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Descendants of John Lattimore, Sr.

Charles Lattimore Elliott, faithful member of the Broad River Genealgocial Society has requested that his family research be added to our website for your use. We thank Charles for his generosity and hope his hard work can offer valuable clues in your search.

This work will be divided into three parts:

Alphabetical Index
An alphabetical listing of the descendants of John Lattimore, Sr

Outline Descendent Tree
John Lattimore, Sr's family tree

Genealogy Report
Where they were, what they did and much more information on the John Lattimore, Sr and his descendants in this journey through the lives of 10 generations of the Lattimore family.. This is a very detailed report and may take a few minutes to download, but it is well worth the wait!

Please let Charles know if his work has been helpful, drop him a note c/o BRGS and we'll pass it along.

Alphabetical Index

Abborgotti, Mary
Abdulnour, Benjamin Wayne
Abdulnour, George Nicholas
Abdulnour, Kelly Mae
Abernathy, Martha
Addison, Elizabeth
Alexander, Margaret
Alexander, Sheila Diane
Allen, Robert I.
Anderson, Bobby Ray
Anderson, Katherine Wray
Anderson, KyLeigh Shea
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Robert E.
Anderson, William Robert
Ann, Eliz
Ann, Mary
Anthony, Maryann
Arnold, Rachel
Atkins, Margie
Atkins, Minnie Caroline
Atkinson, Gladys Ann
Atkinson, Samuel Tally
Ault, Mary Ann
Avant, A. P.
Avant, Elizabeth
Avant, William M.
Ayers, Eliza Abbie
Ayers, Moses
Ayers, Nathaniel
Ayers, Nathaniel
Bacon, Mary (Polly)
Badacour, Mary
Bailey, Jean
Baker, Catherine
Barbee, Lenora Caroline
Barnett, Monroe
Barnett, Winslo Clinton
Barnette, James D.
Barnette, Jasper N.
Barnette, Julius D.
Basore, Bennett
Basore, Elmer Warren
Basore, Ezra Wolfe
Basore, Mark Elliott
Basore, Mary Ann
Basore, Susan Carol
Basore, Warren Lee
Basore, Warren Turley
Basore, Warren Tyler
Basore, William Tracy
Beam, Aaron
Beam, Abel C.
Beam, Ann Long
Beam, Anne
Beam, Anne
Beam, Charlotte Louisa
Beam, Charlotte Susan
Beam, Christopher
Beam, Claudia
Beam, David
Beam, David
Beam, David Anderson
Beam, David Conrad
Beam, David Elliott
Beam, David Frank
Beam, Delia Elizabeth
Beam, Elizabeth Carson
Beam, Esther
Beam, Esther Barbara
Beam, George
Beam, Georgia
Beam, Ginny J.
Beam, James Frederick
Beam, John
Beam, John
Beam, John Alexander
Beam, John Teeter
Beam, John, Jr.
Beam, John, Sr.
Beam, Jonas
Beam, Jordan
Beam, Joshua
Beam, Lafayette
Beam, Lillian Biddy
Beam, Lucy
Beam, Margaret
Beam, Margaret
Beam, Marquis Lafayette
Beam, Martha
Beam, Martin
Beam, Martin Gaither
Beam, Martin, Jr.
Beam, Mary
Beam, Mary C.
Beam, Matilda
Beam, Mayme
Beam, Meredith Mae
Beam, Michael
Beam, Michael
Beam, Moriah
Beam, Moses
Beam, Nancy Elizabeth
Beam, Nancy Leona
Beam, Oliver P.
Beam, Peter
Beam, Roxanna
Beam, Sarah
Beam, Sarah
Beam, Sarah
Beam, Selvia Elizabeth
Beam, Teeter
Beam, William
Beaman, Barbara Louise
Beaman, Charles Gray
Beaman, Charles Gray, Jr.
Beaman, Jane Carole
Bedford, Joseph
Bedford, Joseph, Jr.
Bedford, Mary Donoho
Bedford, Nancy Elliott
Bedford, Sallie
Beebe, David Chapin III
Beebe, David Chapin, Jr.
Beebe, John David
Beebe, Ryan Scott
Bennett, Anna
Bennett, Julia Ann
Berry, Earl Herlbert
Berry, Earl Herlbert, Jr.
Berry, Lori
Berry, Marcia Eva
Berry, Timothy
Berry, William Sheldon
Berryhill, Billye Nell
Berryhill, Noble Elmer
Bess, Bostian, Jr
Bess, Candace
Bess, Christian I
Bess, Cora
Bess, Daniel
Bess, Euphemia
Bess, Frances
Bess, Frederick
Bess, George
Bess, Hannah
Bess, Hiram
Bess, Janie
Bess, Jerg Sebastian Best
Bess, Jonathan, Sr.
Bess, Katherine
Bess, Lawson
Bess, Maria Elizabeth
Bess, Martin
Bess, Mary
Bess, Noah
Bess, Peter IV
Bess, Rebecca
Bess, Sarah
Bess, Sarah
Bess, Susan
Bess, Susannah
Bess, Thomas
Bess, Thomas
Best, Adeline
Best, Bostian
Best, Delilah
Best, Elizabeth
Best, Esther
Best, Jacob I
Best, John Best
Best, John, Sr.
Best, Joseph
Best, Joshua
Best, Lawson
Best, Levice
Best, Margaret Bess
Best, Peter II
Best, Peter, Sr.
Best, Sarah
Best, William
Best, William Hinton, Jr.
Bevans, Amanda Leigh
Bevans, Elizabeth Loreta
Bevans, Jack Gilbert, Jr.
Bevans, Jack Gilbert, Sr.
Bevans, Zachary Thomas
Beverly, Charlotte
Bieber, Elizabeth
Bingham, Nancy
Bingham, Rufus Alexander
Birchell, Martha
Birthright, Sophia
Black, Lydia
Black, Robert
Black, William
Blair, Colbert
Blair, James
Blair, Mary
Bland, Nancy
Blanton, Charles Fred
Blanton, Charles Thomas
Blanton, Coleman
Blanton, Frances Ervin
Blanton, Frank Cornwell
Blanton, Hester Victoria
Blanton, John Albert
Blanton, Joseph Palmer
Blanton, Lawson
Blanton, Mag
Booth, Lynda Rebecca
Bouldin, Martha
Bowen, Catherine
Bowman, Christopher Dwight
Bowman, David Roy
Bowman, Dwight Grady
Bowman, Florence
Bowman, Neil Daniel
Bowman, Paige Yancy
Bowman, Roy Luren
Bowman, Ruffin David
Bowman, Russell
Bowman, Ryan Christopher
Boyd, Martha Violet
Bradbury, Ray
Bradley, Brian
Bradley, Embery Simpson
Brandon, George
Brandon, Sidney
Brann, Carrie
Brannon, Wiley L.
Bridges, Charlotte
Bridges, John
Bridges, Kevin
Bridges, Sarah
Bridges, Sue Ann
Broderick, John Patrick
Broderick, Kathleen Ann
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, S. W.
Broom, Sarah
Brown, Arra Jane
Brown, Charles Alan
Brown, Charles William
Brown, David Elliott
Brown, Ivan I.
Brown, James
Brown, James Bruce III
Brown, James Bruce, Jr.
Brown, James Bruce, Sr.
Brown, Jane Ann
Brown, Jennifer Lee
Brown, Julia Elizabeth
Buchannon, James
Buhler, Andrew
Buhler, Andrew
Buhler, Antonius
Buhler, Michael Buhler
Buhler, Peter
Bullfinch, Francis V.
Bumgardner, Joe
Bumgardner, Justin
Bump, Heamon Alberto
Bump, Loren Romain
Bump, Theodosia Marie
Bunnell, Mary E.
Burchard, Curtis Randall
Burdick, George E.
Burdick, Nancy Ann
Burke, Clarence Norment
Burley, Daisy Eugenia
Burnett, Louise
Burns, James Mikell
Burns, Katherine Judith
Burns, Kristin Marie
Burns, Matthew Mikell
Burns, Rhett Steven
Burts, Henrietta
Buschler, Gertraut
Buswold, Ole
Byars, George
Byars, George Washington
Byars, Maggie
Byars, Maggie
Byers, Bruce Elliott
Byers, Burwell Blanton
Byers, Burwell Blanton
Byers, James Edward
Byers, Stuart Judson
Byers, Thomas Burwell
Byers, William Jones
Cabaniss, Charles
Cabaniss, Corrinnah Elizabeth
Cabaniss, Elizabeth Bridgforth
Cabaniss, Essley E.
Cabaniss, Frances
Cabaniss, Frank
Cabaniss, George
Cabaniss, George
Cabaniss, George
Cabaniss, Henry
Cabaniss, Henry
Cabaniss, Henry
Cabaniss, James William
Cabaniss, James William
Cabaniss, Joe T.
Cabaniss, John E.
Cabaniss, Louisa Yandell
Cabaniss, Mary Elizabeth
Cabaniss, Mary Slade
Cabaniss, Matthew
Cabaniss, Matthew, Jr.
Cabaniss, Montcalm
Cabaniss, Nancy Anne
Cabaniss, Parmelia Jane
Cabaniss, Thomas Poole
Cabaniss, Western Carolina
Cabaniss, William A.
Cabaniss, William H.
Cabaniss, Willie Minor
Cabiness, Alma
Cabiness, Athel Franklin
Cabiness, Donald Hoyle
Cabiness, Frank Gold
Cabiness, Fray Mildred
Cabiness, George Gold
Cabiness, Hugh Ellis
Cabiness, James Everette
Cabiness, Janice Fraye
Cabiness, Johnnie L.
Cabiness, Kay Hoyle
Cabiness, Kenneth
Cabiness, Margaret Edna
Cabiness, Morgan
Cabiness, Oscar B.
Cabiness, Patsy
Cabiness, Robert Franklin
Cabiness, William Forrest
Caddington, Connie Lynn
Caldwell, Allen
Caldwell, Catherine Anne
Callahan, Evelyn
Callahan, Hazel Lillian
Camp, Lucy
Campbell, Ellie Blanche
Canceler, Jacob
Cannon, Cecilia Grace
Canseler, Catherine
Carpenter, Anne
Carpenter, Carl Gordon
Carpenter, David
Carpenter, David Ronald
Carpenter, Douglas Clingman
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, George Grady
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Hettie Roselia
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, Jacob Mull
Carpenter, James Gordon Bennett
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, John David Schenck
Carpenter, John Wayne
Carpenter, John, Jr.
Carpenter, Jonas
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Katherine
Carpenter, Margaret
Carpenter, Margaret
Carpenter, Mary
Carpenter, Mary (Polly)
Carpenter, Mary C.
Carpenter, Ralph Bennett
Carpenter, Roy Samuel
Carpenter, Ruth
Carpenter, Salome
Carpenter, Samuel
Carpenter, Samuel Tate
Carpenter, Sarah
Carpenter, Sarah Amanda
Carpenter, Susan
Carpenter, Yates
Carroll, Evelyn Montine
Carson, Abel
Carson, Adolphus B.
