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Google Books. Some of these books are no longer under copyright. By searching for your county name, a lot of tidbits can be pulled and used.

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Genealogical Research in the North Carolina State Archives

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Remember the Archives are closed on MONDAYs!

Margaret Hofmann's Book Site

A listing of her recommendations of published aides to researching in NC. Very complete. Many can be ordered through this site. Ms. Hofmann has done some much publishing herself and is well known in NC Research.

Mormon Library Files on-line

Visit their site (More information)

LDS Microfilm on Bertie County

Court Records


Paul Johnson writes a Back in Time Blog which covers the South and many mentions of Bertie County. Paul always likes to hear from you!


Dictionary of North Carolina Biographies by William S. Powell. Index on-line at Wake Forest.

Johnson, Paul.
Race and Memory in a Carolina Pocosin . Fascinating stories of Bertie County, North Carolina, family -- pocosin dwellers -- Native Americans, European colonists, and African slaves.

Thompson, Harry. The Lost Town of Cashy. (out of print)

Story of the original county seat of Bertie, 1744-1769. Outlaw's Chapel was nearby, and included courthouse, prison, whipping post, and stocks. Water powered saw mill and water powered grist mill. Well documented. Contains court minutes; complete deeds up to present time for this "Cashie Courthouse Land"; numerous family names; list of settlers of 1719 between Salmon Creek and Cashie River. Paging 73 leaves in various foliations : ill. ; 28 cm. Notes "Paper presented to the Bertie County Historical Association, October 18, 1967."

Shipping + post.= $8.00.
Harry Thompson
PO Box 296
Plymouth, NC  27962 

Watson, Alan D. Bertie County: a Brief History (1982) Published by NC Div of Archives and History

To the Qualified voters of Bertie County! (1873) Announce an election to determine if Bertie Co will subscribe to 100 shares of stock in the New York, Norfolk & Charleston Railway Co. Signed by Moses Gilliam and 57 others.

Terry, Edward A. County Government and County Affairs in Bertie County. Cahpel Hill, 1929

BERTIE FOLKLORE   Harry L.Thompson"

These are the old stories of the past.. "The Castellaw Haint." "The White Deer." "The Old Wild West Days in Windsor."
$12.00 plus 2.00 postage. Just make out a check for $14.00 to Harry L. Thompson c/o Port-O-Plymouth Museum, P.O.Box 296, Plymouth NC 27962 and it will be on the return mail - autographed.

BERTIE REVISITED More of the same Bertie stories and tales. This time more factual than fiction. Treasure tales, the Battle of Windsor. Cost: $12.00 plus 1.00 shipping.
Send check to Harry Thompson, 611 Greens Crossroad, Windsor, NC 27983

Jack Temple Kirby. A study of rural landscape and society. The University of North Carolina Press. Chapel Hill.

Excellent descriptive material of life in the NE counties of North Carolina from earliest times to post civil war. Bibliography is also excellent. Indexed.

By Dorothy Jenkins Combs of Rochester, MN. the foreword and illustrations are by David Henderson of Charlotte
Memories of the "good old days" of the late 40's and early 50's.
42 page booklet. You can order one for $20.00. Contact Dorothy Jenkins Combs
att: Telephone 507-288-5114.
Address: 1103 Seventh Street. NW
Rochester, MN 55902.

Old Carolina Tobacco Country Cookbook From the Great Depression to World War II
Distributed by A TASTE OF CAROLINA
At Cotton Patch Landing
PO Box100
Blounts Creek NC 27817
Copyright 1985 Arlene Crisp Aaseby

African Americans

NC Div of Archives and History"> A History of African Americans in North Carolina By Jeffrey J. Crow, Paul D. Escott and Flora J. Hatley Paperbound, 266 pp. (2002) illus. index. ISBN 0-86526-301-9 $15.00t. Revised addition brings the story to 2001.

African-American furniture makers, 19th century. Bertie County. (1996) Historic Hope Foundation (Windsor, NC) and Dr. Benjamin Speller.

In Full Force and Virtue: North Carolina Emancipation Records- 1713 to 1860 William L. Byrd III

Five years in the making. These records contain a wealth of information wherein Masters expostulate to the court the reasons for wishing to free their slaves. The petitions reveal relationships between diverse cultures and races, and many of them depict those relationships on an intimate level. Long obscure, these records have mostly remained out of reach of the general public. The purpose o this book is to make them available to laymen and scholars alike. The sad plight of the slaves is brought to life by these recorded pleas for liberation. Many petitions pertain to enslaved Indians, particularly Indian women and children. East Indians and West Indians are also represented in these transcriptions. Indian slavery was one of the most pressing grievances of Native Americans located in the State of North Carolina. These records are full transcripts -- not abstracts. They contain the full text of each of the emancipation records. These transcriptions from the North Carolina State Archives are grouped by county: Bertie, Buncombe, Caswell, Chatham, Chowan, Craven, Cumberland, Duplin, Edgecombe, Franklin, Gates, Granville, Guilford, Halifax, Lincoln, New Hanover, Orange, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Wake, Warren, Wayne and Wilkes. Supplemental sections containing acts of emancipation by the General Assembly, emancipation laws, Quaker documents, and a full name plus subject index are included. 1999, 358 pp., 8.5x11, paper, $54.00
 $4.00 Shipping & Handling
 Order from: Heritage Books, Inc.
                   1540-E Pointer Ridge Place
                    Bowie, MD 20716
Colonial Records of NC
Records of the Executive Council in 1733 in the 
Vol-VII, pp. 298-303 (second series) gives three petitions from the gentlemen of
Edgecombe, Bertie, and Craven precincts wanting to keep the seat of state
government nearest their interests.  There is an extensive list of men in
each petition. 

Saunders, William L. editor. Colonial Records of North Carolina 10 vols. Raleigh: State of North Carolina, 1886-1890.


1790 Census - Bertie Co, Edenton District. (1960) B.G. Sanderlin, pub. Almasy, Sandra L. Lists Head of families only

1820 Federal Census of NC Potter, Dorothy Williams. (56 volumes bound in 22 books) Bk 1 contains Bertie County.

Census 1850 Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie County, NC. free population and slave population. 156pg. $22.25 (1991)published: Kensington Glen2105 Gateway St. N,Middleton,WI 53562-3405, (

The 1850 federal census, Bertie County. Bradley, Stephen E. (1991) (114 6th Ave; Lawrenceville, VA 23868

CONFEDERATE TAX CENSUS FOR BERTIE CO., NC, 1862 compiled by U.S. History Class 1975-76, Roanoke Chowan Academy, Windsor, N.C. (Windsor Library and NC Archives-Raleigh) (Available $6 +$2 postage)

Harry Thompson
PO Box 296
Plymouth, NC  27962 

Census 1860 Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie County, NC. free population and slave population. 273 pg. (1996)published: Kensington Glen2105 Gateway St. N,Middleton,WI 53562-3405, $27(

Census 1870 Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie County, NC. free population and slave population. 353pg. $30.50 (1996)published: Kensington Glen2105 Gateway St. N,Middleton,WI 53562-3405, $27(

Census 1880 Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie County, N.C. 440pg 2 vols. $34.25 (pub Kensington Glen, 2105 Gateway St. N,Middleton,WI 53562-3405, 1996) 2 vols.indexed. (

Mortality Census, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880

Vol 1: Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Gates, Hertford, Pasquotank, Pequimans 220 pg $25.00. 1994 (pub Kensington Glen, 2105 Gateway St. N,Middleton,WI 53562-3405) (


NC Taxpayers 1701-1786 by Clarence E.Ratcliff


See also Hathaway

See also Windsor Library Microfilm on Court Records

See also LDS and North Carolina Archives Court Microfilm

Court Minutes

Court Minutes 1724-1868. Microfilm. Raleigh. Dept of Archives and History

Bertie County, NC County Court Minutes  Haun, Weynette Parks.     How to Order
Vol.1   1724-1739
Vol. 2   1740-1743, 1758-1762
Vol. 3   1762-1771
Vol. 4   1772-1780
Vol. 5   1781-1787
Vol. 6   1788-1792

Ms. Haun has meticulously transcribed these old handwritten records. But don't expect to scan her work. To comprehend the record you need to read each word. All the minutes are very abbreviated. There is a date index in the front of each volume as dates are not easily recognized in the text itself.

