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Riverside Cemetery

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Information submitted by Elsie Richardson; email:


  (Partial listing)    Updated 05/17/05 

This latest update includes names from  Diane Renfrow and Bob Simpson. Elsie, as well all of our fellow researchers, appreciate their efforts in adding to this indispensable database.

Thank you all!

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The cemetery is located about mile west of the intersection of Indian River Road (Route 407) and Wilson Road. The cemetery is located on the right after you pass this intersection. This area is known as Campostella and is located between South Norfolk (now part of City of Chesapeake) and the City of Norfolk.

Elsie, thank you for taking the time and effort documenting and submitting these records to our website. They are a great addition and very much appreciated by so many of our fellow researchers.

Thank you

Family Listings for Riverside Memorial Park


Submitted by: Marjory Blake Palmer

George Herbert Blake [ Buddy]
June 16,1951
He was drowned,at the age of 9.

Submitted by: Ray Gaskins  09/2006

Martha A. Coward Gaskins 4/1866-1/15/1935
(Wife of Major Bryant Gaskins, 1873-1956, who is buried at Blackwater 
Baptist Church in Virginia Beach beside his 2nd wife)


Submitted by: Mary Bier Wilson    01/02/2006

Name                                                 Birth date      Died           

KIGHT, Thomas Wesley, Sr.                02-Oct-1876     18-Mar-1964    
WILSON, Angeronia L.                         7-Mar-1877      6-Sep-1944 
KIGHT, Elmer Wilson                          29-May-1905     2-Feb-1983
(son of Thomas & Angeronia Wilson Kight)     

KIGHT, Surry William, Sr.                   13-Dec-1897      2-Sep-1983
WILLIAMS, Lillie Bell                           26-May-1901      2-Jan-1931
(1st wife of Surry Kight, Sr.)    
SWAIN, Minnie E.                              27-Jul-1905     25-Jul-1983
(2nd wife of Surry KIGHT, Sr)    

WILSON, Rufus Leon                        2-Nov-1894     23-Sep-1972
JONES, Susie Virginia                     15-Nov-1897     14-Sep-1949
(wife of Rufus Leon Wilson)   
KIGHT, Thomas Wesley, Jr.                 15-Jul-1899    24-Jul-1984    
KIGHT, Elmer Wilson, Jr.                    5-Apr-1926     ??-Apr-1983    
BEAMON, Eunice                               15-Dec-1899      8-Oct-1965
(wife of Thomas Kight, Jr.)   
SAWYER, Henry Preston                    31-Dec-1877      5-Jun-1962
WILSON, Elizabeth                           15-Dec-1887    16-Feb-1953    
(Wife of Henry Preston Sawyer)
WILSON, William Clarence                18-Jun-1918      4-Aug-1998
(son of Rufus & Susie)   
WILSON, John D.                             2-Apr-19??      3-Oct-1999
(son of Rufus & Susie)      

ALBERTSON, William                       31-Jan-1917     ??-Apr-1979
KIGHT, Iola                                     6-Mar-1921     ??-Feb-1975    
(wife of William Albertson)   

POWERS, Ronald Gray                      31-Oct-1932     11-Dec-1932
(son of Colin Powers & Ethel Kight Powers)   

MUNDEN, Joe Whilman                      17-May-1920     15-Apr-1961 
KIGHT, Charlotte Wilma                    6-May-1925     2-May-1997
(Wife of Joe Whilman Munden)     
SAWYER, Lou                               7-Jun-1907     25-Dec-1985
(wife of Milton Jones)

SAWYER, Louise                           30-Sep-1878     ??-Oct-1943
(wife of Fred Forbes)    

WILLIAMS, Nathaniel                      1876            ??-Jan-1967
SAWYER, Agnes Delena                     13-Feb-1889     ??-Aug-1958    
(wife of Nathaniel Williams)   

SAWYER, Margaret                         1865            1937
(wife of Etheridge Jones)  


Submitted by Alice Sawyer 

1. Joseph Archibald Sawyer
May 22, 1861 - June 23, 1927
Safe in the arms of Jesus

2. Glovinia Maine (Sawyer) Sawyer
Wife of
J. A. Sawyer
1868 - 1929
Asleep in Jesus

3. (The daughter of Joseph Archie & Glovinia "Manie")
Mary Delena (Sawyer) Sawyer
July 12, 1893 - Jan. 31, 1959 

4. (and her husband)
Peter Linwood Sawyer
July 15, 1891 - July 5, 1968"


This information is submitted by: Dorothy Forehand Wise-Kincaide

Riverside Cemetery,  Norfolk, VA

Family Members 

FOREHAND (large stone) Magnolia Section

Irene Gard Forehand (wife of J.T.above)
W.J.Forehand (son of J.T above)
Isedora M. Forehand (wife of W.J. above)

Buried at the foot of William J Forehand is the
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William J Forehand Jr.
Shearin Hope Forehand
b: January 25, 1948
d: January 26, 1948
submitted by
Ronald L Forehand


John F. Forehand (brother to J.T. above)