Carson, Agnes
Carson, Andrew Morrison
Carson, Barbary Rudasil
Carson, Charles
Carson, Daniel
Carson, Daniel C.
Carson, Elizabeth
Carson, Elizabeth
Carson, Elizabeth
Carson, Felix Wolson
Carson, Francis M.
Carson, George W.
Carson, Isabella
Carson, Isabella C.
Carson, Isabelle
Carson, Isbal
Carson, James
Carson, James H.
Carson, James Porter
Carson, James Withrow
Carson, Jane
Carson, Jane
Carson, Jane
Carson, Jane
Carson, Jean
Carson, John
Carson, John
Carson, John
Carson, John C.
Carson, John C.
Carson, John C.
Carson, John Thompson
Carson, Joseph L.
Carson, Lawson H.
Carson, Louisa A.
Carson, Margarett
Carson, Martha C.
Carson, Mary
Carson, Mary
Carson, Mary
Carson, Mary
Carson, Mary Ann
Carson, Mary J.
Carson, Mary Young
Carson, Nancy
Carson, Oliver
Carson, Oliver Perry
Carson, Philip L.
Carson, Polly S.
Carson, Samuel
Carson, Sarah
Carson, Sidney Brandon
Carson, Thomas
Carson, Thomas L.
Carson, Walter
Carson, Walter
Carson, Walter, Jr.
Carson, William
Carson, William
Carson, William P.
Carson, William Pinkney
Castleberry, Mildred
Catherina, Johanna
Causey, Douglas Lynn
Causey, Justin Matthew
Chambers, Gina Elizabeth
Chambers, Mary
Champ, Theodosia
Champion, Alma
Chitwood, Alice
Chitwood, Alpha
Chitwood, Alpha
Chitwood, Amos
Chitwood, Catherine
Chitwood, Daniel
Chitwood, Edith Amelia
Chitwood, Elizabeth
Chitwood, Elizabeth
Chitwood, James
Chitwood, James
Chitwood, James
Chitwood, Jefferson
Chitwood, Jesse
Chitwood, John
Chitwood, John Jubilee
Chitwood, Joshua
Chitwood, Mary
Chitwood, Moses
Chitwood, Pleasant
Chitwood, Richard
Chitwood, Seth
Chitwood, Shadrack
Christopher, Elizabeth
Christopher, Richard
Clare, Mary
Clark, Clarissa Jane
Clark, Flowers
Clark, Lucinda "Liza" Jane
Clarke, Helen F.
Claycamp, Florence Amelia
Claycamp, George
Claycamp, J. Fredrick
Clemons, Devery Hall
Clemons, Jacob Alexander
Cline, Cleve
Cline, Emma
Cline, Frank
Cline, Inez
Cline, Nittie
Cline, Sallie
Coble, Daniel Maxwell
Cochran, Charles Dwight
Cochran, David Dwight
Colbert, Mary Eosentrice
Cole, Amanda
Cole, Andrew
Cole, Larkin
Cole, Mary Ann
Cole, Robert
Cole, Ron
Collins, Lucia
Conlee, Mary Margaret
Cook, Mildred Sue
Cook, Oscar
Cook, Preston
Coon, Mary
Cooper, Arnold
Cooper, L. J.
Cooper, Ruth
Corbett, Ellen
Cordon, Lellie
Corn, Annabeth Ramey
Corn, George Henry
Corn, George Henry, Jr.
Corn, James Hunter
Corn, Judson
Corn, William James
Corn, William James, Jr.
Cornwell, Abner
Cornwell, Abner Milton
Cornwell, Amanda
Cornwell, Amos H.
Cornwell, Amos Halstead
Cornwell, Buna Belle
Cornwell, Charlie
Cornwell, Cora Marie
Cornwell, Creighton
Cornwell, Dovie
Cornwell, Elizabeth
Cornwell, Elviry
Cornwell, Frank
Cornwell, Frank
Cornwell, George
Cornwell, George Landrum
Cornwell, George Thomas
Cornwell, James Francis
Cornwell, John
Cornwell, John
Cornwell, John
Cornwell, Laura
Cornwell, Lee Williamson
Cornwell, Luna Clementine
Cornwell, Margaret Lillian
Cornwell, Mariah Jane
Cornwell, Martin
Cornwell, Mary Ann
Cornwell, McCager
Cornwell, Mittie
Cornwell, Mittie Mae
Cornwell, Nancy
Cornwell, Nora
Cornwell, Pearl
Cornwell, Pearl Gold
Cornwell, Rachel
Cornwell, Robert Alton
Cornwell, Samuel
Cornwell, William
Cornwell, William E.
Cornwell, Zoa Lala
Costner, Anna Maria
Costner, Anne
Costner, Elizabeth
Costner, Elizabeth
Costner, Jacob II
Costner, Jacob III
Costner, Janet Faye
Costner, Jonas
Costner, Katherine
Costner, Michael
Costner, Michael
Covington, Hugh P.
Covington, Joseph Elliott
Covington, Joseph Elliott
Covington, Mary Bradshaw
Covington, Richard C.
Covington, Richard Marion
Covington, Wayne Everett
Covington, Wayne Everett
Cramer, Elizabeth Permelia
Crawford, M. Orr
Crenshaw, James
Crenshaw, Mary
Cromer, David Vance
Cromer, Henry
Cromer, John George
Crouse, Fannie Ella
Crowder, Carol Lynette
Crowder, Godfrey
Crowder, Polly
Crowder, Ruby
Crowder, Sarah
Crowder, William
Cruthis, Jeffrey
Cummings, Allison
Cummings, Danny
Cummings, James
Cummings, John
Cummings, Mark
Cunningham, Patricia A.
Cyzer, Mary
Czajkowski, Bruce Elliott
Czajkowski, Edward Bruce
Czajkowski, Edward J.
Czajkowski, JuliAnna L.
Czajkowski, Lauren Jane
Czajkowski, Robert J.
Dacus, Ruth Louise
Davis, D. M.
Davis, Joseph G.
Davis, Julius Cliff
Davis, L. V.
Davis, Lake
Davis, Picola
Dawkins, Ehniee Estelle
De Lafosse, Clementine
Dellinger, Eve
Dellinger, Henry
Dellinger, Margaret
Dellinger, Mary Magdalene
Dickerson, Nancy W.
Dixon, Hoyt Carson
Dixon, Ila Maude
Dixon, John Clayton
Dixon, O. C.
Dixon, Paul Allen
Dixon, Susan Jane
Dixon, T. A.
Dixon, Thomas Jefferson
Dixon, Vera Catherine
Dixon, William J.
Dixon, William Jesse
Dixon, William Ralph
Dixon, Wilma Gold
Dodd, Davie
Doggett, Bushrod
Doggett, Charles Yancy
Doggett, Coleman
Doggett, Elizabeth
Doggett, Francis
Doggett, George
Doggett, George
Doggett, George
Doggett, George W.
Doggett, James P.
Doggett, James R. R.
Doggett, Martha
Doggett, Mary
Doggett, Minor Win Smith
Doggett, Nancy
Doggett, Richard L.
Doggett, Sarah
Doggett, Sarah
Doggett, Sarah Ann
Doggett, William
Doggett, William
Donoho, Edward
Donoho, Mary
Donoho, William
Doty, Debra Diane
Doty, Jessica Diane
Doyle, Roy Blair
Drewyour, David Allen
Drewyour, David Allen, Jr.
Dyer, Emily
Dyer, Mathew
Dyer, Robert
E., Mattie
Eaker, Barbara
Eaker, Catharina
Eaker, Catherine
Eaker, Christian
Eaker, Hans Peter, Jr.
Eaker, Peter
Eaker, Susannah
Efird, Margaret Eula
Elam, Carme
Ellett, Betsey
Ellett, James
Ellett, James
Ellett, John
Ellett, Mary
Ellett, Nancy
Ellett, Robert
Ellett, Thomas
Ellett, William
Ellett, William
Elliott, Aaron Cornwell
Elliott, Ada E.
Elliott, Adam Harmon Finch
Elliott, Adam J.
Elliott, Addie Belle
Elliott, Addie Belle
Elliott, Addie Sue
Elliott, Adolphus Bradshaw
Elliott, Agatha
Elliott, Ainsley
Elliott, Albert T.
Elliott, Alfred Ernest
Elliott, Alice Hoyle
Elliott, Amy Elaine
Elliott, Andrew C.
Elliott, Andrew E.
Elliott, Andrew Jackson
Elliott, Andrew Jackson
Elliott, Andrew Jackson
Elliott, Andrew Jackson III
Elliott, Andrew Jackson IV
Elliott, Ann
Elliott, Ann Elizabeth
Elliott, Ann Nixon
Elliott, Annie Lou
Elliott, Annie V.
Elliott, Barbara Eugenia
Elliott, Barbara Louise
Elliott, Barbara Mildred
Elliott, Benjamin
Elliott, Bennie
Elliott, Beth Wren
Elliott, Bobby Joseph
Elliott, Bryant
Elliott, C. Essie
Elliott, C. Sloan
Elliott, Carl Donoho
Elliott, Carol Mary
Elliott, Caroline Diane
Elliott, Caroline Lee
Elliott, Carolyn Carson
Elliott, Catherine
Elliott, Charles Carson
Elliott, Charles Carson
Elliott, Charles Lattimore
Elliott, Charlie Whisnant
Elliott, Charlie Whisnant, Jr.
Elliott, Charlotte Cline
Elliott, Charlotte Elizabeth
Elliott, Cheri Elizabeth
Elliott, Christina Suzette
Elliott, Christopher Beam
Elliott, Christy Beam
Elliott, Clain
Elliott, Clara Dorothy
Elliott, Clayton Ross
Elliott, Clinton Ashley
Elliott, Coleman
Elliott, Coleman
Elliott, Coleman Doggett
Elliott, Coleman E.
Elliott, Cynthia Ann
Elliott, David
Elliott, David
Elliott, David Crouse
Elliott, David Crouse
Elliott, Denise
Elliott, Dennis Lee
Elliott, Dicy Warlick
Elliott, Dixie Ann
Elliott, Doggett Hoyle
Elliott, Donald Gene
Elliott, Donald Jackson
Elliott, Dorcas Catherine
Elliott, Dorcas Eleanor
Elliott, Dorothy Evelyn
Elliott, E. Sylvester
Elliott, E. Sylvester
Elliott, Eddie Wayne
Elliott, Edward Donaho
Elliott, Eleanor A. A.
Elliott, Eleanor Adaline
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth Ann
Elliott, Elizabeth Donoho
Elliott, Elizabeth Lee
Elliott, Elizabeth Lillian
Elliott, Elizabeth Lillian
Elliott, Elzey
Elliott, Emily A.
Elliott, Emma P.
Elliott, Erie
Elliott, Eulalia E.
Elliott, Florence Belle
Elliott, Foster
Elliott, Frances Elizabeth
Elliott, Frances Ensley
Elliott, Frank Donoho
Elliott, Frank Wall
Elliott, Frank Wall, Jr.