Dunstan, Edythe Smith. The Bertie Index for courthouse records of Bertie Co, (1720-1875)
(Deeds, land divisions, grants, abstracts of wills and marriage bonds)

This is an abstract book on the Bertie Court Records, 1722-1885.

It includes Land Grants, Land Divisions, Grantor Deeds, Marriages, and wills for this period. Fifteen minutes in this book is the equivalent to two days work in the courthouse. You can send the page numbers or book numbers to the Courthouse and receive photostats of the entire document.

The books were distributed to most state libraries, and can be gotten on inter-library loan. They are out of print. A massive black book, it probably has a thousand pages.

A little research with this would answer most questions about deeds, marriages and wills. Also gives in the deeds good information about site location.

Hathaway, J.R.B. North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Review 3 volumes
Abstracts from original records - deeds, marriage records, court records. J.R.B. Hathaway lived in Edenton and he copied these in the early 1900's from the courthouse there as well as courthouses in other nearby counties. It was published as a quarterly and was not indexed, but a companion volume by Ray Worth is a great asset. A complete index is available in some library editions. Bertie County material contained throughout all 3 volumes. Extremely valuable to researchers when "original" courthouse records cannot be found. Hathaway worked with records that no longer exist - ie three sheepskin bound books in Bertie Courthouse that existed at "Cashy" 1744 - 1769. They are no longer in existance in Bertie.
Reprinted by The Clearfield Company 1,760 pages, paper, ISBN 0-8063-0441-3, Clearfield item #2600. price $125.00. Clearfield's publications: or 1-410-625-9004

Births, Delayed - Index to vital statistics (1878-1950 Microfilm, Raleigh, NC Div of Archives and Manuscripts.


Bell, Mary Best Colonial Bertie Co, NC Abstracts of deed book A (1720-1726; Deed Book B & C (1725-1730) Deed Book D & E (1730-1739) (1964)(Southern Historical Press, 1995)

Bradley, Stephen E. The deeds of Bertie Co 1757-1772; 1772-1785 (S.E. Bradley, 1992)

Bradley, Stephen E. The deeds of Bertie Co 1757-1785 Abstracts of Deed Book M.(S.E. Bradley, 1993) (114 6th Ave;Lawrenceville, VA 23868 Bradley, Stephen E. The deeds of Bertie Co 1785-1794 (S.E. Bradley, 1994) Mr.Bradley's website lists his books

Pruitt, Albert Bruce. Abstracts of land entries (1778-1794 Bertie Co.) Martin Co (1778- 1795)


Fouts, Raymond Parker. Marriage Register of Bertie Co. 1869-June 1872. (1990)
Available The Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina [MISSING LINK. Send me the URL if you know it]   $12.00

Fouts, Raymond Parker. Marriages of Bertie Co. 1762-1868. (1989)
Lookup: Kathy Harrison   and Robbie

Ingmire, Frances Terry. Bertie Co Marriage Records (1759-1866) Arranged alphabetically.

Slave Bill of Sale. Joseph P. Howard, Negro man Caesar (1828)


See also Hathaway

Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie Co. Wills 1761-1789. Indexed.(

Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie County, NC Wills- 1797-1805 (vol 1 1761-1790; vol2 - 1781-1797) (Kensington Glen Pub)(

Almasy, Sandra L. Bertie Co. Wills (1781-1797) (1991)(

Bradley, Stephen. Early Records of NC (Vol I - Vol VII)All North Carolina wills and estates were sent to the Sec. Of State prior to 1756. After that date, they were kept in the counties although some continued to be sent to Sec. of State until about 1790. (This is similar to the Grimes book)

Gammon, David Bryant Abstracts of wills Bertie Co (1774-1797) Includes index. (1991)

Gammon, David Bryant Abstracts of wills Bertie Co (1722-1797) Includes index

Gammon, David Bryant Abstracts of wills Bertie Co (1797-1816) Includes indexes and slave index.

Gammon, David Bryant. Records of estates. Bertie Co. (Vol I-1728-1744, 1762-1790; Vol II-1734-1788;Vol III -1788-1800 (1986)

Grimes, J. Bryan North Carolina Wills and inventories 1663-1760 published 1910. 587 pgs. Copies of actual wills and inventories (not abstracts) from the Secretary of State's office. This differs from other Bertie County will books, because these wills were never in the County Courthouse. Prior to 1756, deeds were sent to the Sec. of State instead of the Courthouse.
Mr. Grimes selected wills and inventories which provide the best understanding of the life in NC during this time period. Index is by category,i.e. plantations, slaves bequeathes, testators, and surnames alphabetical under these categories.
Mr. Grimes was the Secretary of State.

Johnson. NC Inventories and Estates, 1677-1784 in Journal of North Carolina Genealogy, X (Winter, 1964)

Johnson. NC Inventories and Estates, 1712-1798 in Journal of North Carolina Genealogy, XI (Winter, 1963)

Olds, Fredrick A. An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 1760-1800. pub. 1925. This is a supplement to J. Bryan Grimes book which only extended to 1760. Mr. Olds records chronologically by year, but only the brief names of individuals included in the will. Indexed by surname.
1781 Ruffin, William. William
1794 Rawls, Phillip. Henry and Philip
1797 Smithwick, John. Martha (wife), William, Luke, Joel

Bertie County - Administrator Bonds (1762-1769) N.C. Dept of Archives. 1 reel.

Bertie Co.

NC Powers of attorney from Carolina Genealogist, 16pg, index,


Paul Johnson writes a Back in Time Blog which covers the South and many mentions of Bertie County. Paul always likes to hear from you!

Eastern North Carolina Families Gammon, David. Families: Arrington, Baker-Billips-Allen; Barrow; Dickson/Dixon; Edwards; Figures; Griffin; Hannon; Hawkins/Lewis; Higgs; Hill; Nicholls; Smith; Watkins; Whitmel. Hope Plantation Bookstore

Bazemore-Parker family Manuscript at Hope Plantation by Jessie Parker (Mrs Joseph W. Parker) Contains some Rhodes/Roads, Tayloe, Price info.

Cobb, Capehart , Zellner et al NEIGHBORS AND RELATIONS 1613-1983 (by Joe H. Cobb)(purchase through the publisher MLW Publishing Co.)

		P.O. Box 41021
		Nashville TN 37204-1021 
Also can be ordered from: Ms. Louise Wilson Cobb, 2757 Rosedale Place, Nashville, TN 
37211-2080. Her telephone number is (615) 251-3266.
 It was $30.00

Others families: Hardy, White, Cake, and Fleetwood---plus many, many more. There is a very good section on Bertie County. Any serious Bertie County genealogist should have this book.

Draughon, Wells Robert. Descendants of Walter and James Draughon, Sr. of Bertie and Edgecombe Co.

John Freeman of Norfolk County, Virginia by Mosher, Merrill Hill. 1994 Heritage Books, In., 1540E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716.

Higgs, Lelia Shields. A history of the Higgs and Shields families, early settler in Provice of Carolina, Bertie County, later Halifax Co, NC (1974)


The book in the Lawrence Memorial Library in Windsor (Bertie Co)NC and also in Darlington County Historical Commission, 201 Hewitt St., Darlington, SC 29532, Ph: (843)398-4710, Historian, Mr. Horace Fraser Rudisill. Almost 200 pages of History and genealogy

Jacocks-Pugh-Bryan-Whitmel-Blount-Williams-Norfleet-Urquhart-Barnes-Atherton -Hall-Stuart-Eaton-Plummer-Evans-Johnston-Hines-(William's of Pitt)-Smith-Long-Makinne-Ames-Stith-Daniel and many others. Also much Capehart-Baker-Ruffin genealogy is in this book

King, Henry Lee. The Henry Lee Society. "Henry Lee of Bertie Co.". (1986)

King Family. (Mrs. J.B. Parker) (1954)

Holly, Hawley, Holley Family. Compiled by Norva Hawley Jernigan, P.O. Box 792, Hamlet, NC 28345. It was published by Gateway Press, Inc. from Baltimore, MD., in 1985. Books available from Ms. Jernigan.

