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The Linda Mansfield Collection


Old Trap School

The General Lee

Jim Burgess was  a stock holder in the North River Boat Line

Joe Riggs Home in Old Trap

Jonathan and Patty Riggs and Children

Clarance Burgess and mother  Susan

Mary Leary

Old Trap School--Anniebell Burgess, ???, Iredell Leary, Thelma Pugh, Andrew Heath, Everett Burgess, ???, Frank Burgess and teacher
Kathleen Burgess Mercer, Hilda Harrison, Betty Davis Godfrey,  Fannie Leary Williams, Dorothy Forbes Forbes, Doris Mitchell Walker, Oresa Forbes Kight, teacher- Mabel Wescott-----Cecil Walker, Cloah Burgess Kight, Viola Squires Leary, Amy Forbes Heath, Ruth Pierce Forbes, Randolph Dean, Willard Forbes, Hebba Bray, Edward Pugh, J. C.Burgess, Hubert Williams, Elton Sawyer, Sam Leary, Herman Forbes, Arthur Garrington, Josepph Riggs, Curtis Riggs.

Three Branch School- Old Trap-Polly Burgess, Hazel Dean, Lydia Harrison, Fannie Forbes, Estelle Freeman, Elsie Harrison, Irene Mitchell, Vivian Freeman, Lila Burgess, Leota Burgess, Annabell Leary, Lizzie Mercer, Dorothy Burgess, Pearl Riggs, Francis Forbes.


Old Trap School----1st grade-----Doris Riggs, Laura Mae Burgess, Isabell Forbes, Iola Kight, Doris Turner, Lois Leary, Bettie Pugh, Margaret Burgess Needham, Thelma Pugh, Teacher ,  Julian Squires, Celon Lewis Cahoon, Mary J. Burgess, Eliazabeth Pierce, Annabell Harris, Bertha Wilson, Julian Burgess, John T. Burgess, Marshall Riggs, Emmett Mitchell, William Harrison, Charlie Graham Gregory, Enos Burgess, Johnny Harrison, James Harrison, Oswald Forbes, Jimmy Wilson, Elwood Harrison, Jessie Bell, Norman Pierce

Old Trap School -----Lucille Riggs,Sara Wilson, Polly Leary, Marjorie Burgess, Katie Waters, Maggie Garrington, Dorothy (Dot) Burgess Leary- teacher, Charlie Harrison, Roger Forbes, Kermit Leary, Sam Forbes, Roy Forbes, George Davis.

Clarance and Dell Sawyer Burgess