Elliott, Frankie Diane
Elliott, Gary Wayne
Elliott, George Alexander
Elliott, George Carson
Elliott, Gerald William
Elliott, Gladys Frances
Elliott, Henry Bedford
Elliott, Hughlan Benoy
Elliott, Isabelle
Elliott, Ivey Willis
Elliott, J. Datha
Elliott, J. Datha
Elliott, Jackson Lattimore
Elliott, Jackson Lattimore
Elliott, Jackson Tilden
Elliott, Jacob Ozier
Elliott, James
Elliott, James Carson
Elliott, James Carson, Jr.
Elliott, James Crenshaw
Elliott, James Emmett
Elliott, James Finch
Elliott, James M.
Elliott, James Oliver
Elliott, James Reinhart
Elliott, James Reinhart
Elliott, James Yancey
Elliott, Jared Thomas
Elliott, Jefferson D.
Elliott, Jeffrey Benoy
Elliott, Jennifer Elizabeth
Elliott, Jessie Lenna
Elliott, Jewel
Elliott, Jiney
Elliott, John
Elliott, John
Elliott, John Crenshaw
Elliott, John Cunningham
Elliott, John Daniel
Elliott, John David
Elliott, John Henry
Elliott, John Martin
Elliott, John Martin
Elliott, John Oliver
Elliott, John Paxton
Elliott, John Paxton
Elliott, John Paxton II
Elliott, John Thomas
Elliott, John Thomas
Elliott, Joseph Gallashaw
Elliott, Joseph Larson
Elliott, Joseph Vance
Elliott, Josephine Marie
Elliott, Josephine P.
Elliott, Julia Ann
Elliott, Julia Mae
Elliott, Julie
Elliott, Julius Carr
Elliott, Julius Carr
Elliott, Julius Monroe
Elliott, Karen Lynn
Elliott, Karen Marie
Elliott, Kathleen Jean
Elliott, Kevin Douglas
Elliott, Kizab
Elliott, Laura Ann
Elliott, Lee Roy
Elliott, Lee Roy, Jr.
Elliott, Leona Nora
Elliott, Lucinda
Elliott, Lucy Marion
Elliott, Lula Faye
Elliott, Lydia Belle
Elliott, Mamie Elizabeth
Elliott, Margaret
Elliott, Margaret E.
Elliott, Margaret Elizabeth
Elliott, Margaret Evangeline
Elliott, Margaret Gordon
Elliott, Margaret Gordon
Elliott, Margaret Jane
Elliott, Margaret Marie
Elliott, Margaret Susan
Elliott, Martha J.
Elliott, Martha Louise
Elliott, Martin
Elliott, Martin B.
Elliott, Martin Slaughter
Elliott, Marvin Edgar
Elliott, Mary Ann
Elliott, Mary Belle
Elliott, Mary Carolyn
Elliott, Mary Donoho
Elliott, Mary Donoho
Elliott, Mary Elizabeth
Elliott, Mary Forbis
Elliott, Mary Forbis
Elliott, Mary Gordon
Elliott, Mary Jane
Elliott, Mary Jane
Elliott, Mary Jane
Elliott, Mary Katherine
Elliott, Mary Lee
Elliott, Mary Willis
Elliott, Matthew H.
Elliott, Maurice Peeler
Elliott, Minnie Ruby
Elliott, Nancy
Elliott, Nancy
Elliott, Nancy
Elliott, Narcissus N. C.
Elliott, Nina Maude
Elliott, Oliver Beam
Elliott, Oliver Bunyon
Elliott, Oliver Paxton
Elliott, Ophelia Scott
Elliott, O'Rilla Barbee
Elliott, Ozni
Elliott, Pamela Ann Lee
Elliott, Parthyna Elizabeth
Elliott, Paula Christine
Elliott, Pauline Elizabeth
Elliott, Plato Jefferson
Elliott, Powell F.
Elliott, Rachel Ann
Elliott, Rebecca
Elliott, Rebecca Ann
Elliott, Rebecca Belle
Elliott, Robert
Elliott, Robert
Elliott, Robert Hoyle
Elliott, Robert Lafayette
Elliott, Robert W.
Elliott, Robert William
Elliott, Robert William, Jr.
Elliott, Russell William
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, Sara Elizabeth
Elliott, Sara Gwendolyn
Elliott, Sarah A.
Elliott, Sarah Alpha
Elliott, Sarah Belle
Elliott, Sarah Caroline
Elliott, Sarah Hicks
Elliott, Sarah M.
Elliott, Sarah Omma
Elliott, Sarah Susan
Elliott, Sarah Terissa
Elliott, Sidney Haralson
Elliott, Sophia June
Elliott, Steven Stalder
Elliott, Steven Wayne
Elliott, Susan Ambrose
Elliott, Susan Frances
Elliott, Susan Ola
Elliott, Susana
Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, Thomas F.
Elliott, Thomas Forbis
Elliott, Thomas Forbis
Elliott, Thomas Forbis II
Elliott, Thomas Nelson
Elliott, Thomas Williams
Elliott, Valentine Jason
Elliott, Vertie Belle
Elliott, Verzilla Letitia
Elliott, Vevetta J.
Elliott, Vici Lynn
Elliott, Virgil H.
Elliott, Virginia Kathleen
Elliott, Virginia Wells
Elliott, W. Forrest
Elliott, Walla
Elliott, Walla
Elliott, Wendy
Elliott, William Christopher
Elliott, William Christopher III
Elliott, William Christopher, Jr.
Elliott, William Donoho
Elliott, William Martin
Elliott, William Martin
Elliott, William Martin
Elliott, William Martin II
Elliott, William Roger
Elliott, William S.
Elliott, William S.
Elliott, Yancy C.
Elmore, Annie
Estabrooks, Anne Elizabeth
Estabrooks, Catherine Elliott
Estabrooks, Elizabeth Edith
Estabrooks, Henry Bancroft
Estabrooks, Louis B.
Estabrooks, Michael Bancroft
Estabrooks, Michael Bancroft, Jr.
Etherington, Mary
Ettling, Albert J.
Ettling, Emily Anita
Evans, Lucinda
Everett, Anne
Everett, Rebecca
Fagon, Marjorie Alice
Falin, Frances Elizabeth
Falls, Martha Rhea
Fayssoux, Anne Rebecca
Fayssoux, James Edward
Fayssoux, James Edward, Jr.
Fayssoux, James Oliver
Fayssoux, John Oliver
Fayssoux, John Paxton
Fayssoux, John Paxton, Jr.
Fayssoux, Oliver Niel
Fayssoux, Peter Niel
Fayssoux, Sara Frances
Fayssoux, Virginia Mary
Fayssoux, William Elliott
Fayssoux, William Elliott, Jr.
Feezor, Leanore Sydney
Feezor, Leroy Eaton
Finch, Adam
Finch, Adam
Finch, Adam
Finch, Alonzo Bell
Finch, Anne
Finch, Anne G.
Finch, Becky Farrow
Finch, Bessie Jane
Finch, Edward
Finch, Edward
Finch, Elizabeth F.
Finch, James
Finch, James
Finch, James Cabiness
Finch, John
Finch, John
Finch, John
Finch, John A.
Finch, John Elison
Finch, Martha Catherine
Finch, Mary
Finch, Mary
Finch, Mary F.
Finch, Powel
Finch, Rebeccah
Finch, Thomas
Finch, William
Finch, William
Finch, Zachariah
Finn, Mary Elizabeth
Fischer, Charlene
Flemming, Sarah
Floyd, Alston Ray
Floyd, Alston Ray, Jr.
Floyd, Ann
Floyd, Carson
Floyd, Elizabeth Jeanette
Floyd, Gary Allen
Floyd, Jason Allen
Floyd, Jeanie
Floyd, Julie Alena
Floyd, Morris Jackson
Fortune, Martha
Foster, Edwin
Foster, Sarah C.
Fowler, Susan
Fox, Glenn Elbert
Fox, Glenn Elbert, Jr.
Frazier, Isabel
Freund, Bertha
Freytag, Andrew Freytag
Freytag, Jonas
Freytag, Martin
Freytag, Nicholas
Freytag, Nicholas II
Frib, Suzanna
Friday, David
Friday, Elizabeth
Friday, Margaret
Friday, Mary
Friesendorf, Debra Gwen
Frye, Grant Randal
Frye, Stephen Robert
Gainer, Arlee Bliss
Gaines, Nell
Gardner, Oliver P.
Gaskey, Tammy Elizabeth
Gaston, Emma
George, Nancy
George, Robert H.
Gettys, A. W.
Gettys, Alexander
Gettys, Anna Mae
Gettys, Bridget
Gettys, Chevis
Gettys, Eliza
Gettys, Emeline
Gettys, Isabella
Gettys, J. M.
Gettys, James
Gettys, James
Gettys, Janie
Gettys, John Carson
Gettys, Joseph
Gettys, Julius
Gettys, Lee
Gettys, Lucy
Gettys, Mary
Gettys, Minnie
Gettys, Nancy
Gettys, Polly
Gettys, Rodella Aileen
Gettys, Rufus
Gettys, S. G.
Gettys, Samuel
Gettys, William
Gettys, William McCarter
Gettys, William S.
Gettys, Yates
Gibbs, James Stephen
Gibbs, Paul Carson
Gibbs, Paul Spurgon
Gibson, David Howard
Gibson, James Morris
Gibson, Jeremy Leonard
Gibson, Jonathan Matthew
Gibson, Kirsten Lea
Gibson, Leonard Howard
Gidney, Mary
Gill, Lois Irene
Gill, Thomas
Gillespie, James
Gillespie, James B.
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, Jonathan
Gillespie, Rebecca
Gillespie, Sarah
Glover, Adam Rhodes
Glover, Braxton Nathaniel
Glover, James
Glover, John
Glover, Joseph H.
Glover, Martin M.
Gold, Addie Frances
Gold, Andre
Gold, Angela
Gold, Ann Emaline
Gold, Anna
Gold, Benjamin
Gold, Benjamin
Gold, Benjamin Bedford
Gold, Benjamin Jenkins
Gold, Bertha Fannie
Gold, Bettie Jane
Gold, Beverly
Gold, Bill
Gold, Bill
Gold, Brenda Sue
Gold, Casey
Gold, Charlene Gill
Gold, Charles
Gold, Charles Fortune
Gold, Chris
Gold, Christopher
Gold, Dan
Gold, Dan
Gold, Daniel
Gold, Daniel
Gold, Daniel Christopher
Gold, Daniel Pleasant
Gold, Davie
Gold, Donna
Gold, Douglas
Gold, Douglas
Gold, Elizabeth
Gold, Elizabeth Ann
Gold, Elizabeth Lucinda
Gold, Eric
Gold, Felicia
Gold, Felicia
Gold, Frances Sarah
Gold, George Elliott
Gold, George Elliott, Jr.