Lee, Victor Lavon The Lees of Bertie Co. NC (Hendershot-Davis, 1995) Indexed

MANNING AND ALLIED FAMILIES, by Elizabeth Wright, printed 1956

OUTLAW FAMILY The best base source for the Outlaw clan is the book titled OUTLAW - Genealogy, "Including English Records, Coat of Arms, Will of Edward Outlaw dated 1713, Brief Biographical Sketches and an account of the first GRADY-OUTLAW Reunion." Albert Timothy Outlaw 1930. Out of print, but available in libraries.

Phelps, Asa Gray (1892-1954) A genealogy of and by Asa Gray Phelps of Bertie Co. (1892-1954) Emphasis on descendants of John Phelps and Mary (Gill) Phelps. Indexed.

"The Consul's Journey: The Life and Times of Colonel Elisha Averitt Rhodes and his North Carolina Family.
relates the story of the family of Thomas Rhodes and Elizabeth Standley of Bertie County including allied families of Capehart, Tayloe, Legett, Carter, Webb, Bond, Rascoe and others. 130 pages, 650 documentary reference notes, 30 illustrations, indexed. Contact Gerald Galvin Larson, 3725 Murworth, Houston, Texas 77025 or at

Smallwood, Marilu Burch,SOME COLONIAL AND REVOLUTIONARY FAMILIES OF NORTH CAROLINA VOLUME I, II, III Published by the Author, Copyright 1964; Printed by Southern Press, Inc., Macon GA
Visit for Table of Contents, database and family surnames. Also purchasing information.

Frommer, Mary Anne Sholar. Sholar Family Reunion July 3, 1994, Statesville, NC. Descendants of Marrimom Isham Sholar and Anne Ray Wooten. 1994, Genealogical Charts. Includes families of: Pernell, Green, Wooten, Malpass

As the title suggests it is a history of the many children of John Wiggins & his wife Catherine Baker of the well known Bertie/Gates Buckland Bakers. These children are followed through at least 4 generations with the many connected names through marriage. It also traces migration from this section of NC westward. I have personally been able to fill in several blanks in my lines.
Contains 771 pgs, hard back, easily followed format. It can be ordered from AGNESS WIGGINS GUNTER 6833 Wade Drive, Apex, NC 27502.

It's a Far Cry Robert Watson Winston pub 1937 381 pgs.
Robert Winston, from an "old Bertie-Windsor" family, describes some of his early life at the close of the Civil War which gives you a feel for the times through the eyes of a young boy. He then traces his student days at Chapel Hill and shares many stories of his early days as a lawyer (most of these were not in Bertie County, however).
It's most significant value would be for the Winston family of course, but it also is an interesting period piece. There are pictures of scenes at Chapel Hill and of the Winston family, and a few other men significant in N.C. history at that time. I noted that the nearest railroad to Windsor was 60 miles away; and that Raleigh was a "night and two days away".


Ordering Manuscripts:
Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog
Southern Historical Collection
North Carolina Archives
Armistead, Stark (1716-1832) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC. Letters regarding purchase of slaves and property. (

Askew, William Paper 1751 Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC.
Estate inventory enumerating all the worldly good of a Bertie County man.

Britton, William. Ledgers (1815-1872) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC.

From Britton's Store near Roxobel. Detailed account and records of customers (1815-1819) (

Capehart Family (1782-1983)#2738-z Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Of "Scotch Hall Plantation, Bertie Co. (Capehart and Martin families)
(,Williiam_Rhodes )
Correspondence, volumes, financial items, and other materials, mostly 1811-1899, of the Capehart family of "Scotch Hall Plantation," Bertie County, N.C., plus some material of the related Martin family of Philadelphia. William Rhodes CAPEHART of Bertie County N.C. (b. ca. 1838) was the son of George Washington Capehart (1810-1885) and grandson of Cullen and Amelia Capehart of Bertie County. G.W. Capehart married in 1833 Susan Bryan MARTIN (b. 1815 Bertie County), daughter of Peter Boyd Martin and Jannette Smith Bryan Martin. Correspondents include Susan Bryan Martin and her father, Peter Boyd Martin (1777-1838), who settled in Alexandria, La. Letters discuss personal and family matters, including fears and hardships endured by members of the family and their friends in Virginia or in areas of North Carolina occupied by Union forces during the Civil War. Of particular interest are the letters of William Rhodes Capehart, son of George W. and Susan (Martin) Capehart,went to school in Edenton, N.C. describing his life as a surgeon and soldier in the Confederate Army. William Rhodes Capehart , and later became a doctor. He served in the Confederate army, 10th North Carolina Regiment, 1863-64. One of the letters in the collection is an 1867 thank you note to Dr. W. R. Capehart from Robert E. Lee in Lexington VA. Also included are volumes containing slave records, 1840-1864; miscellaneous accounts; genealogical information; and a recipe book containing a list of the names of former slaves who remained at Scotch Hall after the war.

Cotten, Bruce (1873-1954) Papers. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC .

Account books of Norfleet & Murdaugh. War of 1812.

Cowand, Winifred A. Letters, 1861-1884.
Personal letters of the family of Starkey Cowand, consisting chiefly of letters from Joseph J. Cowand to his cousin, Winifred A., daughter of Starkey Cowand. Includes Civil War letters from J.J. Cowand.
Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Devereux, Margaret Mordecai (1824-1910) Papers. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC 60 items.

Plantation Sketches written by Margaret Devereux - out of print. Describes plantation life there when she first came there as young bride. A very lovely book with moving memoirs of "the way it was." Copy available: including postage is $22.00. (

Gray family
Papers, 1722-1879 (bulk 1846-1879). 650 items (1.5 linear feet).
Primarily business and personal correspondence, bills, and accounts, 1846-1879, of George Gray, merchant of Windsor, Bertie County, N.C., mainly concerning shingle shipments, his cotton plantation near Marianna, Fla., Albemarle Sound fisheries (chiefly 1870s), and the education of his children at the Bingham School, Wesleyan Female College, and elsewhere. Correspondents include William Rhodes Capehart, Joseph B. Roulhac, William B. Boykin, Henry A. Gilliam, and John Roulhac. Also included are legal papers and business letters, 1722-1846, of John Gray, William Gray, Stevens Gray, George Gray, and William Lee Gray, lawyers and merchants in eastern North Carolina. Volumes include personal and merchants' accounts, 1816-1819, 1837-1847, and 1854-1857, and also notes and accounts by John McKenzie for a trip from North Carolina to Boston, 1765-1766. McKenzie was the son of Janet (Gray) McKenzie.

Hill, Stuart Hall (1876-1948) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC Includes families Gooch, Hall, Hill, Long and Williams.

Hardy, A.J. and William B. King Turner's Cross Roads. Letterbook 1834-1843. Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Hoff, Joseph, Memorandum Book. 1853-1854.
Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Hogg, Thomas Devereux (1823-1904)Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC Includes papers (1829-1910) 23 volumes.
Scattered papers of Gavin Hogg (1788-1835) lawyer of Windsor and Roleigh, and his son, T.D. Hogg, physician and businessman of Raleigh. Of interest to Bertie County, accounts/letters of Joseph Blount of Windsoer, and his son, Joseph Blount Jr.

Jacocks, William Picard (1877-1965), native of Bertie County, N.C., was a physician. The collection contains correspondence, reports, articles, and other papers of Jacocks. Included are correspondence and other materials relating to his work as a public health specialist in India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation, 1914-1942, where a lot of his work focused on hookworm infections. Also included is correspondence from the years following his retirement in Chapel Hill, N.C., in 1942, dealing with family matters, genealogy, and University of North Carolina alumni affairs; his diaries, 1939-1965; papers he wrote on public health issues; clippings; photographs and drawings; and museum items.

