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Pictures Submitted By: Linda Mansfield

Ancestors Of Rupert Barco

Milltown Road Shiloh, NC

Charles Barnard, Bailey Forbes & Logan Staples

Riddle, NC


Claudia D. Jones & Susan D. Forbes

Riddle, NC

Frank Upton & Mae Nash

Camden County, NC

Ivor Bray Reynolds & Wilson Dozier Riggs

Camden County, NC

Joe Grandy Jones,  Susan Jones & Mirah Jones

Girls: Viola & Minnie

Old Trap, Camden County

John Squires & Milton Kight

Boy may be son of John Squires

Riddle, NC

Julian Duncan Forbes & Son Bailey D. Forbes

Riddle, NC

Missouri Nash Sawyer & Lemuel Morgan Sawyer

Permila Trafton

Camden Couny,NC

Sallie Staples Riggs, Will Forbes & Betty Forbes Cahoon

Sallie Needham Forbes & Gertie Sawyer Basnight

1st Cousins

Riddle, NC

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