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McBride Church Roll


Roll book in possession of Miss Emily Love Spencer. Copied May 1963


Record provide by Thalia T. Jones

Submitted by Darleen F. Ricci


White: The men and woman met in classes together.

E. Abbott

Eliza Abbott

Margaret Abbott

S. E. Abbott

E. A. Bullock

I. L. Chamberlain

Jas. H. Chamberlain

James N. Chamberlain

Nancy Chamberlain

Martha Creekmore

Alsey Eason

Josiah Eason

James Ferebee

Joe Ferebee

Harriett Ferebee

Hulda Ferebee

Courtney E. Gordan

John D. Gordan

M. C. Gordan

Morgan C. Gordan

Ellen Halstead

Isiah Hodges

Josiah Hodges

Lemuel Halstead

Nancy V. Hodges

Daniel Jacobs

Jas. F. Jones

John Jacobs

David McCoy

Louisa McCoy

Elurane McPherson

Love V. McPherson

Nancy McPherson

Lovey Meiggs


Elizabeth Mullen

Lizzie ? Morgan

Geo. A. Nosay

Margaret Nosay

William B. Old

Bailey J. Overton

Grant Overton

Hugh Overton

Malachi Overton

Mary F. Overton

Ira E. Pearce

S. F. Pearce

W. C. Pearce

Hugh Pritchard

Geo. Riggs

Marshall Riggs

Walton Riggs

Elizabeth Robey

J. C. Rudder

Adeline Sawyer

Jas. H. Sawyer

Mary V. Sawyer

M. N. Sawyer

Willouby Sawyer

Wm. Sawyer

Emily Spence

Nash Spence

Washington Spence

J. Stallings

A. V. Taum

I. C. Tatum

John C. Tatum

Mary Taylor



Blacks - 1858

James A. Riddick

Francis J. Boggs


Leroy M. Lee P. E.

James R. Lumsden A. ? E.

Men and woman were listed separate.

Alecy Abbott

Isaac Abbott

Monin (Marie or Mouring) Abbott

Alsey Bass

Cloe Bass

Fanny Bass

Harriett Bass

Hulda Bass

James Bass

Lydia Bass

Lewis Bass

Martha Bass

Memery Bass

Miles Bass

Nancy Bass

Polly Bass

Sarah Bass

Tamer J. Bass

Thomas Bass

William Bass (gone to Baptist 1860)

Willibee Bass

Hulda Bright

Lewis Brite

Jacob Bundy

M. Peter Cartwright

Denson Chamberlain

Jack Chamberlin

Lucy Chamberlin

Maria Chamberlain

Miles Chamberlain

Hannah Dozier

Basin Edney Class Leader in 1860

Abey Ferebee

Columbia Ferebee

Edmond Ferebee

George Ferebee

Harvey Ferebee

Jane Ferebee

Lucinda Ferebee

Penelop Ferebee

Rosa Ferebee

Susan Ferebee

Cloe Gordon

Jack Gordon

Miles Gordon Leader in 1860

Mily Grandy

Jacob Grandy

Thomas Grandy

Boston Griffin

Joseph Griffin

Nelly Griffin

Tamer Griffin (Bass)

Nancy Harvey

Lewis Hervey

Clarky Hinton

Willis Hinton (unknown) 1860

Eliza Huxome

William Kelly

Denson McCoy

Sally McCoy dropped 1860

Wilson McCoy

Ruth McPherson

Kate Merchant

M. Daniel Mullen

Jane Mullin

Levy Mullen

Miles Mullen

Rosanna Mullen

Sarah Mullen

Andrew Newson

Deborah Old

Nelson Old dropped

Victoria Overton

Wilson Overton


Looks like this is a revision of the Black’s in church.

Polly Bass - Pro. Oct. 30, 1859

March 4th 1860 Probations

Isaac Pearce

Willibee Bass

Isaac Taylor

Wilson McCoy

Wilet Old - unknown

Charles Pritchard

Alex Abbott

Deborah Old

Ava Ferebee

E. J. Griffin - unknown

Maria Bass) Removed by certificate

Elisa Bass) Removed by certificate

Probationers Aug. 13, 1859

John Trvebl ? - off

R. William Kelly

Geo. Pearce

Henry Biggs

Calvin Sawyer

Tamer Smith - off

Andrew Newsome

Isaac Ferebee - off

David Mullen

Mayor Hiter - off

Henry Ferebee

Love Whitehurst

Martha Sawyer

Ava Whitehurst

Boseman Mullen


Emily Grandy

Nancy Harvey

Harriett Smith

Lo Ferebee

Jane Ferebee

Catherine Sexton

Eliza McPherson

John Wilson - Removed

Solomon Griffin

Sarah Price

Isaac Abbott

Fanny Bass

Maria Chamberlain

Eliza Bass

Hulda Bright

Ann Ferebee

Martha Bass

Nelson Olds - off

Crissey Sawyer

Mary Sawyer

Wilson Overton

Miles Biggs

Lewis Harvey

Lucinda Sexton

- Harvey

Probations Aug. 11, 1860

Samuel Price

Peter Cartwright