Jacocks, Jonathan (1769-1810) Papers.Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC. Family letters, accounts and deeds; copies of Family Bible Records. Charles West Jacocks (1799-1848), Jonathan Joseph Jacocks (1838-1892), Charles West Jacocks (1872-1959).
Jacocks, Thomas. William Picard Jacocks published, 1957, Descendants of Thomas Jacocks, a history and geneology of the Jacocks Family. Southern Historical Collection, UNC, Chapel Hill.

Jones, Margaret Hathaway. Papers (1694-1953) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC (Jones and Hathaway families. Jones and Reed family Bibles.

King, William B. and A.J. Hardy. Letterbook 1834-1843. Turner's Cross Roads. Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Leonard, William S. (1794-1825) Papers.Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC (1808-1862) William S. Leonard (teacher in Hertford) and brother, Isam, sons of Jacob Leonard of S. Bridgewater, Mass.

Miller, Jonathan. Manuscript at Hope Plantation. Contact Delores Forehand ( for information.

Moore, John W. Letters (1877-1901) Powellsville, NC
Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Mercantile Records Anonymous. Ledger, 1830, Windsor. Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Moore, John W. Letters 1877-1901 Powellsville, NC    Duke University - Special Collections On-Line Catalog

Norfleet family.(1784-1895) Papers. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Diaries and account books. (

Norman, Ellie C. Correspondence 1857-1865. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC 5 items.(from a friend at Hampden-Sydney College.

Outlaw, David (1806-1868) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC Includes genealogical material on the Outlaw and Anderson families of NC and Tennessee.

Norfleet, FamilySouthern Historical Collection
1784-1896 42 items including 8 vols. Account books, diaries and other records of a Bertie Co plantation family. Six of the volumes are diaries or account books of Stephen Andres Norfleet (1822-1910), propietor of several plantations. Irrgular accounts (1844-1895) are of slaves, debts, receipts, and expenditures. In his diaries 1856-1860 and 1870-71, S.A. Norfleet recorded daily agricultural activities and the health of his slaves. He also kept notes of navigation on the Roanoak River.

Pettigrew Family #592 - Southern Historical Collection
Represented are four generations of the Pettigrew family of Washington and Tyrell counties, N.C. Prominent family members included James Pettigrew (d. 1784), who emigrated from Scotland, eveutally settling in Charelston, S.C., where the family name was changed to Pettigrew; James's son Charles (1744-1807)[Bertie County clergyman. Married Mary Lockhart 1794 of Bertie County],Anglican minister , and Charles's son, Ebenezer (1783-1848), state legislator, who established plantations in eastern North Carolina; and Ebenezer's children, including Charles Lockhart (1816- 1873), planter; William S. (1818-1900), politician and Episcopal minister; and James Johnston (1828-1863), lawyer and Confederate Army officer. Commonplace books concern women's activities and current events. William's Episcopal Church materials relate to his service at various North Carolina churches and include journals of parochial visits; registers of salary, offerings, baptisms, burials, etc.; records of sermons delivered; and records of church- related expenses. Genealogical materials include information on the related Blount and Shepard families. Miscellaneous items include a phrenological study of Ebenezer, ca. 1830s-1840s.

Polk and Yeatman family papers- #606-Southern Historical Collection Polk and Yeatman family of North Carolina and Tennessee. Prominent family members include William Polk (1758-1834), land speculator and N.C. federal internal revenue supervisor; his son Lucius Junius (1802-1870). 1820s, items relating to the treatment of slaves on North Carolina plantations. There is much family correspondence, especially after 1861, and scattered business and personal items of members of the related Hawkins, Devereux, and Rayner families.

The Pugh Plantations 1860-1865: A Study of Life in Lower Louisiana
Dissertation by Dr. Lathrop (?1950) - the original at University of Texas-Austin.

Pugh, E.W. Family - 1751,E.W.html
#1751.Family materials, 1870-1884.1 item.
Volume compiled around 1884 by E. W. Pugh of Windsor, N.C., "to record the descendants of all the different families whose blood runs in my veins." Included are family letters relating to genealogy. There are also charts, trees, and histories of the Williams, Pugh, Collins, Slade, Whitmell, Alston, and Dawson families. Also included are some materials relating to the Tunstall, Clark, and Hunter families.

Pugh and Gilliam Family
Pugh and Gilliam family. Papers, 1757-1879. 530 items.
Bills, receipts, accounts, legal papers and correspondence, and a small amount of personal and political correspondence of various persons in the Albemarle Sound region of North Carolina. Many items are papers of two lawyers in the 1840s, Henry A. Gilliam (1819-1891) of Windsor, N.C., and Augustus Moore (1803-1851) of Edenton, N.C. These items relate to bill collecting, shipping, and family matters. Early papers are those of Joseph S. Pugh, and, in the 1820s and 1830s, there are letters of Benajah Nichols about Methodist activities.

In 1836 Joseph Blount Gregoire ROULHAC (1795-1856) married Catherine RUFFIN, daughter of Ann KIRKLAND and Thomas RUFFIN, planter and businessman who once served as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. While most of the Ruffin family's residency was in Rockingham and Alamance counties, the married Roulhacs lived in Windsor, Bertie County, until about 1845 when they removed to Raleigh. Bertie County records include Ruffin and Roulhac marriages. Frances Lee Roulhac (1799-1880), is buried at Rose Field Cemetery in Windsor.

Schnorrenberg Family. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC 2,680 items. Family correspondence of Laura, John and Barbara Schnorrenberg; Theodore Schaeffer.Slave lists of Emily Ryan of Bertie County.

Skinner family. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, 800 items. Family correspondence of Maria Lowther Skinner and husband, Joseph Blount Skinner (1781-1851); children-Tristrim Skinner (1820-1862)and Penelope Skinner Warren (1824-1841), Tristim Lowther Skinner married Eliza Fisk Harwood Skinner in 1849. Correspondence between Trim and Eliza during courtship (1840-49). Family correspondence (War of 1812) and routine family life. Family members attending College of William and Mary (1813-1814). (
Additional Family information

Smallwood, Bart F.,Bart_F.html

Smallwood, Charles. Woodville, NC papers (1853-1895) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Memoir of Woodville...local families, academy, hunting. Includes stories of Revolutionary and colonial incidents. Physician records of treatment. (,Charles)

Smallwood, Charles. Woodville, NC Diary (1843-1865) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, Microfilm. Originals returned to private owner in 1951.

Smith, Clairborne T. Papers. Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
Genealogical correspondence and data compiled by Dr. Claiborne T. Smith, Jr., of Rocky Mount, N.C., relating to the Smith, Norfleet, Baker, Evans, and allied families in Perquimans, Gates, Chowan, Bertie, Northampton, Halifax, Edgecombe, and Pitt counties, N.C., and Brunswick, Sussex, Surry, Southampton, Isle of Wight, and Nansemond counties, Va.

Speight, Francis Landscape painter Francis Speight was born 11 September 1896 in Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina, the son of Margaret Sharrock Cobb Speight and the Reverend Thomas T. Speight, a Baptist preacher. As a boy, he was an energetic farm worker, but always displayed an aptitude for writing and drawing. In 1915, Speight enrolled at Wake Forest College and began taking art lessons at Meredith College from Ida Poteat. (,Francis_and_Sarah_Blakeslee)

Thompson, Lewis . Papers. Hope Plantation and Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC . Antebellum account books including families of Cherry, Outlaw and H. Thompson. Account of Gray and Pierce for wages paid in production of shingles. (,Lewis)

Thompson, Lewis .#716 Papers. Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC Business papers (1840-1871) Includes slave lists. Land grants, deeds of Thompson's Pugh, Williams, Clark and Urquhart families. Also group of papers relating to land controlled by Tuscarora Indians.    Abstract

Tyler, Ernest Rudolph. Papers. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC (1880- 1959) 5,000 items. Correspondence. (,Ernest_Randolph),Ernest_Rudolph

Tyler, John. Bertie County's Colonial and Sate Governors Roxobel; privately printed 1950

Valentine, William D. Diary (1837-1855) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Fellow attorneys and judges, Activities of Baptist and Methodist churches. Brief biography of Mr. Valentine

Webb, Lorenzo B 1832-1861 9 vols.
Daybooks and ledgers of a genearl merchandise business in Bertie County. Also one volume containing a civil court docket 1834-1862.

