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Gay Times at Woodville German

This is an article"Gay Times at Woodville German" in an unnamed newspaper March, 1913, recounting a dance at the Bertie (Woodville) Academy March 24, 1913.

"Perhaps not since Antebellum days has there been a more beautiful or enjoyable occasion in the village of Woodville, famed for its charming entertainments and gracious hospitality, than the german given by the Woodville German Club in the Woodville Academy Easter Monday night.

The flower of Bertie's young manhood and womanhood was there, and Lewiston, Windsor, Roxobel and Kelford tied with each other in sending their choicest representatives. More than forty couples participated and the dancing lasted until 1:30 o'clock.

Among those dancing were: Miss Anna Norfleet of Kelford with J.H. Spivey, who led the german figures; Miss Margaret Urquhart with Dr. Clifford Whitehead of Tarboro; Miss Sallie Lyon of Windsor with Louis Thompson; Miss Sallie Eason with John Thompson; Miss Mary Grant Spivey with R.A. Urquhart; Miss Pauline Bridger of Windsor with Burges Urquhart; Miss Minnie T. Bond of Windsor with John Bell; Miss Frances Blount Renfrow of Raleigh with Whit Spivey.

Miss Mary Wood of Roxobel with Bryan Phleps; Miss Ellen Renfrow with Ned Phelps; Miss Margarette Manning of Windsor with Claude Pierce; Miss Margaret Spivey with Mr. Peele of Kelford; Miss Stella Phelps with G.C. Spoolman; Miss Adlaide Watson of Aurora with Harry Watson of Roxobel; Miss Rue Clark of Norfolk with Frank Smith of Scotland Neck; Miss Lalla Mizell with Leonard Rawls; Miss Mary Burrus of Kelford with Arthur Ruffin of Kelford.

Miss Janie Cherry of Windsor with Stanley Riddick of Ahoskie; Miss Annie Brown of Kelford with Figuers Norfleet of Roxobel; Miss Margaret Clark with Murray Sessoms of Windsor; Miss Lila Hancock with Tom Cobb; Miss Louise Norfleet with Dandy Norfleet of Roxobel; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lyon of Windsor; Miss Florence Sprivey with Norman Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vann of Ahoskie; Miss Bessie Norfleet of Roxobel with Godwin Spivey of Eure. Stags: Capt. H.A. Williams of Baltimore; Mr. Hart, B.F. Renfrow.

Chaperones: Mrs. T.L. Phelps; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffin. "

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