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Descendants of Robert Morgan I


Submitted by  D.G.Owens


Generation 1.
  1. Robert Morgan I b. abt 1670,d. abt 1730 in Pasquotank (Camden Co. formed from Pasq. 1777). He married Elizabeth Torksey abt 1699, dau. of Phillip Torksey and Mary French. She was born April 10, 1681 in Christ Church Parrish, Virginia.
  Robert Morgan was the Supervisor for the Yawpin Indians. He was a member of the House of Burgesses from Pasquotank 1708-1709. His home was in the vicinity of Sawyers Creek, in Camden.
   Children of Robert I and Elizabeth Torksey
  i Robert Morgan II, b. abt 1703
ii. Bennett Morgan,b. abt 1701, marr. Dorothy Sawyer
iii. Joseph Morgan, b. abt 1702
iv. Moses Morgan ?
  v. Aaron Morgan ?
vi. Allis Morgan ?
vii. Elizabeth Morgan ?
viii. Ann Morgan ?
  ix. Judah Morgan, b.? d. 1753

  Gen. 2
  Robert Morgan II, b. abt 1703. He married (1) Chloe ?. marr. (2nd) Nancy ?
  children of Robert Morgan II and Chloe
   i. Phillip Morgan, b. abt 1740, Camden N.C. d.?
  ii. Claudius Morgan ?
iii. Macke Morgan ?
  iv. Asa Morgan ?
   v. Jane Morgan ?
  children of Robert Morgan II and Nancy
   i. Asa Morgan ?
  ii. Jane Morgan ?

  Judah Morgan , b.? d. 1753 . She married William Gregory, son of Thomas Gregory and Priscilla Barecock (Barco). He died June 27, 1752.
  children of Judah Morgan and William Gregory are:
  i. Isaac Gregory , b.? Rev. War, General Isaac Gregory. Plantation home was called Fairfield and his brick home stood on what is now Palmer Rd.
ii. Willis Gregory
iii. Dempsey Gregory
iv. Mary Gregory
  v. Lovey Gregory
vi. Affiah Gregory
vii. Mark Gregory

Gen. 3.
  Phillip Morgan, son of Robert II b. abt 1740 . marr.? died ? Camden N.C.
Child of Phillip Morgan and unknown is
Robert Morgan, b. abt 1780, Camden Co. N.C. (Phillip Morgan to son Robert
Morgan Deed of Gift: Feb. 25,1792, 70 ac homeplace to son Robert Morgan).
Robert Morgan married Sally ? Their child was: Robert Morgan, b. Jan. 10,
1807 Camden Co. N.C. Their Homeplace was abt 1 mile east of Lambs Corner on
Lambs Rd.

Gen 4.
   Robert Morgan, b. Jan. 10, 1807, and died March 12, 1870 in Camden , N.C.
He was a Farmer and storekeeper.
He marr. (1) Nancy Spence abt 1826 in Camden, N.C. , dau of John Spence and
Nancy. She was born May 18, 1808 in Camden, N.C. and died Nov. 10, 1848. He
marr. (2) Harriet Sawyer abt 1850 in Camden, dau of William Sawyer and Sally
Sawyer. She was b. 1826 in Camden and died abt 1855. He marr.(3) Sarah Jane
Morgan, Nov. 11, 1858, dau of Decader Morgan and Sarah Cartwright. She was
born May 19, 1829

Gen 5
Children of Robert Morgan and Nancy Spence are:
    i. Lucinda (Louie)Morgan, b. Feb. 19, 1829 d.Nov. 20, 1859. Married Lemuel Sawyer abt 1847, son of William Sawyer and Sally Sawyer.
   ii. John Spence Morgan, b. Dec. 28, 1830; Killed May 10, 1864. Captain John Spence Morgan, joined the Jonesboro Guards, Camden N.C. Confederate Infantry. Killed at the Bloody Angle,Spottsylvania Court House,Va. on May 10, 1864. He is burried under the large oak tree on the hill of the Confederate Cemetery near the Spottsylvania Court House in Virginia.
  iii Robert Spence Morgan, b. Sept. 19, 1831. died Sept 16, 1884. married
Mary Ann McPherson Eason, widow of Jesse Eason on Nov 14, 1865 Camden. She
was born Oct 11, 1828 and died Oct.6, 1884
   iv. William Morgan, b. May 4, 1833, marr. Nancy Sawyer, on March 31, 1864
. ?
    v. Ann Jane Morgan. b. Oct. 13, 1837, d. Oct. 1841
   vi. Nancy Morgan, b. June 2, 1841,d. Sept. 20, 1843
  vii. Sarah Morgan , b. Feb 19, 1827
  viii. Mary Ann Morgan,b. Dec 14, 1843, marr. Samuel Sawyer ?

children of Robert Morgan and Harriet Sawyer are;
  i. Narcissus Morgan, b. May 17, 1851,d. Aug. 20, 1851
ii. Henrietta Morgan, b. May 31, 1852,d. Sept. 30, 1928; marr James Stewart,
on Oct 25, 1874

children of Robert Morgan and Sarah J. Morgan are;
  i. James Taylor Morgan b. Nov.1, 1859; d. Apr. 24, 1945
ii. Decader Morgan, b. Aug 10, 1861 (Twin)
iii. Sarah Morgan, b. Aug. 10, 1861 (Twin)

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