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The  is a sketch of Yeargain's/Yeargan's Chapel as it was supposed to  have been, called "Putting on Sunday Shoes". Yeargan's Chapel was located on the North side of the Roanoke in the Pigeon Roost Creek area, which is now probably under the lake.   According to his travel diary, Asbury preached at the chapel on Christmas Eve in the 1770s.  No doubt, many of our Warren Co. ancestors attended the service.  We are indebted to Bebe Fox, a descendant of Samuel Yeargain for  sharing this.

Bute Co. was formed  from Granville Co. in 1764 and  abolished in 1779 when it was divided into Warren Co. and Franklin Co.  The courthouse of Bute Co. was located at a place called "Buffalo Rice Path" on land owned by Jethro Sumner about 6 miles southeast of present Warrenton, North Carolina.  Most of the records of Bute County are still located in Warren Co. though some may be found in Franklin Co.


We ask that you please go through your own database to see if you might have anything, a Deed, Will, or document, related to Bute County that might be helpful to others.  I have been greatly rewarded from every small contribution I have ever made.  Anything that you feel has been helpful in your Bute County research would  be sincerely appreciated. It can also be a way of finding distant cousins who can help you.  Last updated  02/25/2009

Your host for Bute Co. is  Winona Solomon 

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