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Polkville High School
1937 Basketball Team

Good news, we have futher information on this photograph!
L to R, Front Row: Coach "Shine" Goodson, #7 Anderson "A.B." Greene, #6 Albert Grigg,
#9 Joe DePriest, Sr., #8 Alton McEntire, #5 Buren Whisnant
L to R, Back Row: #19 Charles Whisnant, Virgil McIntyre, Hoyle Gold.


Mr Alton McEntire recalls:

"The coach was named Mr. Goodson, nicknamed "Shine". No. 7 is
Anderson 'A.B.' Greene, No. 6 is Albert Grigg. No. 5 is Buren Whisnant,
No. 19 is Charles Whisnant. Virgil McIntyre is the "water boy", the guy
not in uniform. He had to keep the potbellied stoves going for heat in the
gym and for water for the players to shower after the game as well as
being blessed with the job of cleaning up the shower room."

"The Polkville gymnasium came about through a donation of land by
Nixon Whisnant who also graded it. Nixon was the father of Buren, #5.
Oscar 'Os' Powell, Alton McEntire's great-uncle, built the gym. It housed
thebasketball area, another room downstairs for the agriculture class
taught by Professor Dillingham and upstairs was the Home Ec room for
the girls. Apparently, the sewing machines upstairs were on wheels and
the agriculture classes frequently thought the ceiling was going to cave
in when the Home Ec girls "rode" the sewing machines from one end
of the room to the other."


Thank you Susan Cole & Brenda Whisnant for identifying Hoyle Gold in this photograph.
What a handsome fellow!

If you can identify these players, please contact me...

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