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Contributed by Harry Thompson, Feb 1999.

Most of Bertie County mills were established under an old Colonial Mill Pond Law entitled "An Act To Establish Mills" that said... "If anyone has a site suitable for a mill and who fails to develope it, then anyone can come in and build a mill and dam, operate it for two years free to the public, then shall have all the land covered by the pond plus two acres on the high land." This act was designed to encourage mill development and stop the outward flow of hard money to New England. Balance of Payments.

Ben Butts Mill

This mill was on Indian Creek, adjacent to "Snowfield, the early home of the Bryans. (Southwest corner of county)

Burden's Mill

This mill is located 1 1/2 miles northwest of Snakebite in the northwest-central part of the county. The Burden family originally settled there in early pioneer days. It was once the largest mill pond in the county and the scene of picnicing, fishing, baptizing and even ice skating in the winter. It provided ice for the neigboring area through out the year, as the ice was stored in pits.
See article written by Sarah Cowan Phelps for the Windsor Woman's Club creative writing contest.

Craig's Mill

Between the two schools - Bertie and Southwestern on upper Cashie River . Owned by Rev. A.J.M. Craig, who married a Gilliam and who was the father of Governor Locke Craig. This dam was the means of escape for the 62nd Georgia Cavalry after the Battle of Windsor when the 125 man unit was attacked by 1200 Union soldiers from Plymouth.


Francis Mill

Harriman's Mill

Hoggard's Mill

. Established in 1736 by James Castellaw, treasurer of Bertie, and on whose land the mill, courthouse, jail, "whipping post and stocks" were located. Subsequently called Lockharts, Evans, and finally purchased by William Hoggard circa 1800. His home still stands there.
Later became known as Mitchell, Mizelle and Steely's Mill, then Mizelle's about 1900. Has been in the Thompson family since 1928. Hoggard's name stuck from 1800 til now. Twin Mills - saw and grist. County Road passed through mills making two covered bridges. I have exhaustive research.

Holly's Mill

Formerly owned by Agustus P. Holly and operated as Union Mills. Twin Mills - Saw and Grist. I have owned this one also and have the research. Located on Salmon Creek .

Johnson Mill

This mill was a site upon which Greenlief-Johnson Lumber Company built a lumber manufacturing facility. The site was on the second major landing as you go down the river on the left. The owners were Pennsylvania money people who moved in after the civil war. Mrs. Foreman was a Greenlief and her side eventually bought out the others and became Foreman and Blades Lumber. They continued running the same mill on up through the depression. They eventually owned 36,000 acres in Bertie, a railroad, ships to haul lumber, and were headquartered in Elizabeth City. They did not stop operations in '28 when the Chowan Bridge was built, but ran until after the depression.

Mizell Mill - N of Windsor on Cashie River

Outlaw's Mill

Behind the Hawkin's Farm on Bull Hill Road on the upper end of Will's Quarter Swamp. Built by the son of Ralph Outlaw in early times circa 1750. My grandfather built a railroad across on the old mill timbers circa 1900 and no one could remember it ever being used. It too was owned by our family and I have some amount of data.

Rascoes Mill

Located near Indian Woods. This was a grist mill only. It now constitutes a covered bridge as the main county road once passed through it. Thus Bertie has with its three existing covered bridges, one half of all the six covered bridges in the state. It was originally established about 1778 by Colonel Thomas Pugh and sold by his heirs to John Mhoon in 1811 and by John Mhoon's son, James G. Mhoon, to John Peter Rascoe.

Rice Mill

Smallwood's Mill

(S of Indianwood Road, above the Roanoke) Probably on Coniott Creek. I'm guessing this is Dr. Charles Smallwood, as his holdings are listed not to far away)

Spruill's Mill

North East Bertie near Shore line

Union Mills

Located not too far from Holly's Mill- east side of county
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