George W. Forehand (brother to J.T. above)
1886- 1950

William R. Forehand (brother to J.T. above)

Annie Sue Forehand (wife of Wm. R. above)

L. Paul Forehand (son 0f J.T. above)
1905- 1970

James T. Forehand II (s/o L.Paul above)

Thomas P. Newbern

Bertha Mae Newbern (d/o J.T. Forehand above)

Howell Plot
Irene S. Howell
(2nd wife of J.T. Forehand)

Wilbur Howell (1st husband of Irene Howell above)

Wallace Plot

Ella Toms Barclift
wife of Geo. B. Parker

Olive Parker (d/o Ella B. Parker above)

Robert L. Wallace ( husband of Olive Parker above)

Children of the above

Bertha R. Wallace

Robert P Wallace 

Oscar C. Wallace

Eleanor Jennings Wallace (wife of Robert P. Wallace)

George W. Parker (s/o Ella B. Parker)

Waverly E. Parker

Nellie R. Shreeves (d/0 of Waverly Parker above)

Mary M. Crosby (wife of Waverly Parker)

George V. Crosby , Sr.( 2nd husband of Mary M. Crosby above)
age 66 1958

Jones Plot (Magnolia Sec.)

Walter R. Jones

Ophelia M. Jones (sister to Isedora Forehand above)

Miller Plot

Henry P. Miller (brother to Isedora M. Forehand above)
Nov.4, 1919
Dec. 3, 1981

Geneva E.. Miller (wife of Henry Miller)
Sept. 1921
May 1979

Stewart plot (Large Stewart Stone)

Ralph Frederick Stewart
Sept. 1906
July 1971

Alise Miller Stewart (sister to Isedora Forehand above)
Sept. 5, 1906
May 17, 1974



This information is submitted by: Margaret Ann Forbes Piercy

Margaret Ann Hughes Forbes. b: Sept 23,1875, d: August 25, 1951

 John Pugh Forbes, b: March 6, 1883, d: January 16, 1963

Adelia Pugh Forbes, b: August 8, 1860, d: September 29,1940.

 Charles J. Forbes b: November 2, 1912, d: September 12,1941

 Joseph T. Forbes, b: July 22,1914 , d: July 29, 1964

Maude T. Forbes, b: December 4, 1890, d: June 8, 1972

 Ouinton C. Forbes b:1889, d:1946

Roscoe Forbes, b:1891, d:1979

Kathryn . Forbes, b:1907, d:1989

 Lillie B. Forbes, b: November 12, 1883, d: December 31,1954

Fred S. Forbes, b: April 30, 1906, d: March 21,1961.

 This is one stone, Forbes, Fred P.b:1876, d:1954,   Lula S. b:1878, d:1943.

 William M Hughes, b: June 22,1882, d: February 7, 1951,

wife Maggie Toxey Hughes, b: December 23, 1887, d: October 5, 1943


Miscellaneous Graves

Submitted by: Dorothy Forehand Wise-Kincaide
       Hiram A Miller
   Buried  10-25-1947
           Age 67
His obituary in Norfolk Va Pilot states he was a native of Camden Co. NC)



Submitted by: John Creekmore

William Ira Creekmore, born in Camden Co., NC, in 1874, and died in South Norfolk, Va. in 1924



Copy of the original plot bought by William T. Sawyer, my great grandfather, in 1938 in Riverside.  The grounds keeper was very kind to copy the original when I paid a visit recently. 

Submitted by: W. Tom. Sawyer

Name: W.T. Sawyer   Address: 1509 Indian River Rd.
Section: Wisteria  Lot No. 424  Deed No. 1784  Date: 1938
Price: $165.00   Perpetual Care
Name of interred:
Grave No. 1  Emma Estella Sawyer                   My insert-      Born  19 April 1862, Camden County N.C. (During the Battle of Sawyer's Lane) Died Norfolk Va. 1937.  
               2   William Thomas Sawyer                                    Born Camden County N.C. 1854  Died in Norfolk, Va. 1942.  
               3   Eva Virginia Sawyer Chappell  
               4  Jonathan E. Chappell
        All graves in the Wisteria section are flat and located toward the Elizabeth River, north side. 
    The grounds keeper tells me the grave markers are flat in that section for the purpose of easier maintenance.

Submitted by: Ronald Forehand

Ethel Frost McCartney, wife of Robert Thomas Pendergraft
b. June 29, 1878 d.March 11, 1923
Riverside Memorial Cemetery, Cedar Grove Section, Single grave #766 (no


Submitted by: Sherry Etheridge


Charles C Sawyer 8/28/1878 to 9/17/1937. The burial records for Charles show his birth year as 1880 but the headstone is marked 1878.
wife--Pattie Banks Sawyer 7/12/1892 to 10/29/1962
firstborn--Annie Laura Sawyer 7/4/1917 to 8/28/1919
Naomi Sawyer Whitley 8/22/1928 to 4/12/1995
stepfather to Charles-- Samuel Sawyer 4/3/1859 to 9/11/1938




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