumtree	  						 31
The Carpenters of Crossnore and Buck Hill	  			 33
Jacob Carpenter, the Second	  					 36
Rev. T. W. Clapp	  						 38
Uncle Newt Clark	  						 40
Gus Coffey                                              		 43
James Howard Collins                                    		 45
Jack Cook's Story	  						 46
Horton Cooper	  							 48
Bishop James Cornett	  						 50
Cuthbertson	  							 51
The Davenports	  							 54
C. Gordon Davenport	  						 57
George Washington Dean: An Early Educator	  			 58
The Dellingers of Altamont	  					 59
William Jones Dellinger Family	  					 61
Mrs. Lena Sloop Dellinger	  					 66
Shepherd Monroe Dugger	  						 69
The E. T. Erickson Family	  					 72
Frank Fields	  							 74
Emma Beatie Sloop Fink, M. D	  					 75
James Paul Fletcher	   						 80
Franklin	   							 81
The Gurney Franklin Family						 84
David S. Franklin, Jr							 86
Caroline Gragg and the Morris Gragg Family				 94
Obituary of Mrs. Nancy Caroline Gragg					 96
Gray, Charles W. and Kelly                              		 97
A Tribute to Dr. F. Green						 98
Mrs. Anna Guignard							 99
The Guys of Newland							103
John Frank Hampton							105
The Hardins of Cranberry						107
Harris									108
Joseph Larkin Hartley							110
J. Myron Houston							113
Arizona Houston Hughes							115
The Brown Hughes Family							117
Charles Hughes								121
Hughes									122
Eivene Hughes								122
Jason Hughes								123
John Wilson Hughes							125
Straley Jason Hughes							126
Some Memories of "My Growing up Years" at Crossnore			127
Isaac A. Johnson and Uncle Gilmer and Aunt Pop				131
Dr. Monte Johnson							134
Wesley Johnson, Sr							136
Thomas Anderson Love							140
Uncle Fred and Aunt Minnie McKinney					141
The McLeans of Avery County						143
Samuel Knox Mortimer, Sr						146
Samuel Knox Mortimer, Jr						148
The Family of Arcus Ollis	 					149
James Ollis	 							151
James Wesley Ollis, II	 						153
Luther Ollis	 							156
The Family of Wilburn and Sarah Jane Buchanan Ollis			157
Woodvill Baskan Ollis	 						158
Uncle Joe and Aunt Delzie Ollis of Altamont	 			159
Rev. Roby Painter	 						163
Pittmans of Frank	 						165
Ania Ollis Pritchard and Thomas Jefferson Pritchard			169
Claude Decator Pyatte	 						170
History of the Roderick Family	 					172
Eustace Henry Sloop, M. D	 					175
Mary Turpin (Martin) Sloop, M. D	 				176
C. 0. Stamey								178
John Nelson Stamey							182
The Stroup Family							184
Sturgills								186
Lloyd W. Sudderth							191
James Thomas Tanner							193
Taylors									196
The History of the A. S. Taylor Family					197
Robert Tilden Teague, Sr						200
The Pineola Vances							201
The Vances of Plumtree							205
Uncle Albert and Aunt Martha Vance					208
The Webb Family in Avery County						210
Weld									213
History of the Avery County Wises					216
Milligan Shuford Wise							217
Otis Wise								218
Clarence Wiseman							226
Aunt Sallie Wiseman							228
Wisemans Settled Toe River Valley					230
William Wiseman								234
Mrs. Emily Asbury Yoder							236
Appendix								238
Addenda									248
Original Weaving Room at Crossnore					249
Avery County Map							250
Photographs of Historical Significance and First Avery County Fair	251

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