Gold, Griffin Bell
Gold, Griffin Miller
Gold, Guy Emerson
Gold, Hoyle
Gold, James
Gold, James
Gold, James
Gold, James Milton
Gold, Jason Christopher
Gold, Jeremaine Edon
Gold, Jerry Dean
Gold, John Milton
Gold, John Thomas
Gold, Joseph Christopher
Gold, Joseph Christopher
Gold, Joseph Hoyle
Gold, Julia
Gold, Julia Ann
Gold, Julius Benjamin
Gold, Kandi
Gold, Kelly
Gold, Kim
Gold, Kimberly
Gold, Laura
Gold, Lemuel Hoyle
Gold, Lois Floe
Gold, Lori
Gold, Lucinda
Gold, Lucy Jane
Gold, Lucy Lee
Gold, Margaret
Gold, Margaret
Gold, Margaret Ann
Gold, Margaret Belle
Gold, Margaret Malindy
Gold, Margaret Rebecca
Gold, Marjorie Carol
Gold, Martha
Gold, Martha Jane
Gold, Martina
Gold, Marty
Gold, Mary Ann
Gold, Mary C.
Gold, Mary Catherine
Gold, Mary Helen
Gold, Mary Parmelia
Gold, Mary Sue
Gold, Mary Susan
Gold, Mary Susan
Gold, Milton Elliott
Gold, Milton Elliott, Sr.
Gold, Minnie Etta
Gold, Nancy Amirita
Gold, Nancy Blanche
Gold, Nancy Carol
Gold, Nina
Gold, Pamelia
Gold, Phil
Gold, Phil
Gold, Pleasant
Gold, Rhonda
Gold, Richard
Gold, Robert
Gold, Robert
Gold, Roger Dale
Gold, Ruth
Gold, Sarah
Gold, Sarah Blanch
Gold, Seth Jones
Gold, Steve
Gold, Suzanne
Gold, Thomas
Gold, Thomas Byron
Gold, Thomas Byron III
Gold, Thomas Byron, Jr.
Gold, Thomas Jackson
Gold, Thomas Palmer
Gold, Thomas Rowell
Gold, Walter Asbury
Gold, William Jackson
Gold, William Milton
Gold, William Moore
Gold, William Walter
Gold, Williamson Fortune
Gold, Willie Mae
Goode, Abraham
Goode, Agnes
Goode, Agnes
Goode, Benjamin
Goode, Benjamin Franklin
Goode, Edward
Goode, Edward
Goode, Edward, Jr.
Goode, Elizabeth
Goode, Elizabeth
Goode, Jane
Goode, John
Goode, John
Goode, John
Goode, John
Goode, Joseph
Goode, Judith
Goode, Lusby
Goode, Martha A.
Goode, Martin
Goode, Mary
Goode, Nancy
Goode, Patsy
Goode, Priscilla
Goode, Richard
Goode, Richard
Goode, Richard
Goode, Robert
Goode, Sarah
Goode, Sarah Elizabeth
Goode, Sarah Elizabeth
Goode, Susan
Goode, Thomas
Goode, Thomas
Goode, Thomas
Goode, Thomas
Gordon, Margaret
Gormon, Barron Thomas
Graham, Louis H.
Graham, Michelle Amber
Graham, Phillip Ross
Graves, Nancy
Grayson, Cleveland
Grayson, Margaret Louise
Grayson, Mildred Bright
Green, Betty
Green, Charlotte
Green, Flay
Green, Hester
Green, Jack
Green, Maggie
Green, Mary Jane
Green, Myrtle
Green, Myrtle Lowe
Green, Ray
Green, Ruth
Green, Sam
Green, Tom
Green, Troy Festus
Green, Walton W.
Greene, Emma Dorcas
Greene, Verzilla
Gressette, Felicia Ann
Gressette, Lawrence
Gressette, Virginia
Grier, Shirley Robert
Griffin, Frances
Grigg, Ada Lucille
Grigg, Frederick
Grigg, James H.
Grigg, Lucy
Grigg, Margaret
Grigg, Mary (Polly)
Grigg, Paschal T.
Grigg, Pauline
Grigg, Rosannah
Grigg, Sallie
Groce, Lola Pearl
Groce, Mary Sue
Groce, Maude Veva
Grose, Lillian Inez
Grose, Olin Beecher
Grote, Elsabe
Guest, Benjamin Franklin
Guest, Issac
Guest, Lizzie Mae
Guest, Morgan
Guest, Moses
Guest, Sanford
Guest, William
Gullmann, Christen
Gullmann, Lorentz
Gullmann, Vrena Gilmann
Gunther, Conrad
Guyes, John
Hall, James M., Jr.
Hall, Lelia Eleanor
Hambright, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Cary Knox
Hamilton, Michael Leland
Hamrick, C. A.
Hamrick, Celia
Hamrick, Clara Etta
Hamrick, Della
Hamrick, Earl
Hamrick, Edon
Hamrick, Hildred
Hamrick, Julia
Hamrick, Laura
Hamrick, Lester D.
Hamrick, Lloyd
Hamrick, Martha
Hamrick, Mary
Hamrick, Nancy
Hamrick, Nathan
Hand, Jamee Palmer
Hand, Scott Russell
Hannuksela, Isakki Yli
Hardin, Lynda Jayne
Harrelson, Dean
Harrill, A. Gilbert, Jr.
Harrill, Edna
Harrill, Selena Kendrick
Harris, Allen Kent
Harris, C. Yates
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Marilyn Kate
Harris, Ruth Caroline
Harris, Sara Allen
Harris, William G.
Haskins, Edward
Hastings, James
Hawkins, Lawrence B.
Hawkins, R. L.
Helms, Wanda Caudle
Henson, Arthur
Henson, David
Henson, James Groce
Henson, Terrie
Herndon, Allen
Herndon, Ann Carroll
Herndon, Carroll
Herndon, Gerald
Herndon, John
Herndon, Todd Meredith
Hester, Ann
Hester, Brian Edward
Hester, Jessica Lynn
Hester, Marie Lynnette
Hester, Martha Ellen
Hester, Ronald Graham
Heyl, Adam
Heyl, Dorothea
Heyl, Gertraut
Heyl, Hans
Heyl, Johannes
Heyl, Jurgen
Heyl, Jurgen
Heyl, Jurgen III
Heyl, Jurgen IV
Heyl, Katherine
Heyl, Katrina
Heyl, Magdalen
Heyl, Maria
Heyl, Michael
Heyl, Michael
Heyl, Nancy
Heyl, Peter Hoyle
Heyl, Petrus
Heyl, Sohn
Heyl, Sohn
Hicks, Millicent
Higgs, Howard Rutter
Higgs, Howard Rutter, Sr.
Higgs, Kelly Elizabeth
Hill, Bynum Sylvanus
Hill, Bynum Sylvanus, Jr.
Hill, Edwin
Hill, Ellis Irvin
Hill, Elsie Lonnie
Hill, Everette Alvin
Hill, Florence
Hill, James Elliott
Hill, James Frank
Hill, Jessie Pearl
Hill, Larry Eugene
Hill, Margaret Kendall
Hill, Mary Ila
Hill, Myrtle Mae
Hill, Timothy Wayne
Hill, William Austin
Hill, Willie Madge
Hille, Elsie Elazibeth
Holstein, Barbara
Honeycutt, Charlotte Ann
Honeycutt, Christine Ellen
Honeycutt, Emily Jane
Honeycutt, Laura Marie
Honeycutt, Phyllis Eugenia
Honeycutt, Reese
Hope, Calvin Edward
Hope, James Robert
Hope, James Robert II
Hope, Kasie Mary
Hope, Susan Marie
Hord, Martha C.
Hord, Susanna
Horn, Nancy
Horne, Amber Renee
Horne, Bobby
Horne, Marc Stephen
Horne, Martha Susan
Horne, Stephanie Denise
Horne, Wade
Houston, Mary (Polly) Prague
Hovis, Andrew
Hovis, Frederick
Hovis, George, Jr.
Hovis, George, Sr.
Hovis, John
Hovis, Margaret
Hovis, Michael
Hovis, Peter
Hovis, Sarah
Hovis, Susannah
Hoyl, Adam
Hoyl, Adam Clark
Hoyl, Andrew
Hoyl, Andrew
Hoyl, Anna
Hoyl, Anna Elizabeth
Hoyl, Anne
Hoyl, Anne
Hoyl, Barbara
Hoyl, Catherine
Hoyl, Daniel Hilliard
Hoyl, David
Hoyl, David
Hoyl, David
Hoyl, David Lattimore
Hoyl, Elizabeth
Hoyl, Elizabeth
Hoyl, Elizabeth
Hoyl, Elizabeth
Hoyl, Frances
Hoyl, Frances
Hoyl, Hannah
Hoyl, Hannah
Hoyl, Hannah
Hoyl, Henry
Hoyl, Jacob
Hoyl, Jacob
Hoyl, Jacob
Hoyl, Jacob IV
Hoyl, Jemima
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, John
Hoyl, Katherine
Hoyl, Katherine
Hoyl, Levi Clark
Hoyl, Lightfoot Williams
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret
Hoyl, Margaret Narcissa
Hoyl, Martin
Hoyl, Martin
Hoyl, Martin
Hoyl, Mary
Hoyl, Mary
Hoyl, Mary
Hoyl, Mary
Hoyl, Michael
Hoyl, Michael III
Hoyl, Peter
Hoyl, Peter II
Hoyl, Sarah
Hoyl, Sarah
Hoyl, Sarah
Hoyl, Solomon
Hoyl, Susan
Hoyl, Susan
Hoyl, Susannah
Hoyl, Susannah Catherine
Hoyl, Thomas Lattimore
Hoyl, Veronica Frances
Hoyle, Abel
Hoyle, Abel
Hoyle, Abel Beam
Hoyle, Abel John Robinson
Hoyle, Ada
Hoyle, Addie
Hoyle, Alice Self
Hoyle, Aline
Hoyle, Ambrose Hill
Hoyle, Caleb A.
Hoyle, Columbus
Hoyle, David Lemuel
Hoyle, David Ramsour
Hoyle, Edgar
Hoyle, Edgar Dixon II
Hoyle, Eliza Adeline
Hoyle, Ellen Torrence
Hoyle, Elmina
Hoyle, Frances Osborne
Hoyle, Francis Alexander
Hoyle, Franklin
Hoyle, Gaston A.
Hoyle, Grace Hermine
Hoyle, Hugh
Hoyle, Humphrey Hosea
Hoyle, Jack Thompson
Hoyle, Jacob Summey
Hoyle, John Elliott
Hoyle, John William
Hoyle, Julius
Hoyle, Katherine Cline
Hoyle, Katherine Elizabeth
Hoyle, Lenoir E.
Hoyle, Lorena
Hoyle, Marion Hudson
Hoyle, Marion Hudson, Jr.
Hoyle, Martha Henrietta
Hoyle, Mary Jane
Hoyle, Mary Jane
Hoyle, Mary Waters
Hoyle, Maxwell Humphrey
Hoyle, Noah
Hoyle, Noah Alexander
Hoyle, Rebecca Bell
Hoyle, Reuben
Hoyle, Rhoda
Hoyle, Robert Efird
Hoyle, Sarah Ann
Hoyle, Sarah Elizabeth
Hoyle, Sarah Elizabeth
Hoyle, Sarah Nancy
Hoyle, Susan
Hoyle, Susan Melinda
Hoyle, Susie Jeanette
Hoyle, Terissa Julia Ann
Hoyle, William Bell
Hoyle, William P.
