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The Linda Mansfield Collection


Jack Leary

Heneretta Leary

Gladys  Duncan Dough

 Pete Cathy, Julia Barco, Mid Becham and Jack Leary

Harris school in Belcross

Sandyhook School

Shiloh graduates

Christmas dinner with P.P. and Bess Gregory at Indiantown

Will and Maybell Bray

Taken in front of Riddle Post Office

Camden Co. sheriff dept.

 John Joseph Walston-Sheriff. Deptuies  James Cherry, Ambrose Staples and  Sam Jennings

Boat  that docked at Old Trap and  Shiloh, to pick up people to take to Elizabeth City and Nags Head. the name  of the boat was the UNDINE.

Windmill in Shiloh



The second Texaco beach restaurant

John Gray house, then John Foster family lived there. south 343- Shiloh

Wilse Forbes store-------was on Sandyhook road


Wilse Forbes