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Bertie County Tales and Tidbits

Hill's Ferry

From Harry L.Thompson

The troops that stayed at Hill's Ferry were usually 62nd Georgia Cavalry under the command of Captain B.B. Bowers. The headquarters were usually in Franklin VA, or Harrelsville. Colonel Joel Griffin was the overall commanding officer.

Ferry Sites usually had a tavern or inn for overnight staying. You will find them listed in colonial times as "Ordinaries." They were licensed by the Colonial Assembly and had to adhere to statewide set rates for everything - food - drink both local and imported - and even the amount to charge for the fodder that the horse ate. It was always the custom in colonial times that when you arrived at the ferry you immediately crossed over and spent the night on the other side. The reason - the next day the river might have risen and you could be trapped for days until it again dropped.

At Deveraux there should be some artifacts left. When it burned from a lightning strike, I was brought the obvious pieces of metal that remained ie nails, gutter spikes, hinges, etc so I could make a display board - which I did. There should be tons left.

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