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Partial Census of 1910-BERTIE COUNTY

We need your "bits and pieces" of the 1900 census. Please include page number from microfilm and Township if provided. Send to Virginia

Ruffin family

"Tracy Lott"
1920 census, vol.8, e.d. 12, sheet 12, beginning at line 40.
listed as grandfather to the following who were living with him:
, William Augustus RUFFIN, age 45 Son-in-law(the father of the below-named children) Wiley RUFFIN, age 12
Pricilla RUFFIN, age 10
George RUFFIN, age 8
Mary Bessie RUFFIN, age 7
Haywood aka Hayward RUFFIN , age 3 10/12 (my grandfather)
William Augustus RUFFIN , age 1 8/12
Jane , wife of Green WILLIAMS , age 44>
Rosethi WILLIAMS , daughter of Green WILLIAMS, age 14
Willie B. WILLIAMS , son of Green WILLIAMS, age 18
All of the above named were listed as being born in NC. They lived at 214 River Road in Woodville Township, Bertie County, NC in February 1920.
Green WILLIAMS rented his land and was a farmer.
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