Huddleston, Sarah Allen
Huffman, Elizabeth Ann
Huffman, James Orben
Hughey, James
Hughey, Mary Dorcas
Hull, Frank
Hunt, Jack
Hunt, Johnie
Hunt, Penny
Hutchinson, Brenda Gray
Hyde, Helen Elizabeth
Irvin, A C
Irvin, Abe
Irvin, Ancil C.
Irvin, Claudia
Irvin, Ellen
Irvin, James
Irvin, John
Irvin, Margaret
Irvin, Rachel
Irvin, Roxanna
Irvin, Roxanna
Ishee, Kerri
Jackson, Lisa Denise
Jackson, Martha Jane
James, David H.
James, David H., Jr.
Jane, Cleo
Janssen, Berta
Jeffreys, Charles Sidney
Jeffreys, Morris Turner
Jeffreys, Morris Turner, Jr.
Jeffreys, Sidney Bryan
Jenkins, Benjamin P.
Jenkins, Benjamin P., Jr.
Jenkins, Joseph
Jenkins, Lawson Fay
Jenkins, Lawson Fay, Jr.
Jenkins, Lawson S.
Jenkins, Margaret
Jenkins, Rachel E.
Jenkins, Ricky
Jenkins, Susan
Jenkins, Walter L.
Jenks, Sarah
Jennings, Sarah
Johnson, Hattie Poe
Johnson, Rebecca
Jolly, Connie Lynn
Jolly, Helen Elizabeth
Jolly, Hugh Lee
Jolly, Rachel Anne
Jolly, Richard Burgess
Jolly, Richard Meredith, Jr.
Jolly, Richard Meredith, Sr.
Jolly, Robert Lee
Jolly, Russell Eric
Jones, Adoniram Judson
Jones, Allen
Jones, Amos
Jones, Annabeth Hoyle
Jones, Barbara Ann
Jones, Belvia Lovella
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Bessie
Jones, Biddy
Jones, Bobbi Diann
Jones, Brenda Ann
Jones, Charles Durant
Jones, Charley
Jones, Clara
Jones, Clyde
Jones, Corinne
Jones, Cynthia
Jones, Daniel Robert
Jones, Donald Ervin
Jones, Donald Forbis
Jones, Donald William
Jones, Doris Madge
Jones, Dorothy Louise
Jones, Edmund
Jones, Edward P.
Jones, Elijah
Jones, Elisha Edgar
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth Poole
Jones, Emilla
Jones, Emillia Susannah
Jones, Esther Elliott
Jones, Eunice Wilson
Jones, Evelina
Jones, Fanny
Jones, Frances
Jones, Frances Catherine
Jones, H. Jones
Jones, Hettie
Jones, Hilda Jane
Jones, Ida
Jones, Jean Anne
Jones, Jessica Lynn
Jones, John
Jones, John Alvie
Jones, John Judson
Jones, John Willis
Jones, John, Jr.
Jones, Joseph Benjamin Hall
Jones, Joseph Hamilton, Jr.
Jones, Joseph Robert III
Jones, Joseph Robert, Jr.
Jones, Joseph Robert, Sr.
Jones, Julia Lounnia
Jones, Julia Virginia
Jones, Kathleen Ellen
Jones, Kimberly Camille
Jones, Laddie Chiveos
Jones, Laura Lea
Jones, Lawrence Welborn
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Linda Louise
Jones, Lottie Lou
Jones, Louise Magness
Jones, Mamie Lee
Jones, Martha (Patty)
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Belle
Jones, Mary Lizzie
Jones, Mary Patricia
Jones, Mary Warlick
Jones, Melanie Nicole
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nancy Priscilla
Jones, Nettie Gwendolyn
Jones, Paul
Jones, Paul Carson
Jones, Permelia Annatta
Jones, Priscilla
Jones, Raymon Kendall
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert Hoyle
Jones, Robert Lewis
Jones, Sally (Sarah)
Jones, Sally Mabel
Jones, Samuel Durant
Jones, Sarah (Sally)
Jones, Sarah Amanda
Jones, Sarah Poindexter
Jones, Sidney Monroe
Jones, Silas Gold
Jones, Stanley Earl
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Stephen Collis
Jones, Sterling
Jones, Susannah
Jones, Tammy Rochelle
Jones, Thomas Reinhardt
Jones, Thomas, Jr.
Jones, William Alva
Jones, William Jasper
Jones, William Judson
Jones, William Judson II
Jones, Willis W.
Jones, Wilson McKinney
Jorgensen, Bridget Maria
Jorgensen, Dylan Neil
Jorgensen, John Flintholm
Jorgensen, Linda
Jorgensen, Villy Flintholm
Justice, James
Kailing, Elisabeth Ann
Kailing, Gerald Rudolph
Kailing, Mark Rudolph
Kailing, Rudolph Ernest
Kamper, Terry
Keefer, Alison Elliott
Keefer, Robert Franklin
Keefer, Truman Fredrick
Kelly, James M.
Kennedy, Jane Berry
Kestner, George Adam
Kestner, Jacob
Kestner, Margaret
Kestner, Maria Ursula
Kestner, Peter
Kestner, Thomas
Killian, Carolyn
King, Ernest Wade
King, Madeline
King, Robert Lee III
King, Robert Lee, Jr.
King, Robert Lee, Sr.
Kistler, Adolphus
Kistler, Daniel
Kistler, Elizabeth
Kistler, Johan George
Kistler, John
Kistler, John P.
Kistler, Joseph
Kistler, Laura A.
Kistler, Mahala
Kistler, Margaret
Kistler, Margaret
Kistler, Mary
Kistler, Mary R.
Kistler, Paul
Kistler, Philip
Kistler, Susan Elizabeth
Kistler, William H.
Klein, Christian
Klein, David
Klein, Elizabeth
Klein, Henry
Klein, Jacob
Klein, Jacob
Klein, John
Klein, John
Klein, John
Klein, Michael
Klein, Sebastian
Klein, Valentine
Knott, William Earnest
Kohl, Catherine Marie
Kohl, Elizabeth Elliott
Kohl, James Edward
Kohl, John B.
Kohl, Michael Henry
Kotsionis, Cami Elise
Kotsionis, Carey Laine
Kotsionis, Courtney Lauren
Kotsionis, Harvey
Kragnes, Joann
Kraus, Anna Maria
Kuhn, Susannah
Lackey, James
Lackey, James, Sr.
Lackey, John H.
Lackey, Mae
Lackey, Robert
Lacquemont, Esther Jean
LaFerry, Delilah
Lambert, Aneva
Lambert, Audie Lee
Lambert, Carolyn Katherine
Lambert, Clifford Orville
Lambert, Denzille Leon
Lambert, George
Lambert, George
Lambert, Harrel James
Lambert, Jacob Lee
Lambert, James Henry
Lambert, Jewel
Lambert, John Thomas
Lambert, John, Sr.
Lambert, Lenord Leon
Lambert, Margie Ruth
Lambert, Martha
Lambert, Mary Lorene
Lambert, Pearl
Lambert, Peggy Jean
Lambert, Peggy Jo
Lambert, William
Lambert, William Thomas
Lamer, Don
Lamer, Lee
Lamer, Lynnea
Lamer, Mikki
Latimore, Daniel Webster
Lattimore, Abby
Lattimore, Alpha Elizabeth
Lattimore, Ann
Lattimore, Ann McFarland
Lattimore, Audley Martin
Lattimore, Audley Martin
Lattimore, Bessie
Lattimore, Betty
Lattimore, Boyd L.
Lattimore, Boyd L., Jr.
Lattimore, Burgin M.
Lattimore, Catherine
Lattimore, Catherine
Lattimore, Catherine
Lattimore, Charity
Lattimore, Charles B.
Lattimore, Cicero D.
Lattimore, Clara Fee
Lattimore, Claudia
Lattimore, Daniel
Lattimore, Daniel
Lattimore, Daniel
Lattimore, Daniel
Lattimore, Daniel Dobbin
Lattimore, Daniel Dobbin
Lattimore, Daniel Dobbins
Lattimore, Daniel Gold II
Lattimore, Daniel L.
Lattimore, Daniel Pink
Lattimore, David Franklin
Lattimore, Dock Palmer
Lattimore, Donald Gold
Lattimore, Dorcas Susan
Lattimore, Dorothy Beatrice Kiser
Lattimore, Elizabeth Lee
Lattimore, Ellie
Lattimore, Epsie Louise
Lattimore, Ethel Estelle
Lattimore, Eugene Bynum
Lattimore, Eugenia
Lattimore, Fannie
Lattimore, Faye Rhea
Lattimore, Francis
Lattimore, Francis
Lattimore, Francis
Lattimore, Frank Carson
Lattimore, Frank Cornwell
Lattimore, Franklin Bruce
Lattimore, George Festus
Lattimore, George R.
Lattimore, Georgia E.
Lattimore, Guy
Lattimore, Isabella
Lattimore, J. Broadus
Lattimore, J. Pink
Lattimore, Jackson E.
Lattimore, James Chitwood
Lattimore, James Clarence
Lattimore, James Gordon
Lattimore, James H.
Lattimore, Jemima
Lattimore, Jemima
Lattimore, Jemima
Lattimore, Jemima
Lattimore, Jemima
Lattimore, Jessie R.
Lattimore, Jessie R.
Lattimore, Joe Clarence
Lattimore, Joe Lane
Lattimore, Joe Lyons
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John
Lattimore, John Bruce
Lattimore, John Bynum
Lattimore, John Carson
Lattimore, John Daniel
Lattimore, John Daniel
Lattimore, John Daniel
Lattimore, John L.
Lattimore, John L.
Lattimore, John L. II
Lattimore, John Oliver
Lattimore, John, Jr.
Lattimore, John, Sr.
Lattimore, Johnie
Lattimore, Joseph
Lattimore, Joseph Andrew
Lattimore, Joseph C.
Lattimore, Joseph Carson
Lattimore, Joseph E.
Lattimore, Joseph Turner
Lattimore, Julius A.
Lattimore, Julius Gaff
Lattimore, Leroy Jackson
Lattimore, Lettie
Lattimore, Louisa
Lattimore, Lucy Ann
Lattimore, Lucy Matilda
Lattimore, Lula
Lattimore, Lula
Lattimore, Luna
Lattimore, Macie
Lattimore, Mae
Lattimore, Mallie
Lattimore, Mamie
Lattimore, Margaret
Lattimore, Margaret
Lattimore, Margaret Catherine
Lattimore, Margaret Catherine
Lattimore, Margaret J.
Lattimore, Marion Carson
Lattimore, Martha Ann
Lattimore, Mary
Lattimore, Mary
Lattimore, Mary
Lattimore, Mary Ann
Lattimore, Mary C.