Wheeler, Samuel Jordan Diaries (1825-1876)Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC 13 vol. (1.0 linear ft) Diary of Thomas O'Dwyer, an Irish Immigrant and S.J. Wheeler.

Williams, Edmund Jones (1861-1926) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . CSA letters.

Winston, Francis Donnel (1857-1941) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Families of Winston and Kenny families.

Winston, P.H. (Patrick Henry) (1820-1886) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Families of Winston and Williams. Minutes of Bertie Lyceum and Windsor Debating Club (1850- 1853). (,Patrick_Henry)

Winston, Robert W. (1860-1944) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC . Family correspondence.(1793-1944) Winston family. (,Robert_W)

Ordering from Southern Historical Collection
It is possible to request a section of a manuscript through email. Include 1)the precise name of the manuscript and Number 2) specific portion of collection you want a copy of 3)your e-mail address.
You will be sent a quote for cost of the copying.
Shayera Tangri

NC Archives--How To Request a Search

Since 1978 the North Carolina State Archives has required the payment of a Search and Handling Fee before replying to inquiries received from researchers living in states other than North Carolina. This fee is non-refundable and the limits of the fee are established by state statute.

As of July 1, 1995, the fee for out-of-state requests is $8.00 for each inquiry about one record or one person's record. The Search and Handling Fee is to accompany an inquiry and may cover the cost of copying some records. Mailed payments should be made by personal check or money order rather than cash.

Please make all checks payable to the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. If copies of the requested record cannot be covered by the $8.00 fee, a statement of copying costs will be included in our response.

North Carolina residents do not pay the Search and Handling Fee and responses to inquiries from North Carolina residents will include a statement of copying costs, if applicable.

Researchers are requested NOT to add any estimated costs of copying to their $8.00 fee. ESTIMATED PAYMENTS MUST BE RETURNED, thus delaying a reply to the researcher's inquiry.

Mail inquiries may be sent to: 

North Carolina State Archives
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Requests from North Carolina residents may also be sent by Fax: (919)
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Responses will be by U.
S. Mail. The Archives currently cannot respond to out-of-state requests
received by fax or e-mail. 


Thomas, Gerald W. Divided Allegiances: Bertie Co. during the Civil War (1996)
Available: NC Archives and Hope Plantation

Thomas, Gerald W. Bertie in Blue (1998)

Port - O - Plymouth Museum
P.O. Box 296
Plymouth, NC 27962
$13.00  (includes shipping) Checks accepted.


Ross Baptist Church-The First Seventy Five Years 1804-1879 The People and the Community Printed 2000. $15.00 shipping included.
Ordering information:
Address: O. M. Highsmith
         1406 Wakelon Rd.
         Colerain, NC 27924
Phone:    252-794-9767

Cashie Baptist Church (Windsor, NC) (1791-1924) 3 vol. manuscript/archives. microfilm. Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

Episcopal Church in Bertie Co. (1701-1990) from its Anglican roots to the twentieth Century. Published by St. Thomas' Episcopal Church. (1991) $35 (Available in Hope Plantation Bookstore) 256 pgs. Photos.

The Book on St. Thomas contains the origins of the birth of the Anglican Church in North Carolina, and more detailed - the birth of four churches in modern Bertie. Authors - Henry Cullen Dunstan and Harry L. Thompson, History Assembled by the St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas at Merry Hill 1722-prior to 1840)
Outlaws Chapel 1700's
Pugh's Chapel 1700's
There is a complete list of Baptisms(1840-1990) and church memberships(1840-1990); burials (1853-1990)

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Roxobel by John E. Tyler (1881-present) Family names of communicants; graves in churchyard


Sandy Run Baptist Church Record Book (1773-1804) Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (also 1 microfilm reel)

SANDY RUN BAPTIST CHURCH: A History in Recognition of its Bicentennial (1750-1950) by John E. Tyler. (Available from Hope Plantation. $3.10 + postage)

The Baptist Church at Cashie (1770-1970) by Raymond Hargus Taylor. Contains history as well as membership lists which contain early Negro members as well.

White Oak Church (Merry Hill, NC) Accounts 1839-1840. Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC Accounts of Charles W. Jacock, steward with the Methodist Episcopal Church, Murfreesboro Circuit.

Baptist Church Newspapers
The Biblical Recorder, a publication of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has been published since 1833. Wake Forest Library has on microfilm copies of most issues.


The Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, 
201 Saint Alban's Drive, 
PO Box 17025, 
Raleigh 27619. 
 Michelle A. Francis, Archivist. 
 Tele: (919) 787-6313. 


Southern Baptist Historical Collection,
Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University,
Winston Salem, NC. - Mr. Woodard in charge.

They have a great deal of index material on-line, including The Biblical Recorder indexed by surname with a brief description of the mention, i.e. marriage, death, letter, etc.

They have almost all of the old Baptist records that exist.

Wake Forest

     RECORDS, 1791-1925. 3 vols., 12 items. 

Minutes of church conferences from Apr. 2, 1791 to Jan. 15, 1924, including
membership rolls, biographical sketches, ordinations, treasurer's RECORDS,
obituaries, and Sunday School materials. Loose items include a photocopy of
the church deed (1776); church letters; correspondence, 1883; financial
papers, and membership RECORDS, 1874, 1884.

5 inch Hollinger Box.
Note: Filmed copies of these records are on CRMF 0649.
CRMS 005.
Old Chowan Baptist Association with the origins of the old Kehewkee Association which was the first Assoc. of Baptists in NC has also been published.

Connaritsa Baptist Church Wake Forest Collection.

Colerain Baptist Church - Duke University Special Collections (contains membership list including slaves)

Holly Grove Baptist Church (Minutes 1822-1910)microfilm Duke University Special Collections

Holly Grove Baptist Church Duke Univ. Collection

Ross Baptist Church (Minutes 1806-1872) 2 vols. microfilm Duke University Special Collections


The Kehukee Baptist Association, with only 10 churches when founded in 1765,
grew to a membership of 5000 Baptists and 90 churches by the end of the
eighteenth century. Lemuel Burkitt himself took the lead in setting
standards for membership within the churches that were part of this
important instrument of Baptist growth in the South. This first hand 
account of the rise of this "association," defined in the preface as "a
combination of churches uniting together in one body,"' deals with the
formation and growth of the Kehukee Association, and its relationships with
other associations, as well as histories of the churches involved and how
they joined the association.

LC 79-52591 Philadelphia, 1850 
ISBN: 0405124589 $31.95
Ayer Company Publishers
Phone: (888)-267-7323  FAX: (603)-922-3348
METHODIST Methodist Site

North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church 
1307 Glenwood Avenue
(mailing address is P.O. Box 10955
Raleigh, NC 27605.  Phone numbers are 800-849-4433 and (919) 832- 9560

Duke and NC UMC Conference Archives

Special Collections:
Search the Catalogs:
Found a lot of hits when I searched, but none relevant to my search (so


Quaker Collection
Hege Library
Guilford College
5700 W. Friendly Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27410

336-316-2450 (Call first as hours vary)
The Friends Historical Collections has a large number of compiled histories from many sources, many manuscripts. Microfilm of the NC records used by Hinshaw for Volume I, and perhaps some of the other state's MM minutes. (All the extant Quaker church records, even some back to 1666.) There are archives there that contain some of the original documents. The library staff and volunteers will do research, for a small donation to the collection.

