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Bertie County Schools

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West Bertie High School -

Originally Lewiston High School, then Lewiston Woodville High School, then changed to West Bertie High School

Contributed by: Doug Britton

West Bertie High School
West Bertie High School was located in Lewiston-Woodville. The school was situated, half in Lewiston and half in Woodville. They were separate towns at the time the school was there. I think it was originally called Lewiston Woodville School and then was later changed to West Bertie High School. (Lewiston and Woodville were incorporated in 1981 as one town.)

I was in the last graduating class before it was abandoned in 1963 and the schools were all centralized in Bertie County for the 1964 school year. The school and property were later bought by Harrington Manuf. Co. and later torn down,.

At the time this school was operated, it was used for 1st-5th grades and 9th-12th grades.

West Bertie Wolfpack
This is a picture of the original wolf head that was used on school jackets and logos for the West Bertie Wolfpack from 1953 til its closing in 1963. This came from an old athletic jacket, and these are hard to find!
Contributed by Doug Britton
West Bertie High School

It was with regret that Roxobel-Kelford High School was discontinued in 1952. The building now became part of the West Bertie School system with classes 1st-4th and 6th-8th being held in that facility. Classes 1st-5th and 9th-12th were conducted five miles away at the Lewiston-Woodville Building. None of these school building still stand. They were demolished and removed some years later.The county consolidated the smaller schools and built several elementary schools plus in 1964 a Central Bertie High School.

There was a gym/auditorium attached to the back of the school, a cement skating ring at the left rear in the edge of the woods, and a baseball field and grandstands to the right of the school.

We welcome more history of this school building.

West Bertie High School Girl's Basketball Team
Girl's Basketball Team - 1953
Bottom Left to right, Doyle Jernigan, Carolyn Joyner, Ruth Ellen Hoggard, Julia Gray Joyner, Claire Lewis, Mildred Ann Brown, Shirley Peele, Joan Lewis, Gwen Ray Harrington, Top row left to right: Ann Pruden,Doreen Phelps Warren, Nancy Reynolds.

West Bertie High School Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders - 1953
left to right: Pat Harrington, Faye Burkett, Barbara Jean Hoggard, Mildred Ann Brown, Geraldine Tripp, Shirley Jernigan, Marion Morris.

West Bertie High School Basketball
Basketball Team 1956
Front row left to right: William Outland, Tommy Bazemore, Jack Mitchell, T.C. Vick, Joe Jernigan, Middle Row: Cecil Britton, Dick Pruden, Gene Joyner, Earl Johnson, Charles Johnson, Lanny Jilcott, Ray Willoughby. Top row: Charles Perry Vaughn, Gene Burden, Wade Peele, David Baisey,Charles Jenkins, Donnie Cullifer, James Conner and Coach "Mickey Hale."

West Bertie High School Basketball
Basketball Team - 1953
left to right: Jack Peele, Jack Mitchell, Clyde Askew, Ronnie Wynn, Dick Joyner, Jimmy Vaughan, Tommy Bazemore, William Outland,T.C. Vick, Elmo Peele, William Roane, Rufus Outland, Gayle Welton, Otis Hoggard, Wilson Minton, Gene Reid Carter, Bobby Jernigan, Voight Verne Pritchard,Jr., J.D. Burden, Wade Peele, Bobby Conner, Cecil Britton.

West Bertie High School Basketball
Cheerleaders 1956
left to right: Barbara Jean Hoggard, Rebecca Outlaw, Simone Jernigan, Jean Beverly, Patsy Britton, and Junior Cheeleader, Louise Griffin.

West Bertie High School Basketball Team 1960
Basketball Team of 1960

The players and coaches are as follows: David Joyner, Grady Harrington, John Tyler, James Leggett, Coach Mickey Hale, Blake Baisey, Roy Burden, Douglas Britton, Tommy Jones, Story Wood, Joe Britton, Monk Harrell, Larry Wallace, Bob Harrington, and Assistant Coach Tommy Speight.

This picture was taken after they captured the 1960 tournament championship. Mickey Hale coached at West Bertie for ten years winning eight of ten conference titles and tying for one and second the other. He also won nine of ten tournament championships and played for the tenth. A phenomenal record! Mickey died a short time after the school was closed. Tremendous basketball coach. [Doug Britton ]

West Bertie High School
Class of 1963

Bottom row left to right: Sandra Smith, Philippi Parker, Dianne Prichard, Thresa Early, Frances Vaughan, Jackie Jones, Mary Lou Morris, Sibyl Lewis, Lee Whitted, Judy Mitchell.

Top row left to right: Grover Taylor, Terry Wallace, Earl Vann, Douglas Britton, Brenda Britton, Alice Wadsworth, Rose Roan, Betty Lou Jordan, Raymond Parker, Johnny Reynolds, Wayne Modlin, Bob Harrington.
Contributed by Doug Britton

Photographs below contributed by Molly Urquhart

Lewiston High School - Senior Class 1932

Lewiston Senior Class
Front row L-R   Mary Elizabeth Bazemore, Hilda Joyner ___?, Maude Minton, Mary Bond Griffin, Edna McCoy, Rachel Bazemore.
Rear L-R Lois Barnes, Clifton Ward, Robert Acree

Lewiston High School - Junior Class 1931

Lewiston Senior Class
Front Row: L-R:   Maude Minton, Hilda Joyner, Lois Barnes, Mary Bond Griffin, Mildred Baggett, Mary Elizabeth Bazemore, Edna McCoy;
Back row L-R Mr. Cochran, Robert Acree David Paul Minton

Lewiston High School - Faculty 1931

Lewiston Senior Class
Front Row L-R:   ___?, Ada Morris, __ Troutman, C. Gordon Maddrey, Pattie Urquhart Whitehead, Mrs. J.J. (Miss Lina) Peele
Back Row L-R Annie Mae Baugham, Mr. Cochran (Asst Principal), Mrs. Gay McClenny

Lewiston High School - Football Team 1934

Lewiston Football Team
Correction: Garvey Milton Butler should be Garvey Milton Bazemore.

Lewiston-Woodville - Girl's Basketball Team 1932

Lewiston Girl's Basketball Team
L>R Coach Ada Morris, Maude Minton, Margaret Earley, Sue Mitchell, Olga Hoggard, Kate Urquhart, Lola Morriss.
Kneeling: Lois Barnes.

Photographs contributed by Molly Urquhart

Lewiston-Woodville Girl's Basketball Team
Girl's Basketball Team - 1947-1948
Coach: Onnie R. Cockrell, Jr.

Top Back: L to R
Edith (Shirley? ) Ward,Dora Joyner,Ophelia Hoggard, Emily Urquhart,Vivian Jones,Dot Ward
Front Row: L to R
Sarah Edith Earley,Tillie Whitehead,Myrtle Tina Rawls?,Mary Margaret Reich Photograph courtesy of Onnie & Ann Cockrell
Made available by Lynn C. McCarthy.
Photographer unknown; violation of any copyright protection not intended

Lewiston-Woodville 1926 3rd grade
3rd Grade 1926
Contributed by Molly Urquhart
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