Lattimore, Mary Edna
Lattimore, Mary Eleanor
Lattimore, Mary Jean
Lattimore, Mary Nancy
Lattimore, Matt Ransom
Lattimore, Mattie Lee
Lattimore, Miller
Lattimore, Nancy Belle
Lattimore, Nancy Frances
Lattimore, None
Lattimore, Nora
Lattimore, Ola Myrtle
Lattimore, Ora Blanche
Lattimore, Orange J.
Lattimore, Peggy
Lattimore, Pink
Lattimore, Polly
Lattimore, Prudence
Lattimore, Rachel
Lattimore, Rachel
Lattimore, Rachel
Lattimore, Rachel
Lattimore, Rachel
Lattimore, Rachel Gold
Lattimore, Rachel Louise
Lattimore, Rhoda
Lattimore, Robert Bandy
Lattimore, Roy Reinhardt
Lattimore, Ruby
Lattimore, Sallie Matida
Lattimore, Samuel
Lattimore, Samuel
Lattimore, Samuel
Lattimore, Samuel
Lattimore, Samuel
Lattimore, Samuel Allen
Lattimore, Samuel Carson
Lattimore, Samuel Custer
Lattimore, Samuel S.
Lattimore, Sarah
Lattimore, Sarah
Lattimore, Sarah
Lattimore, Sarah (Sallie)
Lattimore, Sarah Caroline
Lattimore, Sarah Cassandra
Lattimore, Sarah Isabella
Lattimore, Sarah Louise
Lattimore, Sarah Rebecca
Lattimore, Selvia Hoyle
Lattimore, Sue Frances
Lattimore, Susan Caroline
Lattimore, Susan Louise
Lattimore, Susannah
Lattimore, Texanna
Lattimore, Thomas
Lattimore, Thomas Buchanan
Lattimore, Thomas D.
Lattimore, Thomas Elliott
Lattimore, Tom J.
Lattimore, Vera
Lattimore, Virginia
Lattimore, W. F.
Lattimore, Walter
Lattimore, Walter Slade
Lattimore, William
Lattimore, William Aaron
Lattimore, William Aaron
Lattimore, William Carson
Lattimore, William Carson
Lattimore, William Chitwood
Lattimore, William Gray
Lattimore, William Griffin
Lattimore, William Griffin, Jr.
Lattimore, Winney
Lawrence, Edith E.
Leatherman, Joseph D.
Ledbetter, Josephine
Ledford, Pearl
Lee, Arnold Conrad
Lee, Charlie Osborne
Lee, Deborah
Lee, Donald "Donnie" Conrad
Lee, J. Walter
Lee, Sandra
Lee, Weldon
Lehman, Frances
Leister, Nancy
Lemons, Lowell W.
Lewin, Jean Evelyn
Logan, Catherine
Logan, J. J.
Loller, Eugenia L.
London, Andrew J.
London, Martha Jane
London, Susannah
Long, Homer
Long, Maija Elizabeth
Lookadoo, Melinda
Lummis, Era
Lutz, Bobbie Jane
Lutz, James Boyle
Lutz, Robert Luther
MacAvoy, Carolyn Mary
MacAvoy, John L.
MacAvoy, Thomas David
MacAvoy, William Fayssoux
Magee, Ruth Eileen
Magness, Mary Ann
Magness, Sarah Elizabeth
Magness, Susan
Manny, Catherine
Manny, Christian
Manny, Daniel
Manny, David
Manny, Hans Jacob
Manny, Jacob
Manny, Jacob
Manny, Jacob, Jr.
Manny, James
Manny, Johann Adam
Manny, Johann Jost
Manny, Johann Valentine
Manny, John
Manny, Jonathan
Manny, Mary
Manny, Sarah
March, Elizabeth
Martin, A. M.
Martin, Cora
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Patsy
Martin, Patti Louise
Martin, Ruth E.
Mason, Lucy Grace
Mason, Robert Lee
Mason, Robert Marvin
Matthews, Jean Ellen
Mauney, Abraham
Mauney, Isaac
McAlister, Larry
McAlister, Mamie Lee
McBrayer, Charles
McBrayer, Mary Jane
McBrayer, Wilbur L.
McBrayer, Will
McBride, George Herman
McCarter, William
McCarver, Mabel
McCombs, Elizabeth
McCook, Sarah
McCraw, Julie Susanne
McCurry, Louis
McCurry, Majomin
McDaniel, Beecher
McDaniel, Carolyn
McDaniel, Chester
McDaniel, Donnis
McDaniel, Jean
McDaniel, John Berry
McDaniel, Juanita
McDowell, Ellis
McEntire, Jamima
McEntire, Lydia
McEntire, Prier
McFarland, Dorcus
McFarland, Georgia
McFarland, Hannah Ensley
McFarland, James
McFarland, James
McFarland, John
McFarland, Martha
McFarland, Nancy
McFarland, Rebecca
McFarland, Robert
McFarland, Samuel
McGinnis, Broughton
McIntire, Thelma
McIntyre, Thelma
McKinney, Burnice
McKinney, Polly
McKinney, Susanna
McKinney, William
McLain, Charles
McLeod, Mickey
McLeod, Nina Cheryl
McMurry, Mary Ella
McMurry, Virginia
McNeely, Jack
McSwain, Bessie
Mehlhop, Edith
Melton, Dicy Elizabeth
Merritt, Charles
Merritt, Debra Denise
Metzger, Deborah
Miesterfeld, Clara Elsie Charlotte
Miesterfeld, Otto Paul Gustav
Miller, Claude
Miller, Francenia
Miller, Joe
Milligan, Andrew
Milligan, Fleeta
Milligan, Watkins
Millsap, Alta Faye
Mintz, John
Mitchell, James
Molandi, Josepha
Monroe, Mary
Montgomery, Jennie
Mooney, Abraham
Mooney, Ann E.
Mooney, Anna
Mooney, Asa
Mooney, Barbara
Mooney, Blanche
Mooney, Catherine
Mooney, Eleanor
Mooney, Elizabeth
Mooney, Elizabeth
Mooney, Elizabeth
Mooney, Esther
Mooney, Fanny
Mooney, Felix
Mooney, George
Mooney, George
Mooney, Horace O.
Mooney, Isaac
Mooney, Jacob
Mooney, Jacob
Mooney, Jacob
Mooney, John Peter
Mooney, Jonathan
Mooney, Lealon
Mooney, Margaret
Mooney, Mary
Mooney, Mary
Mooney, Mary
Mooney, Mary
Mooney, Mary
Mooney, Ola Frances
Mooney, Peggy
Mooney, Peter
Mooney, Peter C.
Mooney, Peter Marvin
Mooney, Rebecca
Mooney, Sarah
Mooney, Sarah
Mooney, Solomon
Mooney, Susan
Mooney, Susan
Mooney, Susannah
Mooney, Thomas Burton
Mooney, Vertie Irene
Moore, Cynthia
Moore, Davie
Moore, Mary A.
Moore, Matilda
Morgan, Sarah
Morgan, Susan
Morten, Ruth
Morton, Elizabeth Woodson
Mosley, Edward
Mosley, Edward, Jr.
Mosley, Edward, Sr.
Mosley, Lemuel
Mosley, Robert
Mosley, Susanna
Mosley, William
Muehl, Ambrose
Muehl, John
Muehl, John, Jr.
Muehl, John, Sr.
Muehl, Katherine
Muehl, Mary Katherine
Mull, Mary Jane
Muller, Leland
Neese, Charles Allen
Neese, Nola Mae
Nelson, Carolyn Ann
Nelson, Donald Palmer
Nelson, Eric
Nichols, Margaret
Nolan, Nelson
Nolan, William E.
Nolin, Susan
Noller, Elizabeth Rose
Noller, Michael
Nowlin, Caspers Nelson
Nowlin, Elizabeth M.
Nowlin, James E.
Nowlin, John H.
Nowlin, Marcus M.
Nowlin, Nancy J.
Nowlin, Sarah M.
Nowlin, Susan E.
Nowlin, Thomas L.
Nowlin, William M.
Oliver, George W.
Oliver, James Withrow
Oliver, John
Oliver, Mary
Oliver, Sidney
Owens, Margaret
Pace, Sue
Packard, Buna
Packard, Buna
Packard, Dorcus
Packard, Dorcus
Packard, Dorcus
Packard, Eliza
Packard, James R.
Packard, John Zadock
Packard, Johnye
Packard, Johnye
Packard, Josephine
Packard, Julia (Julie)
Packard, Julius
Packard, Knox
Packard, Lillian
Packard, Lillian
Packard, Martha
Packard, Mary
Packard, Minnie
Packard, Rachel Emiline
Packard, Sarah
Packard, Sarah
Packard, William LeGrande
Packard, William Marion
Packard, Willie
Packard, Willie
Padgett, Celia
Painter, John
Palanchar, Katherine Ann
Palmer, Ammie Charles
Palmer, Benjamin Cline
Palmer, Benjamin Cline
Palmer, Benjamin Hazard
Palmer, Betsey Wright
Palmer, Charles Edward
Palmer, Charlotte Ann
Palmer, Crystal Carlene
Palmer, Daniel Ray
Palmer, Danna
Palmer, David Charles
Palmer, Elijah Loami
Palmer, Ethel Mae
Palmer, Evangeline Patterson
Palmer, Fredia Gail
Palmer, Gregory Joe
Palmer, Hewett Hoyle
Palmer, James Clyde
Palmer, James Robert
Palmer, Jannie
Palmer, Jennie
Palmer, John Daniel
Palmer, John Henry
Palmer, John Henry, Jr.
Palmer, Johnny Lee
Palmer, Jonas James
Palmer, Joseph Bedford
Palmer, Katie Lee
Palmer, Lillian Ann
Palmer, Lillian Pearl
Palmer, Lissa Marie
Palmer, Loammi Charles
Palmer, Loammie Charles, Jr.
Palmer, Margaret Bedford
Palmer, Margaret Lela
Palmer, Margaret Lela
Palmer, Martha Francis
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palmer, Mary Donoho
Palmer, Mary Iva
Palmer, Mary Susan
Palmer, Mary Zennie
Palmer, Michael Wayne
Palmer, Nancy Catherine
Palmer, Oliver Oscar
Palmer, Oliver Oscar, Jr.
Palmer, Ralph Ray
Palmer, Randy Derrill
Palmer, Randy Derrill
Palmer, Richard Hayne
Palmer, Sarah Eloise
Palmer, Sarah Eloise
Palmer, Tammy Lynn
Palmer, Thomas Kent
Palmer, Thomas Rowell
Palmer, Thomas Valentine
Palmer, Valentine Jackson
Palmer, Valentine Jackson
Palmer, Valentine Jackson, Jr.
Palmer, Valentine Jackson, Jr.
Palmer, Verlon Joseph
Palmer, William Benjamin
Palmer, William Benjamin, Jr.
Palmer, William Butt
Palmer, William Calvin
Palmer, William Lea
Palmer, William Valentine
Palmer, Yates Shuford
Palmer, Yates Shuford, Jr.