When you look at the original documents, you will realize how wonderful the Hinshaw abstracts are. To find a particular item in the MM minutes, you need all of the location information provided in Hinshaw, then you can search sequentially (either by page number or by date) through the microfilm to find the original entry. There are some original manuscripts of Hinshaw's abstracts from the Quaker records, bound by monthly meeting. These are the original typed copies and usually use words instead of so many abbreviations.
Contributed by: Robert Hill

Hinshaw Books - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF QUAKER GENEALOGY - 6 Vols and you will want the one on the Carolinas.


The Chronicle of the Bertie County Historical Association (1953- ) Bertie County Historical Association.


Book of Onkwehonweh-The first people-Tuscarora, by Marilyn Mejorado-Livingston. (A timeline chronology of the Tuscarora)
Part 1 includes Raleigh's colonist names list, land leases, Tuscarora
villages in NC/VA, and historical data for 507 years, maps, there's also a
lot of names of settlers, where they began etc.and migrational routes out
of Bertie and surrounding Counties. This part answers a lot of the questions
posted on genealogy, or at least sheds some light on them.

Part 2 is the Tuscarora, Woccon, Pamlico, and Nottoway languages.

Part 3 is where the Tuscarora are today, as well as BIA listings names of
Tuscarora and others who were removed from Bertie to Quaker communities up

And Surname lists for the Southern Band Tuscarora, the Tuscarora in
Lewiston NY, Meherrin, Occaneechi band of the Saponi, Nottoway etc. 

The price is $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. 

 If anyone wants to order one they can send a check or money order
For $35.00 plus shipping and handling to:

Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe
121 Granville St.
Windsor, NC 27983
Marilyn Mejorado-Livingston
P.O. Bx 14
Winton NC 27986

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


"Albion's Seed" by David Hackett Fischer.
Contrasts the 17th and 18th century cultures of Massachusetts, Virginia, the Delaware River valley, and the areas in England where the immigrants were from.
Includes same naming choices and traditions. In Puritan Massachusetts, given names were mostly Biblical (John, Joseph, Samuel, etc). In colonial Virginia, given names were more often names of English rulers (William, George, Robert, etc.). In PA and DE, they were more mixed. Another pattern is in how the names were passed down - in MA, the first-born was typically named after the parents, and the second-born after grandparents. In VA, this was reversed, with the grandparents' names used first and then the parents' names. The author provides a few family trees as examples.
Naming of the new counties and towns much like those in the areas in England where they were from - the Puritans mainly from eastern England, the Virginians mainly from southern and western England, and the Quakers in PA and DE mainly from northern England.
Other interesting items were in how the speech and cooking customs of the immigrants are very much like they are in the corresponding areas in England - thus southern cooking and the southern drawl partially have their origins in England - not just American creations! Recommended by Ray Garganus

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Alumni Directory 1795-1953. Chapel Hill: Alumni Office, 1954

Branson, Levi, comp. North Carolina Business Directory 8 editions. Raleigh: Branson and Farrar, 1866-1896


Outside County publications:
State Gazette of North-Carolina (1788)

ABSTRACTS FROM THE STATE GAZETTE OF NORTH CAROLINA Compiled by Raymond Parker Fouts; 1792-1795, Volume II  2nd Edition $22.00 Available

ABSTRACTS FROM NC JOURNAL HALIFAX, NC Compiled  by Raymond Parker Fouts; 1795-1797 ;$22.00 Available
Raleigh Star
County publications:
(Earliest paper. Mentioned by Raleigh Register in 1823) No record of microfilmed copy)

(John Campbell started the paper to support the reelection of Andrew Jackson, but opposed federal encroachment upon state sovereignty.)
Microfilm: (May 1832-1833) NC Dept of Archives; Greenville, E. Carolina; Univ of NC, Chapel Hill

ALBEMARLE TIMES Microfilm: (Jan 1873 - 1876) NC Dept of Archives; Greenville, E. Carolina; Univ of NC, Chapel Hill

(Democratic Party mouthpiece begun in 1894) Microfilm:(1896-1899) NC Dept of Archives; Greenville, E. Carolina; Univ of NC, Chapel Hill

Weekly News. (Windsor, NC) Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, NC Issue of 9, 16, and 23, May and 15 Aug 1930, newspaper produced by James Lewis Bond and brother, Charles, two college students at Windsor.

WINDSOR LEDGER (1884 - 1926 merged with Aulander Advance)

AULANDER ADVANCE (1922- 1926 merged with Windsor Ledger)

BERTIE LEDGER-ADVANCE (1929 renamed by Ahoskie publishers Parker)

BERTIE LEDGER ADVANCE Microfilm: (1929- ) American Microfilm Co, Kansas City, MO 64108 MicroPhoto Div. Belle and Howell P.O. Box 774 Wooster OH 44691


 They published quite a lot of deaths, marriages, etc. for
our Coastal Carolina area - New Bern, Tarborough, Greene County,
Washington, Wake County, Wayne County, Sunbury, even Nansemond County, VA.
Thanks to Wayne Dunn for all his work.

Guilford County, NC Digital Library
part of the US GenWeb North Carolina Archives project


North Carolina Genealogical Journal , as part of the Mid Continent Genealogy Circulating Circulation. The Journals (and Many many others) are kept in Aberdeen SD. Your public library can get them from interlibrary loan. Information about this collection and Mid Continent in Missouri (where the books are kept) are in the afrigeneas archives. Do a search for the specific information. There are several posts about this library collection. Mid Continent is also online. Thousands of genealogy books! The North Carolina Genealogy Journal, is one of the BEST ! They look for information that is not already in another printed form.

Other States involving Bertie County

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778-1791. Leister E. Presley.
When North Carolina gave up her claim to Tennessee the Secretary of State of the United States requested a list of the lands that had been granted in that territory so the right of ownership could be protected.
Vital Records
Vital Statistics: Birth/death records were not kept in North Carolina before October, 1913. For all birth certificates, and for death certificates after 1945, write Vital Records Section P. O. Box 29537 Raleigh, NC 27626-0537 Be sure to give the full name of the individual, county of birth/death, year of birth/death, and enclose $10.00 for each copy. For birth certificates, full names of parents, including mother's maiden name, must be given. For death certificates from 1913 through 1955, write the North Carolina State Archives, enclosing an $8.00 search and handling fee.

How to Order Bertie Co. Court Minutes

Vol.1   1724-1739   $20.00
Vol. 2   1740-1743, 1758-1762  $20.00
Vol. 3   1762-1771   $20.00
Vol. 4   1772-1780   $20.00
Vol. 5   1781-1787   $22.50
Vol. 6   1788-1792   $22.50
North Carolina residents and Libraries add 6% Sales Tax.
Add Postage $2.00 1st book; .50 each additional book North Carolina: Research at Home
Attn: Weynette Parks Haun, Publish
243 Argonne Dr
Durham NC 27704-1423

Thompson, Lewis
 Abstract:      Lewis Thompson, owner of plantations near
           Woodville (also called Hotel), Bertie County, N.C.,
           and at Bayou Boeuf, near Alexandria, Rapides Parish,
           La.  Thompson was also a political leader in North
           Carolina, serving in the House of Commons and State
           Senate, 1831-1852, and as a member of the General
           Convention of 1865.  He was a UNC trustee from 1848
           until his death.
               Business papers, ca. 1840-1871, of Lewis Thompson,
           consisting chiefly of correspondence, accounts,
           bills, receipts, slave lists, sharecropping contracts,
           and other documents relating to the production of
           cotton and wheat in Bertie County, N.C.; to sugar in
           Rapides Parish, La.; and to the sale of crops through
           factors in New York, Norfolk, New Orleans, and
           Baltimore.  There is also a considerable amount of
           correspondence relating to Lewis Thompson's role as
           executor of many estates, particularly that of his
           father-in-law, William M. Clark, and to Thompson's
           investments with brokers in New York.  Papers before
           1840 consist chiefly of land grants, deeds, and estate
           papers of Thompson's Pugh, Williams, Clark, Thompson,
           and Urquhart relations.  There is also a group of
           papers relating to land controlled by the Tuscarora
           Indians.  Few papers relate to Thompson's political
           career or to his involvement with UNC.  Papers after
           Thompson's death in 1867 relate chiefly to the
           activities his son, Thomas W. Thompson, who took
           over his father's North Carolina business affairs.
           The plantations in Louisiana had been run by Thomas's
           brother William for many years before their father's

