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Historic Woodville

Preserving Woodville's Heritage

Letter to Friends of Historic Woodville

December 1, 2011

Dear Historic Woodville Friends and Family,

At last, Grace Episcopal has been newly painted, and has an attractive new sign! Though rarely used now, it remains the center of our Woodville memories. The 1883 Diocesan Convention Journal recorded 24 families as members of Grace - 138 years later paints a sadder picture.

On November 12,  we were  sad to bury  another of our Woodville  family in its churchyard,  Thomas Mizell Urquhart.  He would have relished  his family and friends gathered to  remember   his kind and generous spirit, his   accomplishments and contributions, and his ever present smile

But,  we also ushered in a new generation of family, providing more incentive to preserve our history.  Louise Griffin Kesler’s son, Jimmy and wife Megan,   added    Lily James Kesler in January.  In July,   Frances and Rupert Jilcott's   daughter Louisa and husband Danny, added  Madeline Etheredge  Johnson;  and    Marcia and Charlie Griffin's son, Bennett and wife Helen,  welcomed  son  Grier Sawyers in October.  Welcome, all!

Too much competition for the scarce funds available  stymied HW’s hope  to secure grant money (to convert Grace's Sunday School building into a Woodville family history center) we applied for this year.  Back to the drawing board!

Though it may take a few more years to secure complete funding,  we hope, with your help,  to  implement a few necessary initial steps so it can be accessible to us all immediately, if not perfectly displayed :   moving    our  many donated gems  -   artifacts, photographs, books, letters, collections, maps, genealogies,  portraits,   now stored in Raleigh -  to the Sunday School Building.  Before we can organize and display our tangible history, though, we need to prepare  it  for these items' safekeeping with  a new door and a security system.     We will be very appreciative  of any help you might provide* to place these rare and  invaluable reflections of Woodville's past under one roof.  They belong to all of us, and benefit no one remaining in storage.

Future  funding opportunities  could then  complete our mission of a history center  - hvac, ADA compliance, display shelves/cabinets   -  making it visitor worthy and open, by appointment, along with  Grace Episcopal and  St. Frances churches, perhaps some homes.

We wish you much joy  this Christmas season, and in 2012,

Claudia Griffin, Clara Blanchard, and Molly Urquhart  

3104 Hillmer Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Phone: 919.833.4009 E-Mail

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* All donations/grants are tax deductible and 100% funded to our various projects – directors receive no compensation

Please send us your comments and questions.

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