The Goals of "Historic Woodville"

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Historic Woodville

Preserving Woodville's Heritage

The Goals of Historic Woodville

      "Historic Woodville", a newly formed non-profit charitable organization, was created to preserve the rich history and culture of Woodville (now named Lewiston-Woodville), a small Roanoke River Valley planter community in western Bertie County, as well as its distinctive homes and churches.

      Woodville was a plantation neighborhood where interconnected families of planters and slaves formed a rural community. Most of the homes and rich farmlands are still owned by the descendants of these late 18th and early 19th century settlers. It is crucial that these structures (9 homes, many with "dependencies", and 2 churches) and vistas be recognized, preserved, and protected.

      To this end, we are working to secure a National Register of Historic Places listing as a rural historic district. Just as important is our mission to add to our already vast resources of letters, documents, photographs,and artifacts that depict this important 19th century culture.

      We wish to honor our ancestors' past and their contributions, and to preserve their simpler, more gracious way of life for future generations. Our dream of a Woodville Heritage Center to house Woodville's history for family, researchers, and historians will soon be a reality. A more immediate, and far reaching way to share our past is to present Woodville's history through this website.

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