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Broad River Genealogical Society, Inc. is a non-profit corporation chartered in October 1980 by the State of NC and is classified as a Tax-Exempt Educational & Scientific Organization within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations of funds, books and other property made to the Society are deductible for purposes of Federal Income Tax returns.

It is a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the National Genealogical Society, the North Carolina Genealogical Society and the Cleveland County Arts Council.
Its purposes are to preserve area records, and to disseminate genealogical and historical information through books and a bulletin published quarterly.The quarterly magazine,

"Eswau Huppeday",
which translates as "land between the rivers" and refers to the territory between the Cherokee & Catawba Indian Nations,

contains over 250 pages of historical and genealogical information each year.

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"Confederate Soldiers with a Cleveland County Connection"

by Ned Cash

1200 square feet of Genealogical treasures...

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We have a problem, our

beautiful little library

has grown too small,

we need more space. 

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Several years ago our own Ned Cash, a local 

re-enactor, member of of the Sons of Confederate Soldiers, history buff and the Post 82 commander

for our local American Legion, began wondering what happened to the men of of Cleveland County who

served during the Civil War.


Ned has documented 2700 names on his quest

to answer his question.  He has decided to share

the information he has gathered so far with

researchers worldwide in the form of 3

volumes that may be ordered directly from

Broad River Genealogical Society.


        Vol I:  Abernathy - Greene, 232 pages, $21.00

Vol II; Griffin - Pannell, 232 pages, $21.00

Vol III; Parker - Young, 220 pages, $21.00


3 Volume set, $55.00

(Prices include both shipping & handling)

Please print & mail our handy order form.


Ned is accepting additional data to be included in future editions.  If your hero isn't included in one of these three volumes, Ned wants to know "what happened to him".

It's that time of the year again, time to renew your membership! 

Please complete the new form as soon as possible as you'll not want to miss a single issue of our bulletin. 

You will notice a brand new service on the membership form, you may now request

your bulletin in pdf format at your chosen e-mail address.

Many members have asked for the service and we decided the time has come to make the offer. 

Of course you may continue to receive the paper version by regular mail if you choose, just let us know when submitting your membership form.

Our monthly meetings are open to everyone interested in local and family history in the surrounding area.  The meetings are held in the Performing Arts Area of the Neal Senior Center on H.T. Harris Drive, Shelby, which is just off of Hwy 18 North (Fallston Road) at the intersection at Ross Grove Baptist Church and Time Warner.   Be sure to park at the back side of the building and use the entrance in the back near the gazebo. ( For directions to the Neal Center)

Meeting, Sunday, 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Date Speaker Topic
14 December 2014 Christmas Social

Movie time!  We are going to have the privilege of seeing a short film on the Battle of Kings Mountain. Please don't miss this event, as we are so honored to live in an area where such an important part of the move toward freedom took place. We must honor these heroes.  As it's our social event of Winter, we ask that you bring along your favorite light refreshment to share, bring family & friends and enjoy the fellowship.

11 January 2015 Kay Moss

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Kay Moss to speak to us about a topic she knows so well she has written a book, "Southern Folk Medicines". She's going to tell us about the medicinal plants and their uses, the early home remedies used by our pioneer ancestors, and the back country medicine kit used to treat the sick.

8 February 2015 Scott Syfert

"The First American Declaration of Independence" - yes it was drafted in the south, and Scott Syfert, a corporate attorney from Charlotte, N.C., is going to be with us to discuss one of the most important events in the history of our country. Scott is also co-founder of the non-profit organization the May 20th Society which is dedicated to commemorating the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.  We look forward to his presentation.

8 March 2015 Bob Inman

Former tv news anchor for WBTV out of Charlotte, N.C., and author Bob Inman is honoring BRGS by coming to speak about his new play "Liberty Mountain" which was shown for the first time at the Joy Theatre in Kings Mountain, NC, in 2014.  The play is based on the events that led up the the Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 October 1780.  Mr. Inman is going to discuss the research that went into writing the play.

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Charles Lattimore Elliott
takes you on a journey through

10 generations of his

Elliott and Lattimore families.


It's my very sad duty to report that Charlie left us

on April 12, 2010. 

He will be sorely missed by our members

who send their deepest sympathies

to his family.

Charlie's findagrave memorial.

Lattimore descendants...


We have family photographs, picture postcards, buildings

and landmarks from the counties in

our area of North Carolina.  We also have a few we need

help to identify. Can you help, or do you have

photos to share?

Please let met know...


View our Cherished Memories...

This little photo is from my own family archives and showcases the only 3 grandchildren at the time.  From left to right is my Dad holding me, Uncle Hugh holding cousin Michael & Dad's brother Robert holding cousin Annette.  I thought it time to share this information as we've now lost two of these wonderful gentlemen. The photo was taken in 1948 & featured 3 WWII veterans who came home with so much horror still in their minds, but full of hope for the future. We represented that future. We lost Uncle Hugh in July 1980, and Uncle Robert just this past December. Please take the time to drop by their findagrave memorials & pay your respects to members of the "Greatest Generation" who helped pave the way for your freedom. We miss them terribly. Judy


Cleveland County, North Carolina
Heritage, Volume II


This beautiful 604 page book is

now for sale!

We still have a few of these beautiful

books on the shelves, click on the photo to order your

copy before they are all gone!


Order your own copy of this book...


Current-Day Townships for

North Carolina Counties
U.S. Census Bureau

Cleveland County, NC...

What routes did our ancestors take into

North Carolina?
Check out this great map.

See the migrations routes into North Carolina...

Indian settlements, colonial towns & forts,

colonial roads, rivers & Indian trails.
Another great map.


Indian settlements, colonial towns & forts, colonial roads, rivers & Indian trails 1660-1775...

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