Park, Anne Marie
Park, Orville David, Jr.
Park, Orville David, Sr.
Parker, Beulah Herndon
Parker, Edna Earle
Parker, James Lindsey
Parks, Jean Elliott
Parks, Susan Lee
Parrish, Amey
Patterson, Ferris
Payne, Abigail
Peeler, Alfred Avant
Peeler, Alfred Graves
Peeler, Alfred March
Peeler, Alfred Plato, Jr.
Peeler, Alfred Plato, Sr.
Peeler, Andrew
Peeler, Barnabas
Peeler, Cameron Camillus
Peeler, Daniel Barnabas
Peeler, David
Peeler, David
Peeler, David Hoyl
Peeler, David Roscoe
Peeler, Eliza Ella
Peeler, Eliza Evaline
Peeler, Elizabeth
Peeler, Elizabeth Ellen
Peeler, Frances
Peeler, Frances Cassandra
Peeler, Henrietta Laxton
Peeler, Henry
Peeler, Hoyle Lutz
Peeler, John
Peeler, John Ambrose
Peeler, John Francis
Peeler, John Hoyl
Peeler, Joseph
Peeler, Margaret Elizabeth
Peeler, Martha Ann
Peeler, Mary Elizabeth
Peeler, Mary Laura
Peeler, Mary Lucinda
Peeler, Minnie G.
Peeler, Nancy
Peeler, Peter
Peeler, Peter Thompson
Peeler, Samuel Napoleon
Peeler, Sarah Elmina
Peeler, Sarah Katherine
Peeler, Sarah Louisa
Peeler, Sarah Louise
Peeler, William Alonzo
Peeler, William McCoy
Pendleton, Jennette Hicks
Perry, Melinda Suzanne
Perry, Vernon Lee
Petty, Susan
Phair, Kenneth Aiken
Phair, Michelle Diane
Phair, Robert Savens
Philbeck, Amos
Philbeck, May
Philbeck, Thomas Edward, Jr.
Philbeck, Thomas Edward, Sr.
Philbrick, Ellen
Phillips, Susan
Pierey, Martha Eliza
Pietila, Eino
Pietila, June
Pietila, Jusi
Pietila, Lillian
Pietila, Nelo
Pitner, George
Pivach, Eleanor Mae
Pleasant, Elizabeth
Plosila, Alma Josefina
Plosila, Alma Josephine
Plosila, Edla Maria
Plosila, Jakko
Plosila, Maria Liisa
Plosila, Sana
Plosila, Sophia
Poffh, Mary
Pool, Jeannette
Pool, William S.
Poole, Elizabeth
Poston, Alice
Poulsen, Lis
Powers, Alice Ann
Powers, Lewis E.
Powers, Martha E.
Powers, Salena E.
Prater, Christine Marie
Prater, David Vernell
Prater, David Vernell
Price, Ann
Price, Edna
Price, Eleanor
Price, Eleanor
Price, Ezekiel
Price, Gillum
Price, Isaac
Price, Isobella Finley
Price, James
Price, Jemima
Price, John
Price, Reese
Price, Robert
Price, Thomas
Price, Thomas H.
Price, William
Price, William
Pringle, Herman
Pruett, Vertie Etta
Pruitt, Nancy
Pugh, Mossie Lee
Puryear, Jane
Putman, Mary Martha
Putnam, Genila
Putnam, Irene
Putnam, Rebecca
Queen, Brandy
Queen, Carolyn Sue
Queen, Jennie Lynn
Queen, Joseph Asbury III
Queen, Joseph Asbury, Jr.
Queen, Justice Rheid
Quiggle, Katherine
Ramey, Morris
Ramsauer, Deitrich
Ramsey, Allen
Ramsey, Jeffrey Williams
Ramsey, Jennifer Kris
Ramsey, Jerry Wayne
Ramsey, Jody Ann
Ramsey, Josephine
Ramsey, Margaret
Ramsour, Barbara
Ramsour, Barbara
Ramsour, David
Ramsour, David
Ramsour, David III
Ramsour, Elizabeth
Ramsour, Henry
Ramsour, Henry II
Ramsour, Jacob
Ramsour, Jacob
Ramsour, John
Ramsour, John
Ramsour, John
Ramsour, Katherine
Ramsour, Katherine
Ramsour, Margaret
Ramsour, Margaret
Ramsour, Margaret
Ramsour, Mary
Ramsour, Mary Elizabeth
Ramsour, Philip
Randall, Coleen Brooks
Randall, Donna Gaye
Randall, John David
Randall, William Douglas
Rathsack, Erhard
Redwine, Margaret
Reed, Grace Lee
Reed, John Alexander
Reese, H. Alexander
Reese, Herschel
Reese, Jennifer Marie
Reese, Kathryn
Reeves, Andrea Karen
Reeves, Carlos Vincenzo
Reeves, John Kevin
Reeves, John Wesley, Jr.
Reeves, John Wesley, Sr.
Reeves, Rebecca Anne
Reichard, Bessie Lula
Reichard, Mary Lou
Reinhardt, Elizabeth
Reithweill, Ludwig
Revels, Barry Randall
Revels, Donald Gene
Revels, Larry Gene
Revels, Larry Michael
Revels, Purvis F.
Reynolds, Buelah McKey
Reynolds, Rebecca
Ridicil, Walter
Rippy, Jessica Lyn
Rippy, Mitchell Scott
Ritter, Eva Rosina
Roach, Mabel Klye
Robb, Sarah
Robbins, Della
Roberts, Lee Ann
Roberts, Mary Ann
Roberts, Troy
Roberts, Troy Lynn
Robertson, Louisa Hannah
Robertson, William
Robinson, Eliza E.
Robinson, Mary Ann
Roble, Patsy
Roedisill, Deitrich
Rollins, Victoria
Rooker(Rucker), Rebeccah
Rooker, William
Rowie, Shirley
Royster, Lon
Rucker, Edna
Rudcil, Henry
Rudcil, Jacob
Rudicil, Michael
Rudisill, Anna Barbara
Rudisill, Barbara
Rudisill, Elizabeth
Rudisill, John
Rudisill, Katherine
Rudisill, Katherine
Rudisill, Michael
Rudolp, Sarah
Rudolph, Elizabeth
Ruiz, Angel
Ruiz, Sylvia Marie
Rush, Sarah
Ryberg, Jennifer Leighanne
Ryberg, Katherine Grace
Ryberg, Patrick Michael
Rychen, Verena
Safran, Jacqueline
Safran, Joseph Frederick
Safran, Joseph Thomas
Safran, Natalie Anne
Sammerou, Harrison
Sandman, Cal Maurice
Sandman, Eleanor Marie
Sandman, Julie Ann
Sandman, Kathryn J.
Sandman, Matthew
Sandman, Robin J.
Sandman, Ryan Thomas
Sandman, Thomas Henry
Schimpeler, Carmen J.
Schindler, Barbara
Schramm, Margaret
Schufert, Catherine
Schufert, Daniel
Schufert, David
Schufert, Johann George
Schufert, John Shuford
Scott, Geraldine Marshall
Self, Amanda Jean
Self, Darrel Alex
Self, Elijah
Self, Jessica Susan
Self, John
Self, Lemuel Saunders
Self, Terissa
Self, William
Self, William
Self, William Harley
Sharpe, Isobella
Sharpe, James
Shealy, Deborah Kay
Sherrill, Audrey
Shuford, Abel Hoyl
Shuford, Alan Gold
Shuford, Andrew
Shuford, Barbara
Shuford, Cartrout
Shuford, Catreena
Shuford, Daniel
Shuford, Daniel
Shuford, David
Shuford, David
Shuford, Eli
Shuford, Elizabeth
Shuford, Elizabeth
Shuford, Elizabeth
Shuford, Elkanah L.
Shuford, Ephraim
Shuford, Eve
Shuford, George
Shuford, Henry
Shuford, Howard Franklin
Shuford, Jacob
Shuford, Jacob Hoyl
Shuford, John
Shuford, John J.
Shuford, John Martin, Jr.
Shuford, John Martin, Sr.
Shuford, Kali Elizabeth
Shuford, Karla Elizabeth
Shuford, Katherine
Shuford, Kenneth Jason
Shuford, M. A.
Shuford, Martin P.
Shuford, Mary
Shuford, Mary
Shuford, Mautlena
Shuford, Robert Philip
Shuford, Samantha Kate
Shuford, Solomon
Shuford, Susan
Shuping, Leith
Shytle, Nannie Sue
Sigmon, Hannah
Sigmon, Susan
Sloan, Nancy Donita
Smart, Bryte Virginia
Smart, Elizabeth
Smart, Henry
Smart, Hiram
Smart, Isabella
Smart, John Carson
Smart, Philo Whitefield
Smith, Allison R.
Smith, Cari Nicole
Smith, Caroline
Smith, Caroline
Smith, Carrie
Smith, Charles Casey
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Christopher A.
Smith, Daniel
Smith, David W.
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Emily Grace
Smith, Georgia Ophelia
Smith, James D.
Smith, John A.
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Lucille
Smith, Lucinda
Smith, Margaret Mary
Smith, Martha L.
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mercia Brown
Smith, Minor W.
Smith, Nancy Carolyn
Smith, Paul H.
Smith, Penny J.
Smith, Richard B.
Smith, Richard C.
Smith, Robert B.
Smith, Ronald Ward
Smith, Susan
Smith, Susan E.
Smith, Theodore
Smith, Thomas C.
Sneed, Lillian Pauline
Sorenkamp, Anna Marie
Spake, A. Philip
Spangler, Carl Edward
Spangler, Docie
Spangler, Helen
Spangler, Laura
Spangler, Lisa
Spangler, Novella
Sparkman, Ella Mae
Sparrow, Judith Elizabeth
Spence, Geneva Hilda
Spires, Edward Thomson
Spires, Harvey
Spires, Harvey Donald
Spires, Wave Irene
Spurling, Essie
Spurling, Everett
Spurling, Monroe
Spurling, Monroe Franklin
Spurling, Ruth Azelia
St. Cates, Margaret
Stalder, Ruth Craig
Stallings, Bessie
Stamey, Tom
Starrett, Elizabeth
Steele, Pamela
Stewart, John Scott
Stewart, Timathy Emil
Stewart, Tracy Mackanders
Stewart, Tracy Mackanders III
Stewart, Tracy Mackanders, Jr.
Stewart, Travis Ethan
Stewart, William Henry
Stice, James Pleasant
Stice, Sarah Elizabeth
Stiff, Lorraine Bessie
Stockton, Ann
Stockton, Ann
Stockton, Charles
Stockton, Charles D.
Stockton, Clara Ethel
Stockton, Coran
Stockton, David
Stockton, Davis
Stockton, Davis
Stockton, Dorcas
Stockton, Dorothy
Stockton, Eady
Stockton, Esther Elizabeth
Stockton, Francis Marion
Stockton, Hannah
Stockton, Jemima
Stockton, Jesse F.
Stockton, John J.
Stockton, Joseph W.
