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Historic Woodville

Preserving Woodville's Heritage

Letter to Friends of Historic Woodville

December 1, 2012

Dear Historic Woodville Friends and Family,

It's been a slow year for Historic Woodville, so little to report.

With your donations from last year, we installed a security system in the Sunday School building, our "almost there" Margaret Griffin Family History Center. We've already moved many items there for safekeeping. But we can't store climate sensitive materials there, or organize/display our artifacts until we receive funds to install hvac.

We need display cases and/or bookcases to arrange our treasures. If anyone can donate these, please let us know. And of course we would appreciate any donations of portraits, photographs, documents, artifacts,

Kindly consider a donation this year to help Historic Woodville proceed with this project. We need and appreciate any support * that will help us finally organize/house our rich history under one roof.

Please mail to:

Clara U. Blanchard
P.O. Box 474
Lewiston-Woodville, NC 27849

We wish you much joy this Christmas season, and in 2013,

Claudia Griffin, Clara Blanchard, and Molly Urquhart, directors

3104 Hillmer Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Phone: 919.833.4009 E-Mail

Visit our website at

* All donations/grants are tax deductible and 100% funded to our various projects directors receive no compensation

Please send us your comments and questions.

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