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McPherson-Ferebee Family Cemetery

McPherson Road, Camden County, NC

Submitted by: Bob Stokley

The following are buried in this cemetery. I don't know the real name of the cemetery but in it are the families of Wilie and Kiziah McPherson and Col. Dennis Dozier Ferebee.

All headstone inscriptions are not included as on some the dates were difficult enough to figure out.

Cemetery Pictures Submitted by: Bob Stokley


Genl James Nelson McPherson

              son of

Wilie and Kiziah McPherson

b. Dec 10 1810

d. Nov 22 1838


Wilie McPherson, Esq.

b. Oct 7 1776

d. Dec 9 18??


Mrs. Courtney M. Wilson

daughter of Wilie and Kizia McPherson

b. Jan 25 1816

death date not legible


Hannah Courtney Baxter

nee McPherson

b. July 21, 1824

d. December 4, 1860


Dr. Oscar F. Baxter

b. July 5, 1819

d. October 3, 1892

"was surgeon in the United States Navy and Confederate States Army"


Courtney Hickson

        wife of

Dr. E. D. Ferebee

b. August 17, 1798

d. August, 188?


Dr. F. N. Mullen

b. Aug 20 1815

d. Jan 31 1897


the wife

b. Nov 20 1819

d. Dec 27 1896


Wilie McPherson Mullen

b. August 6 1850

d. March 29 1852


Elizabeth N. Mullen

b. February 8 1847

d. March 24 1852


Col. Dennis D. Ferebee

Nov 9 1815

Apr 27 1884


Sarah R. Ferebee


b. Dec 18 1821

d. Nov 10 1867


Hannah E. Ferebee


D.D. Ferebee and Sarah

b. July 18 1846

d. July 1863


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