Stockton, Lula
Stockton, Margy
Stockton, Mary Jane
Stockton, Matt
Stockton, Nancy Louisa
Stockton, Newberry
Stockton, Preston
Stockton, Rachel
Stockton, Reuben N.
Stockton, Richard
Stockton, Rosie
Stockton, Samuel
Stockton, Samuel
Stockton, Sarah
Stockton, Selina
Stockton, Spencer Newberry
Stockton, Texie
Stockton, Thomas
Stockton, Thomas Jefferson
Stockton, Virginia Ann
Stockton, William
Stockton, William Worth
Stogsdill, Christopher Curtis
Stone, Ernest Allen
Stone, Ernest Allen, Jr.
Stout, Dora J.
Strowd, Jane
Summey, Elizabeth
Summey, Katherine
Summey, Sarah
Summy, Anne
Summy, Benjamin
Summy, Daniel
Summy, Frederick
Summy, Jacob
Summy, Philip
Sweatmon, Miss
Sweezy, Elijah
Sweezy, Lou
Sweezy, Sara
Sweezy, Suzanne
Taival, Hilda Alina
Taival, Hilja
Taival, Matt
Taival, Wenner
Taival, William
Taylor, Billie June
Terry, Mary
Terry, Reva Diane
Thompson, Edna
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Esther
Thompson, James
Thompson, Neva
Thompson, Novella
Thompson, Ralph
Thompson, Samuel P.
Thompson, Vivian
Thompson, W. A.
Thrift, Kimberly Nicole
Toms, Benjamin Everett
Toms, Charles Carson
Toms, Everett Carson
Toms, George William
Toms, James Hugh
Toms, John Dover
Toms, John Palmer
Toms, Katie Mai
Toms, Loami Charles
Toms, Martha Frances
Toms, Mary Beth
Toms, Mary Jane
Toms, Oscar Olen
Toms, Pearl Lee
Toms, Robert Samuel
Toms, Robert Vance
Toms, Roy Benjamin
Toms, Ruth Lee
Toms, Virginia
Toms, William
Toms, William Leander
Toms, William Valentine
Toms, William Valentine, Jr.
Torbett, Prudence
Tucker, Caroline Ann
Tucker, Dicy
Tucker, Emily
Turner, Angeline
Turner, Edmund
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, James
Turner, Jennie Mae
Turner, Martha Elizabeth
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nathan
Turner, Polly
Turner, Thomas
Turpin, Mary
Valentine, Vickie Diann
Van Dyke, Joshua
Van Hoyle, Martin
Vaughn, Elbert Arlington
Von Kaenel, Catharina
Voss, Dennis G.
Voss, Garoth James
Wacester, Mary
Wade, Nancy Ann
Wahrlick, Daniel I
Waldrop, Linda
Walker, La Velle
Walker, Milinda
Walker, Ruth
Wall, Catherine Elizabeth
Wall, David Anthony
Wall, Julius S.
Wall, Kenneth Wayne
Walters, Elijah
Walters, Milcah
Warlich, Lewis
Warlich, Nicholas
Warlich, Philip
Warlich, Valentine
Warlick, Absalom
Warlick, Barbara
Warlick, Barbara
Warlick, Barbara
Warlick, Daniel
Warlick, Daniel II
Warlick, David E.
Warlick, Dicy
Warlick, Elizabeth
Warlick, Eve Katherine
Warlick, Jane
Warlick, John
Warlick, Margaret
Warlick, Mary M.
Warlick, Peter
Warlick, Philip
Warlick, Solomon
Washam, Bron
Washburn, Fred
Washburn, Herbert
Washburn, Tom V.
Waters, Carolyn
Waters, Durham
Waters, Nancy Amelia
Weathers, Cynthia Lee
Weathers, Daniel Elliott
Weathers, Elizabeth Dale
Weathers, Lee
Weathers, Marceline Alice
Weathers, Michael Ross
Weathers, Millie
Weathers, Ola Elvira
Weathers, Pantha Elliott
Weathers, Rufus Lee
Weathers, Rufus Yancey
Weathers, Rufus Yancey II
Weathers, Thomas Claude
Weathers, Thomas Wilkins
Weathers, William
Weaver, Adam
Weaver, Katherine Ellane
Weaver, Leslie Hicks
Weaver, William Carol
Weber, Doris
Weber, Mark Ernest
Weber, Wolfgang Paul
Weidner, Benjamin
Weidner, Blandina
Weidner, Daniel
Weidner, Daniel I
Weidner, Henry
Weidner, Henry I
Weidner, Katherine
Weidner, Michael
Weidner, Philip
Wellmon, Rachel Louisa
Wells, Aaron
Wells, Cynthia Sharpe
Wells, Erixana Carolina
Wells, Isaac
Wells, Isobella Price
Wells, James
Wells, Jemima Levina
Wells, John
Wells, John Kindle
Wells, John, Jr.
Wells, Mary Holloway
Wells, Nancy
Wells, Percilla
Wells, Rachel
Wells, Rachel Hambright
Wells, Robert
Wells, Robert
Wells, Sarah
Wells, Thomas Price
Werli, Anna Maria
Werli, Jacob
Westbrook, Robert
Wheeler, Nina
Whisenant, Barbara
Whisnant, Adam
Whisnant, Buena
Whisnant, Buren
Whisnant, Charles C.
Whisnant, Charles William
Whisnant, David
Whisnant, Edna Blanche
Whisnant, Fannie Jackson
Whisnant, Hattie Sue
Whisnant, Hershel Charles
Whisnant, Hershel Charles, Jr.
Whisnant, Inez Lavaughh
Whisnant, Magdalene
Whisnant, Margaret
Whisnant, Margaret Catherine
Whisnant, Mary Frances
Whisnant, Mary Martha
Whisnant, Mattie Ella
Whisnant, Nixon Lattimore
Whisnant, Prudence Virginia
Whisnant, Reba Blanton
Whisnant, Rebecca
Whisnant, Thomas Dargen
Whisnant, Thomas Dargen, Jr.
Whisnant, Tom III
Whitaker, Carrie Mae
Whitaker, William
White, Adolphus Bradshaw
White, Adolphus Bradshaw
White, Eugene Oren
White, Eugene Oren
White, Evelyn
White, John Carson
White, John Curtis
White, Melvin L.
White, Melvin Lucian
White, Pearl Beatrice
White, Pearl Beatrice
White, Ralph Slade
White, Ralph Slade
White, Robert Curtis
White, Robert Curtis
White, William Elliott
White, William Elliott
Whitely, Henry Leonidas
Whitesides, Elizabeth
Whitesides, Elizabeth
Whittenburg, Christina
Whittenburg, John Henry
Wiggins, Chryl Nanita
Wilder, Anne B.
Wilfong, Elizabeth
Wilfong, George
Wilfong, Jacob
Wilfong, Johannes
Wilfong, John
Wilfong, Katherine
Wilfong, Mary
Wilfong, Nicholas
Wilfong, Peter
Wilfong, Sarah
Wilkins, Panthea
Wilkins, Thomas, Jr.
Wilkins, Thomas, Sr.
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Janie
Williamson, Decatur
Williamson, Hattie
Willis, Agnes
Willis, Ann
Willis, Carl Jackson
Willis, Edney
Willis, Edward Dickson
Willis, Elizabeth
Willis, Henry
Willis, Henry
Willis, Ivey
Willis, Jacob
Willis, Jacob
Willis, Jacob Craven
Willis, James
Willis, James Black
Willis, Jesse Richard
Willis, John
Willis, John
Willis, Johnson
Willis, Joseph
Willis, Joseph
Willis, Joseph Gallashaw
Willis, Joseph Wilson
Willis, Lillie Mae
Willis, Lydia Rebecca
Willis, Mary Agnes
Willis, Oznie
Willis, Paul
Willis, Polly
Willis, Rachel
Willis, Robert Lee
Willis, Sara Elizabeth
Willis, Sarah
Willis, Sophia
Willis, Thomas Jacob
Willis, William
Willis, William
Willis, William, Jr.
Wilson, Alfred C.
Wilson, Belle
Wilson, Belle
Wilson, Buren
Wilson, Buren
Wilson, Charles C.
Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizabeth L.
Wilson, Florence
Wilson, Florence
Wilson, Grady
Wilson, Green B.
Wilson, James Jonathan
Wilson, James M.
Wilson, Jayne Yancy
Wilson, Katherine
Wilson, Marcus Toliver
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Marvin Thomas
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary Gordon
Wilson, Mira H.
Wilson, Monroe
Wilson, Novella
Wilson, Priscilla Emeline
Wilson, Tenna Lyn
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas M.
Wilson, Vernie
Winkler, Catherine
Withers, Elisha
Withers, James Withers
Withers, John
Withers, Willis
Withrow, Alfred H.
Withrow, Alice
Withrow, Bill
Withrow, Carrie Alma
Withrow, Charlie
Withrow, Charlie
Withrow, Cleo
Withrow, Darkes
Withrow, Dolphus
Withrow, Dorcus
Withrow, Grady
Withrow, Grady
Withrow, Herbert Lee
Withrow, Homer
Withrow, Ida
Withrow, James
Withrow, James
Withrow, James
Withrow, Jason
Withrow, Jermey Robert
Withrow, Jessie Lee
Withrow, John
Withrow, John
Withrow, John
Withrow, John A.
Withrow, John C.
Withrow, Julius Plato Durham
Withrow, Kenyon
Withrow, Kirby H.
Withrow, Laura
Withrow, Laura
Withrow, Lawson
Withrow, Lela
Withrow, Lucindy
Withrow, Margaret
Withrow, Margaret Lourana
Withrow, Martha Virginia
Withrow, Mary
Withrow, Mary
Withrow, Mary
Withrow, Mary Ann
Withrow, Mary Ann
Withrow, Mattie
Withrow, Melanie Ann
Withrow, Pauline
Withrow, Pine
Withrow, Rachel
Withrow, Richard Lee
Withrow, Richard Rufus
Withrow, Richard Rufus, Jr.
Withrow, Robert
Withrow, Robert
Withrow, Roscoe K.
Withrow, Samuel
Withrow, Sherwood
Withrow, Sippie
Withrow, Sue
Withrow, Thomas J.
Withrow, William
Withrow, William
Withrow, William Jefferson
Withrow, Willie May
Wittenburg, Christian
Wittenburg, Daniel
Wittenburg, Elizabeth
Wittenburg, Henry
Wittenburg, Joseph
Wittenburg, Margaret
Wittenburg, Mary
Wittenburg, Matthew
Wittenburg, Nancy
Wittenburg, Sarah
Wittenburg, William
Wood, George
Wood, Mary Ella
Woodall, Gladys V.
Woody, Leon
Woody, Robert
Wortman, Lunette
Wray, Katherine
Wrigglesworth, James
Wrigglesworth, Lillian Allen
Wright, Bertha
Wright, Callie
Wright, Ellen S.
Wright, Ida D.
Wright, Laura A.
Wright, Lilly J.
Wright, Mary Elizabeth
Wright, Noah
Wright, Wilma Grace
Yancy, Helen

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