Online Catalog Terms:
   Bayou Boeuf (La.)--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Bertie County (N.C.)--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Clark, William M., d. 1837.
   Clark family.
   Commission merchants--Louisiana.
   Commission merchants--North Carolina.
   Cotton growing--North Carolina.
   Estates (Law)--Louisiana--History--19th century.
   Family--Louisiana--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Family--North Carolina--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Hotel (N.C.)--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Plantations--Louisiana--Rapides Parish.
   Plantations--North Carolina--Bertie County.
   Pugh family.
   Rapides Parish (La.)--Social life and customs--19th century.
   Sharecropping--North Carolina.
   Slavery--North Carolina.
   Sugar growing--Louisiana.
   Thompson, Lewis, 1808-1867.
   Thompson, Thomas W.
   Thompson, William C.
   Thompson family.
   Tuscarora Indians--Land transfers.
   Urquhart family.
   Williams family.
   Woodville (N.C.)--Social life and customs--19th century.

Size:  About 4,650 items (3.5 linear feet).

Provenance:    Received from Richard A. Urquhart of Lewiston,
               N.C., before 1940, Molly Urquhart of Raleigh, N.C.
               in October 1994 (Acc. 94149), and Margaret U.
               Griffin in February 1995 (Acc. 95036).

Access:        No restrictions.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or
           their descendants, as stipulated by United States
           copyright law.

Tristrim Lowther Skinner The Joseph B. Skinner family were plantation owners and owned a larger fishery on the Chowan. Relatives, Charles W. and Charles Jr. also owned two fisheries. The Skinners conducted business in Norfolk, Philadephia, and New York. They cultivated cotton but grains were their main crops.

Their son, Tristrim (known as Trim) was sent to private school at age 7 (1827) in New Haven, Connecticut along with his sister, Penelope. Their correspondence with their family is preserved in the Skinner papers.

When Trim came home after taking his degree at William and Mary, and was sent to establish a new plantation in the Perquiman forests. He later had a "stave" business. (grain and fish were shipped in barrels made of staves)

They were Episcopalian and Trim later attended Diocesan conventions which are mentioned in his letters.

The 1861-1862 correspondence deal with Trim as he organized the Albermarle Guards and the War. The telegram of 26 June 1862 announced his untimely death...leaving a wife and two children. He is buried in St. Paul's churchyard, Edenton, with a large monument. William D. Valentine William D. Valentine was born Dec 1806 at Oak Lawn a plantation near Bethel and Winton, in Hertford County. He was sickly in childhood which resulted in his being lame. After studying law and not finding a position, he moved to Windsor in 1837 to teach school. This didn't work out and he rode between the County Courts looking for business in Bertie, Northampton, Gates, and Chowan.

His large diary give us much insight into people he met and the environment. In the spring of 1839, at Mt. Pleasant fishery, he describes the annual herring and shad run and the society party which marked the occasion. We can see how involved everyone in the area became with the river and fishing.

We gain insights into the longleaf pine and the resulting devastation as men "boxed" (making cuts and attaching collecting boxes) them for the turpentine. He urged a rotation of the boxing in alternate years to allow the pines time to recover as well as limiting the number of boxes per tree. Mr. Valentine became an advocate of the pine trees, although without much success.

Colerain (Bertie County) and Edenton (Chowan County) were both centers for this industry.

Bart F. Smallwood
Bart Fearing Smallwood was an African-American community organizer in the Windsor and Indian Woods communities of Bertie County, N.C., in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. He was responsible for establishing the Blue Jay Recreation Center, the Blue Jay Baseball team, and the Blue Jay Volunteer Fire Department to serve the recreational and fire protection needs of his isolated rural neighborhood. Smallwood was also active in a number of other organizations, including advisory boards for the Bertie County schools and for his employer, Lea Lumber and Plywood Company, and he served on the Bertie County Involvement Council. Bart F. Smallwood was married to Lois Marie Smallwood, and had three children, Anthony, Tanya, and Arwin Smallwood. He died in December 1985.

Historical Publications Section
    Division of Archives and History
    NC Department of Cultural Resources
    109 E. Jones Street
    Raleigh, NC 27601-2816
    Phone:  919-733-7442

Book plus NC Sales Tax & Shipping 

Southern Historical Press
            375 West Broad St., Greenville, SC 29601, 
		phone: 864-233-2346
             VISA/MC Orders only: 
		1-800-233-0152 (no web site)

The IGI, International Genealogical Index, is composed primarily of civil and church records that were microfilmed by the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints).  These records contain birth, death, and marriage records.  There will not be records of entire families.  Volunteers read and transcribe microfilms when the Church is allowed to film the records of governments and churches.  As they are checked and made available, they are added to the IGI. 

The Ancestral FIle is a collection of genealogies submitted by people who do genealogy.  Anybody can submit theirs and everybody is encouraged to do so.  The Pedigree Resource is similar to the Ancestral File.  This information is generaly submitted through the Internet. 

The IGI, the Ancestral File, and the Pedigree Resource File (along with the Social Security Death Index and tons of other data) is made available at the site  There is no fee nor subscription required to use the site.  It is an incredible resource!  (I found over 4400 nmaes in 13 generations by just searching for my mother's mother!)  Anybody can "upload" their genealogy and have it made availabl to everybody - again, 
Thank you - Earl Capps
The IGI or International Genealogical Index is composed of two types of 
submissions.  The most beneficial submissions are the "extraction" 
submissions.  These were created by volunteers who used original records, 
i.e. parish registers, county marriage records, etc. to "extract" the 
information.   The process for the extractions was the same as for the 1880 
U.S. census index that was just released.  The first volunteer would extract 
the information and a second would verify that the extraction was correct.    
Because the source was original, primary records there is a greater 
likelihood of correctness although there is still the problem of interpreting 
handwriting.  The way to determine if the IGI record is an extraction is that 
the Batch number *usually* begins with a "C" for Christening record or "M" 
for Marriage record.  On today's computer printouts from the IGI the original 
film number of the parish register or county marriage records will be 
included.  A person can then rent the microfilm of the parish register or 
county records as the case may be from their local Family History Center  for 
a nominal fee (look in the phone book under Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints.)
    The second type of entry to the IGI is "member submitted".  These are 
submissions by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to 
the database.  The submissions have a varying degree of accuracy.  At 
different time periods, differing degrees of documentation or lack of it was 
(or is now)  required.  Sometimes the submissions were for close family 
members - like parents, siblings, etc, so there is sometimes a higher level 
of accuracy.  These records are only as good as the amount of time the person 
submitting the information put into documenting their records.  The Church 
does not verify any data.  These records (like all  information found on the 
internet or in printed books) should be used as clues to further research.
    The Ancestral File was also mentioned.  The Ancestral File was created 
from *anyone* who wanted to submit their family pedigrees and family group 
records to the database.   Again, this file should be used as clues as no 
verification is done by anyone.   This goes for all the other databases out 
there that followed Ancestral File, like World Family Tree, 
databases, etc.    No database requires that *only* well documented data is 
 Rebecca Christensen

