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Broad River Genealogical Society, Inc.
Archives Grand Opening!

Sunday, April 14, 2002, at 3:00 p.m. a dream was realized. After a year of hard work & renovations,
Broad River Genealogical Society, Inc., celebrated by dedicating our new Archives. Nearly 100 members, friends and special guests, who enjoyed refreshments, toured the building, viewed our cache of books & files, and talked genealogy with potential "cousins", attended the brief ceremony.

(Member Vickie Rudasill's husband took many of these photographs, a friend from Georgia supplied one of the ribbon being cut, and Betty Masters offered a few. I've cropped & resized but they may still take a few moments to load. Please be patient. Other photographs will be added as they are received from our camera bugs, be sure to bookmark & check with us later.)

Clockwise:  Guest, Bev, Judy, Frances, Gene, Lacy, 2 guests, Mike, Ann, Tommy, 2 guests, Jo Ann, Mary

A sneak peek
before the

...and another...

Same folks, different view...
Members, guests, friends... Our president for 2002, Ned Cash...

Ned welcomes our guests...

Our chaplain, Dr. Eugene Poston...

We asked
Dr. Eugene Poston
to give thanks... we have been

Dr. Poston gives thanks...
Ned gives a little of our history...
Air Force retiree at parade rest...
We listen...

We listen attentively...

We laugh...

and have a chuckle…

Debby speaks... Ned listens...

Debby reads our Mission Statement.

A very handsome fellow naps...

Shhhhhh....a sleepy little genealogist.

Ned, another view, thanks Betty Masters for the photo...
Jim and Edna Smith of Savannah, George snapped this memory...

Ned prepares to cut the ribbon.

Participants left to right,
Debby McIntyre, 2002 Treasurer
Janet Norton, Representative NC Genealogical Society
Tommy Bridges, Member & County Commissioner
Ned Cash, 2002 President
Ann Jones Thompson, Archivist
Frances Carpenter, 2002 Vice President
Vickie Rudasill, 2002 Secretary

Let's have a look... Let's go inside...
Judy points out the sales table to Gene, welcome home little brother... Oh wow, bulletins and newsletters from all across the United States...
The crowd gathers to peek at the books... Bev and Don have a little chat...
Dr Eugene Poston greets Mary Wilson...

Dr. Poston greets
charter member,
Mary Wilson,

and (right)
our Chief Archivist,
Ann Jones Thompson,
takes a breather,

Our  Archivist, Ann Jones Thompson, looking bright and chipper...
Mike & Nita show off our books, Mike Allen, two guests, Nita Caldwell...
Glenda and Betty prepare the table...

while outside

Glenda & Betty work their magic,

and a hungry line forms...

Patty, Margaret and other guests enjoy the goodies... Yuuuummmmmm, best punch I ever tasted...
I spy Gene Hamrick, Jo Ann Pruett, Dr. Poston, Libby Canipe, Vickie Rudasil, who do you see? You're looking beautiful ladies...

We had many special guests, including Mr. Bruce Cloninger, president of the Gaston Lincoln Genealogical Society.

Nancy Poston, (left) and Betty Masters (right) worked hard to make this day a success.

We must thank the committee members who planned the day.

Nancy Anthony Poston

Food, Drink, Decorations
Nita Caldwell
Betty Masters
Debby McIntyre
Glenda O'Shields
Vickie Rudasill
Jo Ann Surratt

Book Display, Sales
Bev Barnes
Nita Caldwell
Ann Thompson

Heavy Spring Cleaning
Mike Allen
Betty Masters
Debby McIntyre
Ann Thompson


Name Tags
Jo Ann Surratt

Special Invitations
Nancy Anthony Poston
Betty Masters

237 Member Invitations, Program Design, Guest book
Judith Parker-Proctor

Sound System, Chair set up, Programs printed by
Ned Cash

Tent Supplied by
Frances Carpenter

Ned Cash
Nancy Anthony Poston
Judith Parker-Proctor
Vickie Rudasill


Hour or so of sunshine on a stormy day arranged by
Dr. Eugene Poston

Thank you folks for a job well done!

More to come! Please check again.




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