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The Linda Mansfield Collection


Julia A. Tillett - Durant Tilletts mother

Leonard Pierce- Old Trap

Adila Wright Kight

Rebecca Burgess Forbes

Emma Wilson Forbes Harrison

Ruth Pierce Forbes

Dempsey Forbes

Joe Staples- Left and Ambrose Staples- Right

Clannie Forbes- Shiloh

Martin Hubbard

Roscoe Forbes of Old Trap

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burgess of Old Trap

Deliah Sanderlin Wright

Herman Forbes- Old Trap

Wilse Burgess- Old Trap

Carrie Cahoon

Jane Bray and husband

Willie Forbes

Mattie Bell

Evie Burgess Trueblood

Minnie Burgess Cahoon

Mary Bell with Husband Jessie Bell

Mary Bell

Sam Bartlett with his brother Dick Bartlett's Children

Mary Bell- Old Trap

Mary E. Forbes-Old Trap