Original RECORDS
Established in 1722 from Chowan Precinct as a precinct of Albemarle County. 
Apprentice Bonds and Records, 1750-1889; 5 volumes, 4 Fibredex boxes, 
1 manuscript box. 
Bastardy Bonds and Records, 1739-1880; 1 volume, 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Constables’ Bonds, 1812-1869; 3 volumes. 
Officials’ Bonds, 1755-1889; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 
Minutes, 1724-1868; 21 volumes, 1 pamphlet. 
Appearance Dockets, 1838-1861, 1866-1868; 2 volumes. 
Costs Docket, 1760-1763; 1 pamphlet. 
Execution Dockets, 1748-1868; 16 volumes. 
Crown Dockets, 1748-1775; 2 volumes. 
State Dockets, 1778-1868; 5 volumes. 
Trial, Appearance and Reference Dockets, 1725-1797; 11 volumes. 
Trial and Appearance Dockets, 1798-1868; 8 volumes. 
Trial Dockets (Rough), 1761-1862; 1 Fibredex box. 
Clerk’s Account Book, 1755-1761; 1 volume. 
Clerk’s Receipt Book, 1824-1828; 1 volume. 
Superior Court 
Minutes, 1807-1915; 11 volumes, 1 manuscript box. 
Equity Execution Docket, 1824-1835; 1 volume. 
Equity Trial Dockets, 1808, 1818, 1820-1833; 2 volumes. 
Execution Dockets, 1808-1868; 3 volumes, 1 manuscript box. 
State Dockets, 1817-1868; 2 volumes. 
Criminal Issues Dockets, 1871-1900; 1 Fibredex box. 
Trial and Appearance Dockets, 1807-1871; 5 volumes. 
Civil Issues Dockets, 1870-1900; 1 Fibredex box. 
Miscellaneous Dockets, 1814-1875; 1 manuscript box. 
Civil Action Papers, 1737-1905; 28 Fibredex boxes. 
Criminal Action Papers, 1734-1868; 6 Fibredex boxes. 
Inferior Court 
Minutes, 1877-1887; 1 volume. 
Record of Elections, 1878-1926; 2 volumes. 
Election Returns, 1769, 1790-1914; 4 Fibredex boxes. 
Record of Estates, 1728-1868; 27 volumes. 
Record of Accounts, 1868-1915; 7 volumes. 
Administrators’ Bonds, 1762-1769, 1848-1909; 6 volumes. 
Estates Records, 1730-1920; 114 Fibredex boxes. 
Guardians’ Records, 1730-1920; 16 Fibredex boxes. 
Guardians’ Accounts, 1817-1868; 5 volumes. 
Guardians’ Bonds, 1848-1894; 2 volumes. 
Record of Settlements, 1869-1916; 2 volumes. 
Record of Deeds, 1765-1772; 1 volume. 
Deeds, 1723-1890; 12 Fibredex boxes. 
Mortgage Deeds and Deeds of Trust, 1723-1890; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Land Records, 1736-1861; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Miscellaneous Land Records, 1720-1861; 1 Fibredex box. 
Marriage Bonds, 1762-1868; 5 Fibredex boxes. 
Marriage Licenses, 1870-1903; 5 Fibredex boxes. 
Miscellaneous Marriage Records, 1749-1914; 1 Fibredex box. 
Disinterment/ Reinterment Permits, 1980-1986; 1 manuscript box. 
Court Martial Minutes, 1842; 1 manuscript box. 
Pension Board Minutes, 1903-1965; 1 volume. 
Alien Registration, 1940, 1954; 1 volume. 
Cotton Reports, 1889-1890; 2 manuscript boxes. 
County Accounts, 1741-1903; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Personal Accounts, 1718-1860; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Stock Marks, 1722-1741; 1 pamphlet. 
Merchants’ Accounts, 1800-1900; 1 Fibredex box. 
Minutes, Wardens of the Poor, 1838-1851; 1 volume. 
Miscellaneous Records, 1723-1914; 5 Fibredex boxes. 
Promissory Notes, 1746-1800; 1 Fibredex box. 
Slave Records, 1744-1865; 3 Fibredex boxes. 
Road, Bridge and Ferry Records, 1734-1903; 2 Fibredex boxes. 
Minutes and Accounts, Board of Superintendents of Common Schools, and 
County Board of Education, 1847-1878; 1 volume. 
School Records, 1850-1878, 1895; 3 manuscript boxes. 
Lists of Taxables, 1755-1860; 13 Fibredex boxes. 
Merchants’ Purchase Returns, 1880-1887, 1898; 1 Fibredex box. 
Miscellaneous Tax Records, 1843-1903; 1 manuscript box. 
Wills, 1749-1897; 18 Fibredex boxes. 


Apprentice Bonds, 1811-1889; 2 reels. 
Bastardy Bonds, 1875-1877; 1 reel. 
Record of Corporations, 1907-1957; 1 reel. 
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 
Minutes, 1724-1743, 1758-1868; 7 reels. 
Superior Court 
Minutes, 1807-1955; 11 reels. 
Cross Index to Judgments, 1868-1940; 4 reels. 
Index to Civil Judgments, Plaintiff, 1941-1968; 1 reel. 
Index to Civil Judgments, Defendant, 1941-1968; 1 reel. 
Inferior Court 
Minutes, 1877-1887; 1 reel. 
Record of Elections, 1878-1968; 2 reels. 
Record of Estates, 1728-1871; 11 reels. 
Record of Accounts, 1868-1954; 7 reels. 
Cross Index to Accounts, 1868-1942; 1 reel. 
Administrators’ Bonds, 1762-1769, 1848-1903; 5 reels. 
Appointment of Administrators, Executors and Guardians, 1909-1948; 6 reels. 
Appointment of Executors, 1868-1917; 1 reel. 
Record of Executors, 1940-1968; 1 reel. 
Guardians’ Accounts, 1817-1868; 1 reel. 
Guardians’ Bonds, 1848-1931; 2 reels. 
Record of Guardians, 1935-1968; 1 reel. 
Clerk’s Receiver Accounts, 1906-1921; 1 reel. 
Amounts Paid to Indigent Children, 1929-1942; 1 reel. 
Inheritance Tax Records, 1923-1959; 1 reel. 
Record of Settlements, 1866-1968; 4 reels. 
Cross Index to Guardians and Administrators, 1858-1907; 1 reel. 
Index to Executors and Administrators, 1905-1968; 1 reel. 
Cross Index to Guardians, 1905-1960; 1 reel. 
Record of Real Estate Conveyances, 1721-1948; 147 reels. 
Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Grantor, 1722-1959; 4 reels. 
Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Grantee, 1722-1959; 4 reels. 
Land Entries, 1778-1794; 1 reel. 
Record of Processions, 1851-1869; 1 reel. 
Map Books, 1915-1957, 1973-1985; 3 reels. Index to Map Books, 1771-1976; 1 reel. 
Record of Resale of Land, 1925-1968; 4 reels. 

Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868; 4 reels. 
Marriage Certificates, 1851-1868; 1 reel. 
Marriage Registers, 1851-1945; 2 reels. 
Cross Index to Marriage Registers, 1872-1900; 1 reel. 
Maiden Names of Divorced Women, 1938-1968; 1 reel. 
Record of Cohabitation, 1866; 1 reel. 
Index to Births and Deaths, 1914-1921; 1 reel. 
Index to Births, 1916-1975; 2 reels. 
Index to Deaths, 1917-1975; 1 reel. 
Index to Delayed Births, various years; 1 reel. 
Court Martial Minutes, 1842; 1 reel. 
Confederate Veterans Association Roster, 1919-1935; 1 reel. 
Pension Board Minutes, 1903-1960; 1 reel. 
Record of Armed Forces Discharges, 1917-1978; 7 reels. 
Index to Armed Forces Discharges, no date; 1 reel. 
Alien Registration, 1940, 1954; 1 reel. 
Record of Lunacy, 1899-1968; 1 reel. 
Orders and Decrees, 1868-1959; 17 reels. 
Special Proceedings, 1868-1955; 2 reels. 
Index to Special Proceedings and Civil Actions, 1923-1968; 2 reels. 
Minutes, Wardens of the Poor, 1838-1847; 1 reel. 
Minutes, Board of County Commissioners, 1868-1947; 5 reels. 
Minutes, Board of Superintendents of Common Schools, 1847-1878; 1 reel. 
Tax Lists, 1755-1860, 1877, 1906, 1908-1909; 7 reels. 
Record of Wills, 1761-1968; 7 reels. 
Index to Wills, 1761-1970; 1 reel.

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